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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Jealously Against Rama

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya tells Satya thatr she will never forget her maika. Satya emotionally hugs her and walks to Naani to give her medicines. Naani says she already took her medicine as Rama reminded her. Satya thanks Rama jealously. After sometime, a couple walk into Surana mansion. Lallan asks who are they. They say they came with a divorce case. Satya greets them and says they are her clients. She makes them sit and asks to explain their problem. Wife starts yelling at husband that they are married for 5 years, but he does not give her time at all and is busy always with his friends. Chachi sees Lallan peeping from balcony and asks what is he doing. He says divorce case is going on. Chacha, Jyoti and Daadaji join them. Satya continues listening to couple. Wife continues yelling and crying.

Husband consoles her holding her hand. Satya angrily warns to leave her hand and goes to get divorce papers. Rama walks to them and says she heard their conversation and wants to give them advice with their experience, they both should adjust like everyone does and even she does. They both say they don’t want to reconcile. Rama suggests them to stay away from each other for 10 days, sometime things look blur when they are near and they should go away to see clear picture. Satya walks to them and says they heard both her and Rama’s advice and it is up to them whose advice to take. Couple say they will take Rama’s advice. Satya says fine then, they can return after 10 days with their decision. Couple leaves. Jaya who also listens to them happily hugs Rama saying she is the best. Other family members join and Chacha starts his lame shayari.

Satya walks to poolside and sitting on bench reminiscing Jaya praising Rama repeatedly thinks if Jaya loves Rama more than her, she can’t. Goon enters and tying her legs to iron ball and chain throws her in swimming pool. She tries to save herself flapping her hands on water and drowns. Rama searches her with tea. Goon escapes. Satya comes up and tries to save herself. Rama sees that and calls Samar, Jaya and other and tries to extend her hand to pull Satya, but herself falls into water. The both fight for life. Jaya walks near pool and seeing them calls Samar, then jumps into water to rescue them. She swims to Rama and saves her first. Satya is shocked seeing that. Samar enters with other and jumping into pool rescues Satya. Satya disappointingly looks at Jaya. Jaya swims to her and helps Samar pull her up. Satya loses consciousness. Jaya pumps her stomach and gets water out of her body. Satya wakes up coughing. Rama coughs next and says she is fine. Doctor comes and checks Satya and says she is in shock and will be fine soon. Chacha asks doc to check Rama also. Jaya says she is fine and sends doctor away. Jaya asks how did this mishap happen. Samar says same goons attacked Satya again. Chacha walks to check security lapse and speak to police. Rama tells Satya that everything will be alright, their children saved them. Satya reminisces Jaya saving Rama first jealously says Rama’s children saved them.

Precap: Satya walks out of Jaya’s house yelling at her that she loves Rama now and not her.

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