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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 18) BY ZAIMAL


“AA…my head”swara cried while raising her and holds her head.she pressed her head with both hands and sits on bed.

‘who is shouting?..”swara cried while covering her ears.she steps down from bed and walks outside.she saw a woman shouting while standind in the mid of hall.swara goes,stands beside kavita.

“who is she?”swara whispered in kavita’s ear.

“sunny and pari’s mother…”kavita throw daggers at her.swara looked at woman again with wide eyes then at kavita and shakes her head vigorously.

“she is not the one whom i met yesterday”

“who took them?”she said angrily while walking toward swara and kavita.both takes two steps back and looked at each other then at that woman.

“she is so scary…”swara thought in mind.

“swara took them with her..”swara said quickly pointing at kavita.her mouth dropped to ground.angry woman turned toward kavita.

“where are they?…tell me,i am asking something?”woman shouted at kavita’s face.swara covers her ear and makes some distance while kavita was still in shock.

“sunny is nothing in front of her mother”swara muttered under her breath.

“did you kidnapped them?”she said and looked around the hall.kavita was looking at her with wide scared eyes.

“now i understand,you middle class people can do anything for money…..tell me where are my kids or i will call police.”the woman said in threatening voice.swara’s eyes widened hearing the threat while kavita’s face turned red after hearing her middle class tantrum.

“excuse me madam….i didn’t kidnapped your children,they came to us as you and your husband were gone for party,leaving them behind.”kavita said in loud warning voice with angry red face.

“how dare you raise….”

“hold your tongue…don’t forget you are standing at my place and you want to see your children then wait here,i will take you them myself”kavita said angrily and walked toward her room but stopped in mid and looked at swara angrily.

“i am also going to get ready…”swara said with tight smile and literally runs toward her room.kavita also goes toward her room.



“did you take permission from parents before staying here?…they might be worried”ram asked chuckling at their antics.

“don’t worry…nanay would have told my mother that we are gone to school…”sunny said in careless tone.

“but swara di would be worried…”pari said in thoughtful tone while sanskar looks at her cute chubby face.

“then you should be at school..finish breakfast then i will drop you two school.”sanskar said,looking back at plate and takes bite from his breakfast.

“okay…’pari nodded and start finishing breakfast.

“no..i don’t want to go school today.”sunny said quickly with irritated face.

“why?…”sanskar asked with narrowed eyes.

“because i am so tired”sunny said,stretching his arms up in air.ram chuckled seeing his antics.sanskar pressed his lips.

“but bhaiya today is your math’s weekly test..if swara di came to know you skipped the test she will be angry”pari said innocently.

“dare you tell her anything…keep your mouth shut in front of her”sunny warned pari while pointing his index finger at her.

“okay..”pari said and keeps hand on mouth.sunny nodded at pari’s obedience and looked at sansakr with puppy dog eyes.

“i just remember i was supposed to take you two for shopping to brought a doll for pari.”sanskar said with smile.

“yey!!!..”sunny exclaimed happily while pari claps her hands.

“good morning..”swara and kavita greeted them in union.everyone looked at them,ram nodded,sanskar looks at swara deeply while pari and sunny climbed down from chair and hugs swara.

“morning!…”pari greeted her back.sunny quickly breaks hug and through daggers at swara.

“you left without us yeserday”

“i…am sorry…i just…um don’t remember when i left.”swara said in apologitic tone and rubs her forehead t o remember something but everything was blank.kavita holds her arm,pulls her back and comes in front of sunny.

“she left but i told you two to come with me…do you know your mother came at our house and created a big scene…”kvaita throw daggers at him.

“she was going to come here but got an emergency call and left”swara said and sunny,pari released a breath.

“but she was not the woman from whom i took permission to take you for party”swara asked confusingly.

“that was our nany,bhaiya ordered her to act as our mother in front of you,so that we can come party…he is so intelligent”pari praised sunny fully.swara mouth gets open a little,sunny beats his forehead.kavita thrpow daggers at sunny as she had to hear all scoldings.ram shakes his head while chuckling continuosuly.sanskar smiles a little at pari’s innocence.

“you…’sunny was going to scold pari but swara slaps him on head.

‘how many times i have to tell you…..don’t scare your sister”sara said in scolding tone.sunny gritted his teeth while pari smiles brightly.

“i brought uniform…finish breakfast then get ready.”swara said while looking pari,showing that she is upset from sunny.

“but we are…”pari tried to speak but sunny cut her in between.

“today is my so important test,if you will remain upset like this then i will not able to concentrate on test and you know i prepared for the test whole night’sunny said sweetly,trying to make up swara.

“oh when did you studied?…you were firing the crackers all the time”pari asked,being very innocent.sunny looked at her with blood shot eyes.

“yes off course you were studying whole time,you were not setting crackers on fire and was not eating a lot and sleeping after that”pari said quickly,seeing his angry eyes and bites her tongue.

“you are best sister of the world…”sunny said throught gritted teeth.

“really…thank you’pari hugged him and kiss on his cheek.sunny snatches uniform from swara’s hand and leaves from there,beating his forehead continuously and thinking to cut pari’s tongue as soon as possible.

“go get ready…”swara said to pari,she nodded and runs from there.sanskar also gets up and leaves.swara and kavita looked at each other with red face and burst out laughing.


“uncle please..i can’t do this any more…i want my job back”kavita pleaded ram with biggest sad face of world.swara shakes her head vigorously.

“but..”ram tried to speak but kavita holds his hand.

“uncle i can also help you to find a good match for sir….i have three brothers,i know about men’s nature more and you can ask for swara’s help any time…its not that sanskar sir can say no to you.”

“i don’t want to be his secretory….’swara quickly said with horrified face.

“me either…’kavita said with more horrified face.

“but why?..’ram asked confusingly

“he makes me do a lot of work…”kavita said cryingly.

“he is very rude and makes me work on sunday…’swara said in same tone as kavita.both keep on complaining about sanskar.

“LADIES PLEASE!!!!…”ram said loudly to make them stop complaining about his son.both looks at him and closes their mouth.

“i didn’t know that my son troubles his employees this much..’ram muttered and rubs his temples which started hurting after hearing so many complains.

“i am with you for so long…i don’t know anything i want my job back,sanskar sir is also getting over loaded as i can’t with his tough scehdule.swara is habitual.’kavita said in worried voice.

“hmm…i can see,sanskar brings a lot of work home and seems very worried to me”ram said with worried face.swara hit kavita with her elbow joint.

“i think kavita is right….when swara was his secretory,he was not this much tensed”

“uncle but…”swara tried to speak but ram stands up from his seat.

“don’t worry…i will warn him not trouble you a lot and you can secretely give me reports about him”ram said and pats her cheek.swara noddes her head sadly.while kavita danced in her brain.

“then i should go office…”swara said making bad bad faces.

“wait i will tell sanskar to take you with him,he is dropping kids at school.”ram said and left.kavita tried to speak to her.

‘don’t talk to me…’swara snapped at her angrily.kavita chuckled at her cute angry face.


Sanskar was driving the car silently,swara was sitting beside him while sunny and pari were on back seats.sunny was looking at different math problems and muttering continuoulsy,pari was giggling at him.

“how to solve this one?..”sunny popped his head between front seats and shows swara the problem.swara takes notebook from him and start solving the problem.

“partner drive slowly..what’s so hurry’sunny said in pleading while looking at notebook with wide open eyes.

“stop looking at notebook,you will forget everything.”sanskar said in serious tone.

“when i didn’t prepared anything then what will i forget?”sunny muttered worriedly.sanskar shakes his head after hearing that.he stops car in front of school gate.

“we reached…”swara annouced

“so quickly…”sunny said in horrified voice.swara shakes her head and comes out from car.pari picks up her bag and comes out.

“sunny..come out”sanskar said while opening door for himself.sunny makes faces and comes out.pari waves hand at swasan and runs inside.

“can i skip this test…i promise i will prepare next test”sunny said while looking at swara with puppy dog eyes.swara’s heart almost melt after seeing his innocent worried face.she was going to say something but sanskar calls sunny toward him.

“sunny come here…”sanskar called him.swara looks at sanskar.sunny goes toward him,he sits down as his one knee was resting on ground.sanskar holds sunny from shoulders.

“do ou know the basic rules of math?”sanskar asked in serious but soft tone.sunny nodded.

“then you should not be scared….if you will keep on thinking you can’t do it then you can never do it,but if you will think you can do it and try to do it with that thought then only you can do it…..and for math test,we just need to know method and a little bit brain and i know you are very intelligent”sanskar said and pats his cheek.sunny nodded while smiling and hugs him.swara also smiles.

“but remember you are going to take us for shopping in evening’sunny said after breaking hug.sanskar nodded,sunny goes toward swara and makes pout.she smiles and caress his head.

“behave in class…your teacher complains a lot about you”swara said in soft tone,sunny nodded vigorously and runs inside.swara sighed and turned back,right then,sanskar drove off from there in full speed.swara looked at vanishing car with open mouth.

“what is his problem with me?”swara said,feeling sad at his rude behaviour and start looking for taxi.


Swara was sitting in her cabin while working on some files when door gets open and some comes inside.swara raised her head and her forehead gets lined seeing Dev khurana

“hello sir!..’swara said with professional smile.

“don’t be so formel with me…sir doesn’t sound good from mouth of beautiful girl like you”Dev khurana said and sits just opposite to her.swara gives him fake smile.

“sanskar sir didn’t come office till now….if you want you can wait for him in his cabin”swara said,avoiding his dirty eyes which were scanning her from top to bottom.

“you will mind if i wait for him here”he said with smirk.swara went silent for a second.

“why will i mind?….you can wait here also.what will you take,tea or coffee”swara gulps a little,feeling uncomfortable from his lustful gaze and picks up receiver to order.he gets up from chair,shaking his head,walks around the table and holds her hand from which she was holding receiver.

“i don’t want to drink coffee…”he said in meaningful tone.

“what are you doing sir?..”swara said in worried voice and try to pull her hand but his grip was strong.

“leave my hand…”swara said while getting up from chair,tears formed in her eyes.


Sanskar was standing on a bridge while looking down at fast flowing water.every moment from last night was passing from his eyes.

“i can’t allow her to mess with my brain….she is a problem and i have to get rid from it.i can’t let her stay near me anymore.”sanskar said in firm tone.he stuffed his hands in his pent’s pocket.after sometime,a man comes to him and forward a white envelop.

“sir termination letter is ready…”

“did you put cheque in it?”sanskar said with poker face.

“yes sir but i think there is some mistake….contract breaking fee was 3 lack but cheque is of 8 lack”man said in confusion.

“i know what i am doing.”sanskar said in same tone,takes envelop,keeps it in inside pocket of his coat and walks toward his car and drove off.

“no one can understand him…’man said,shrugged his shoulder and goes toward his car.


“good morning sir..”

sanskar nodded at the greetings of his employees when he passed from working desks till lift.he pressed the button and door of lift gets open with ting sound.sanskar steps inside and again pressed the button.

after some time,doors get open with ting sound and sanskar walks toward swara’s cabin.he opens the door and hears swara’s pleading voice.

“LEAVE MY HAND…”swara pleaded but he pulls her toward him.

‘what is happening here?..’sanskar loud sharp voice,making them turn their heads toward him.he quickly leaves swara’s arm and takes few steps back.sanskar goes toward them with blood filled eyes,pulls swara behind him and grabs his coller with both hands.

“how dare you harress my employee that too in my company”sanskar said in steely voice.tears makes swara’s vision blur,a sharp pain hit her head,she forward her hand to stop sanskar as he had raised hand on him but falls down on floor,seeing sanskar beating him.


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