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Ladies Special 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindu Promises To Help Meghna

Ladies Special 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna takes money kept for her business for her FIL’s treatment and rushes FIL in ambulance. At Bindu’s house, Amar’s uncle/mota pappa tells Amar that he did right by getting Amar married to Bindu after what Kangana did to him. mar reminisces Kangana insisting to marry her and Amar telling he cannot disobey his uncle as he bought him up. Kangana argues and walks away saying she will never see him again. Uncle reminds Amar that he used to love merry go ride and used to sit on it for hours, but they cannot make it their house and stay there forever. He asks Amar not to let Bindu know about Kanganga. Bindu walks in with breakfast and hears their conversation. She serves breakfast to Mota pappa saying her Faiba says they should have breakfast like a king. She serves Amar when

Kangana calls him. Mota pappa asks him to have breakfast first. Bindu says patient has called and if something happens to patient, Dr. Amar Desai will be blamed. Mot pappa permits. Amar goes aside and picks call. Kangana asks why did he take such a long time to pick her call and asks him to meet her at their favorite restaurant. He says he needs some time. She says her husband’s lawyer has sent a notice and blamed her for everything, she may need time for divorce, what about him, even he should apply for divorce. Amar says even he needs some time as he cannot shock mota pappa, but Bindu is ready to divorce him. Kangana asks if she really said that, she is great. He then sits for breakfast when he gets emergency call from hospital and leaves. Bindu tells Moti mamma that she prepared undiyo for Amar, but he left for hospital emergently. Moti mamma suggests her to pack lunchbox and give him at hospital. Bindu says that is right and leaves.

Prarthana walks to her office. A man who followed her from train till office enters and says he is her new assistant. She shouts it can’t be and calls HR. Man continues his overtalking. HR checks and says this man is really appointed as her assistant. Man introduces himself and extends hand. Prarthana says she came to office to sign documents and is going for a meeting, warns man not to follow her and leaves. HR tries to stop her, but man says let her go, he likes strict boss. Prarthana gets into auto and leves. Man follows her saying she should trust him and check his work. Autos stop due to traffic jam. Meghna’s ambulance also gets stuck. She fumes that everyone are wasting time. Mandar tries to calm her down. Man gets out of auto and clears traffic and lets ambulance go. Prarthana gets impressed.

Nurse tells Meghna that her FIL’s condition is worsening and needs treatment ASAP. Mandar asks about govt hospital. Nurse says it is far away, but private hospital is nearby. Meghna asks to take ambulance to private hospital itself as her FIL’s life is important. They reach hospital. Receptionist asks her to make 50,000 rs initial payment for test, soon Dr. Amar Desai will operate her FIL. Meghna asks about expenses. Receptionist says around 2 lakhs. Meghna stands tensed, but asks to go ahead with surgery. Bindu reaches hospital and seeing Meghna reminds her their train meeting twice and now third time, says they are friends now. She asks what is she doing here. Meghna says her FIL is serious. Bindu asks who is treating him. Meghna says Dr. Amar Desai. Bindu asks if she remembers what she introduced herself as during their first meeting. Meghna nods no. Bindu say she is Dr. Biondu Amar Desai and she will ask Amar to give discount in hospital expenses. She walks to Amar’s cabin and starts talking about vegetables, Undiyu, etc. Amar asks if she came to tell that. She says her friend’s FIL is admitted here and Amar is doing his surgery, so she promised her friend that Amar will give discount. Amar gets angry and says he works in this hospital and does not own it, she should have informed him before promising her friend.

Precap: Prarthana sees her assistant speaking to his driver and sendingh him away. Kangana insists Amar to let her meet Bindu. Amar takes her to Bindu.

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