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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti asks bahus to learn car driving

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha and Pari waiting for auto so that their daughters can go to school. Shakti asks Buddhi that she told that today is holiday. Buddhi says I didn’t Papa will ask us to go by rickshaw. Chanchal thinks she would have done auto strike by Chanchal attack. Pratibha stops a auto and asks if he will go to school. Driver tells that he didn’t go to school and that’s why driving auto. Pratibha asks will he take kids to school? Driver says yes. They all sit in the auto, but driver says he can’t take all and asks them to take another rickshaw. Pratibha gets worried.

Kunti tells bahus that she will catch Pratap’s lie. Pratap comes and says he is having chest pain and asks for Ajwain. Kunti says damad ji is unwell and will not have sweets. Pratap says sweets.

Kunti says they thought to distribute sweets to neighbors as he is unwell and they don’t eat. They go out. Pratap takes the sweet. Kunti says he is just acting to be unwell and will eat fully. Pratap thinks sasumaa must have been seeing from somewhere and puts down the sweets. Kunti says if damad ji is really unwell. She says Damad ji. Pratap thinks she tried to trap me, now I will trap all three. He tells that he is feeling utmost pain in his chest. Kunti cries and tells that they shall take him to hospital. Prarthana calls ambulance and asks prema to check. They panic. Pratap dances and then acts. Pratibha stops other auto and says both autos shall drive together, but one of the auto can’t start. He tells Pari that gas is finished. Pratibha gets down from her auto and says now we have to find another auto. Shakti says lets have holiday too.

Kunti panics and asks prema to call ambulance fast. Pratap says I have drank your blood, and told jokingly that sasumaa is dead. He says God is punishing me and taking away my breath. Kunti says you will be fine. Pratibha asks Pari to take 3 kids, and says she will take 2 when she gets auto. The girls argue and ask each other to go with Pari. Shakti says if they don’t get auto then it will be holiday for them. Pratibha goes on talking about school, but the second auto goes when someone else sits in it. Kids get happy and says we have holiday today. Pratap acts and tells Maharaj…you have come, will leave in sometime. Kunti asks with whom he is talking to? Pratap says yamraj came to adopt me. Kunti gets scared and says Damad ji is seeing yamraj. Pratap asks sasumaa to say hi. Kunti says hi. Pratap asks how much time is left. He then says 21 breaths. He says your damad is going. Kunti says nothing will happen to you. Pratap apologizes to her. Kunti says I forgave you and tells Yamraj that Pratap is still young. Pratap asks how much is left and says 6 breaths. Kunti says damad ji. Pratap apologizes to her and falls on bed. He then gets up and asks her to remember him in prayers, say salaam to Kusum and Kanhaiya. He then acts to die. Kunti shouts. Pratap gets up and says I got one extra breath. Ambulance guys come. Pratap gets up and says last breath came. He falls on bed. Kunti, Pratibha and Prarthana cry. Pratap gets up and asks did they like his acting? Kunti says acting. Pratap says I will ride in big car because of this acting. Ambulance guys leave. Kunti is angry.

Pratibha tells Pari that now kids can’t go to school today. Kids get happy and dance. Prema asks Kunti not to worry and tells that Pratap jokes often. Kunti says it is warning and asks what will you do if anything happens to me and Kanhaiya is not at home. Pratibha tells Pari that even though they have car at home, but they can’t drive. She says we have to learn car driving. Kunti tells Prarthana and Prema that all five bahus have to learn driving for emergency. She tells all bahus that such nights shall not come again and asks them to drive car. Panjiri asks Prarthana, if she will learn. Prarthana says surely. Panjiri says I will also learn. Prema says I can’t drive. Kunti says if anything happens to me then I will not get a new life.

Kanhaiya tells Pratibha that she is last hope as others refused or back off from learning car driving. Pratibha says she will prove her capability and tries to drive car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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