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Krishna Chali London 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna learns Dadda’s truth

Krishna Chali London 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla begging to Chandar. He says Dadda betrayed me, just help me for the sake of humanity, I m a family man, even you would have a family. Chandar says you made me emotional, have this phone, call your family, but return my phone in few mins. Shukla thanks him. Shuklain sees Dadda. She thanks Lord. She says when Krishna and Radhe is here, no one can harm my family. Shukla calls her. She leaves the phone in temple. The phone rings. Krishna says mummy ji left the phone here, whose call is this. She answers. He says its me Shukla. She asks how are you, mummy ji was waiting for your call, I will tell her, I can’t hear you well. He says listen to me, Vrinda’s death happened 22 years ago on the night of Dussehra, Dadda is a devil. She asks what, is Dadda a devil, what

happened 22 years ago.

Chandar takes the phone back. Krishna says why was Shukla crying, something is wrong. She calls back. She sees Shuklain and stops her. Shuklain says we got late, I have to take Lali to hospital. They go. Krishna thinks why did Shukla call Dadda a devil, even Shuklain gets scared of Dadda. She thinks of Radhe. Dadda looks at Krishna. Krishna thinks to find the secret by some way. She goes away. She is on the way and calls Shukla again. The Sheikh answers Chandar’s phone. She asks can you hear me, its me Krishna, are you fine. He disconnects. Shiekh calls Dadda and says Krishna has called for Shukla. Dadda asks are you sure, don’t worry, I will make sure to teach her a lesson. He gets angry. Bua asks why are we going to newspaper office. Krishna says I need your help. She asks a man about old newspapers, dated 22 years ago.

The man guides her to storeroom and asks her to check herself. Bua asks why are we finding that. Krishna says I will tell you. Radhe asks why are you packing my bag. Dadda says you will lose the opportunity, you wanted me to settle you in some job, you can earn 30 lakhs to send Krishna to London. Radhe nods. Dadda says think Lord has opened this way for you. Radhe thinks this is the way Lord is showing me, I should go for this. Radhe says I will meet Krishna once before leaving. Dadda says no, you shouldn’t tell this to anyone, you both love each other a lot, if she comes to know about this, she won’t let you go, I suggest, don’t tell anyone, I have arranged for everything.

Bua says I got the old newspaper. She shows it to Krishna. Krishna gets shocked reading the article. She says Vrinda was killed during the domestic violence, Vrinda’s husband is charged for murder, he has absconded. Krishna cries and says I get it now, Vrinda was murdered, so Dadda had run away, the entire family is in danger, I need to leave right now. Bua prays. Dadda sits praying. He chants mantras. Krishna is on the way. He signs Radhe to go and smiles, saying Swaha. Radhe leaves in an auto rickshaw. Krishna cries and comes home with the newspaper. She shouts mummy ji. She sees Dadda praying. She shows the newspaper to Shuklain. She asks is this true. Shuklain cries. Krishna asks her to say, did Dadda really… Dadda shouts yes, Lambodhar Shukla announce that I had killed Vrinda. Krishna gets shocked. He says she was your Tai Saas, do whatever you want to.

Krishna says Dadda shall be punished today, I m taking mum to police station. Dadda threatens about Radhe. Krishna slaps Dadda and takes Chandi’s avatar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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