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Karn Sangini 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Confesses His Love

Karn Sangini 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uruvi sees Radha with Shubhra and asks why did she call Radha, if she wants to harm Radha. Radha says no, she Shubhra is very courteous and putting her brought shagun bangles into Uruvi’s wrists says she came with her son’s alliance with Uruvi and Shubhra is so generous to accept this proposal. She asks URuvi to go and rest after having some food. Uruvi leaves. Radha dances around Shubhra and returns her coins asks to save them to throw them on sooth bahu Uruvi. Shubhra angrily tries to slap her, but Radha holds her hand.

Uruvi walks towards her room when Karn clashes with her. They both fall down and get engrasped into each other’s eyes. Radha on the other side challenges Shubhra to be ready to see her daughter as sooth, soon people will identify her as Soothni instead of princess. Uruvi slips and Karn falls on her. Their eyes lock. They get u and stand looking at each other. Karn proposes to marry her and says he will fight with all the prospectus grooms and will win her in swayamwar and marry her. Radha takes oath that she will not braid her hair until she fulfills her promise. Shubhra orders guards to throw her out of palace. Radha being dragged by guards says she is habituated to insult, but will wait when Shubhra will be insulted.

Karn fixes a ring in Uruvi’s finger and asks to wait for her. She agrees. He says his mother made her realizes his love for her. Uruvi says Radha gifted her bangles. Someone calls Uruvi. Karn asks her to go and wait for him. Radha is dragged out of palace while Uruvi and Karn are engrasped in each other’s eyes.

Radha returns to Ang desh and reminisces Shubhra insulting her. Karn informs her that he is ready to go to swaaymwar. Radha asks not to go. Karn says he has promised Uruvi that he will win swayamwar. Radha ordes not to. On the other side, Shubhra informs whole incident to her husband. Husband says they have to make sure Karn does not reach swayamwar. Uruvi eagerly waits the moment when swawyamvar will start..

Precap: Uruvi tells Shubhra if Karn does not attend swayamvar, she will kill herself.

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