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Ishq Subhan Allah 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Subhan Allah 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir and Imran meet investors. Investors see him in kurta pajama and makes his fun. One investor says that this is not your madrasa, you must go to pool in kurta pajama too? Other investor jokes that dont make fun, he might come out of his pajama. Kabir gets angry and grabs his collar. He says let me teach you about fancy dresses.

Kabir comes home. Kashan asks what did he do? Kabir says investors were making fun of my dress so I taught them well. Kashan says you destroyed everything for me, I do business with them, they put my project on hold. Kabir says what he is saying? Shahbaz said that he knew them. Shahbaz says yes but Kashan is doing business with them. Kashan says he ended my project. Kabir says enough, I am already angry. Kashan says to hell with your anger, take

it to your madrasa, our house doesnt run with your anger. Kabir says dont bring madrasa here, who are you if you wear a suit? Kashan says let me tell who I am, this house runs by me, I work hard to earn money. Shahbaz says what are you saying? Kashan says he has to listen, since he became vice president, all are pampering him but who is he? he cant even earn a penny, he is an illiterate studied from madrasa. Kabir shouts thats why I am working for future of kids. Kashan says make your life first, Salma was right, your life is full of debt, whole of it is a debt. Kabir is hurt hearing all this. Zara says Kashan.. Kashan says no, he can brag about his position but it doesnt fill stomachs, we work hard to earn unlike him. Zeenat calms Kashan and takes him from there. Zara comes to Kabir but he shakes his head and leaves. All are tensed.

Kabir is sadly sitting in his room and recalls Kashan’s harsh words, how he runs the house, how Kabir cant earn money and his whole life is a debt. Kabir cries. He imagines Kashan taunting him that your life is empty like this room, I will get your position because you snatched it, you drive a car but you are useless, you live in a house but you are homeless, you became vice president because of others, you are nothing, you have no worth. Kabir gets angry and breaks chair in anger, he screams and cries. Ayesha is knocking on his door and asks him to come out, I will ask Kashan to say sorry to you. Alina says talk to us. Zara says let him be for sometime, let him take out his anger. She takes Ayesha and Alina from there.

Scene 2
Zeenat gives charity for Kashan and says you made me proud today, I feel like elder daughter in law today. I used to feel my husband has no value but what you did today, I can proudly tell Zara and Kabir are living on our favors, we are raising them.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz’s room but turns to leave. Shahbaz comes there and hugs him.

Zara is worried for Kabir and says he is not in his room, where did he go?

Kabir says to Shahbaz that what happened was wrong, you are responsible for it, you kept telling me to become president of this city, you sent to madrasa, I became priest, you asked me to become leader for this nation, I did everything to fulfill your dream and now I see this? Kashan taunted me infront of all, infront of my wife that I am nothing but a beggar, if respect means earning money then you should have told me and I would have done everything to earn money, why did you ask me to work on making my name? Shahbaz says I want to tell you that Kashan and you are different, Kashan runs this house but your work is not to earn money, your mission to make this house proud, you will become leader of this nation, you will not run one house, forget about Kashan, its how he sees things but you have to touch sky, money doesnt matter to you, your father has everything sorted so follow your religion, become leader of whole country. Kabir thinks about it. Shahbaz says poetry for him and says you are a light that lights up after 1000 years. Kabir smiles and hugs him. Zara hears all this standing on door. She looks on and leaves. Zara think that Kabir will move ahead in life if he takes religion and world both, I will make him realize that you can be successful only when you run your world and religion side by side, I promise to help you.

Shahbaz says to Kashan that this is my vision, we just have to make sure that Kabir runs on path we have defined for him and then we will be fine. Kashan hugs him. Zara is stunned to hear all that and thinks to tell everything to Kabir.

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