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Intertwined {ragsan} Part-1 (a stormy night)


It was raining heavily the wind blew hard

A girl was sitting all lost on a bench in railway station

Everyone were running from here and there but she was lost in thoughts of her life

Those dark clouds showered more heavily as if expressing their rage for something uneven

There was loud thunder sound and it broke her chain of thoughts

The roar sent shiver’s down spine

She stood up but was unsure about her way

She walked towards the exist

It was then she heard a baby’s cry she was not sure if she had really heard it or was that her illusion

She turned her way to find the source of sound

As she walked towards the railway track and she was able to hear the muffle cry more

Her heart pinched hearing that

Don’t know why but she felt some unknown bond with that

She increased her phase and reached near hip of luggage the place had bad odor she couldn’t with held her breath more she covered her nose with her duppata

There were some dustbin near by it

She looked around her surrounding and found herself in an isolated place

There was no one

It was most unused and too old platform

She could hear the cry but then it stopped

She tried to push the luggage carts aside

There she found something unsual it was bundle of cloth she saw a tiny leg hanging her heart pinched and she felt weak in knees

Her hands shake but she picked that

‘baby’ it was mere a whisper that escaped her lips

“oh god” she was so shocked

The baby blinked its eyes

She held the child more protectively and touched its forehead

“it has fever”

She covered the child in her embrace and walked from there

It was still raining heavily and child needed medical care immediately

“khana ji please help me” she prayed and searched here and there

She found an big plastic cover

She quickly grabbed that and covered the baby in it


She was sitting on a bench in hospital she was shivering in cold but than herself she was fearing about that child

“please save the child” her lips moved in prayer

Doctor came out

“doctor my child” she asked

She didn’t know why she said like that but the moment she took the child in her arms she felt motherly feeling

The child was her’s it belonged to her

“how can you be so careless being a mother you couldn’t care for it, it has high fever and some injuries too”

“what injuries” she asked shocked

Doctor gave her unbelievable look

“child is safe na its fine na”

“we can’t say anything now its in critical condition” the doctor left saying it

She collapsed on chair

And silent tears rolled down her eyes

She recalled all her moments that she spent with her mother

And after she left how much she carved for her love all those sleepless nights and her nightmares some where gave her an motivation and strength to protect the child she could not let anyone else suffer the way she did

She wiped her tears and walked towards the OT

She gently caressed the mirror where the baby’s face was visible

don’t know who you are but I feel so connected to you seeing you I forget all my pain

I felt you were too close to my heart I experienced a all different feel holding you in my arms

And when I touched your forehead my heart beat rose like anything I just wanted to protect you

Please baby get well soon i need you mumma needs you’ she said in heart

And it was like the baby heard her and it responded

Nurse came out

“what happened”

“we need AB+ blood its over in our blood bank” she informed

“do you know anyone who has the same blood group we need to arrange for that immediately”


“nurse I have same blood group” she said

She was lying on next bed to baby

She looked at the child

‘her child’ it was the only thought roaming in her mind


The child was out of danger

She was sitting near to it

Suddenly the door of hospital ward open

“what happened” a man asked barging in he looked worried

“shhh” she signaled towards the baby

They walked out and she disclosed everything what happened

“We better get this matter to police” the man suggested

But she was lost in her thoughts

“are you listening to me” he asked tapping her shoulder

“yeah hmmm”


“I don’t know akshay but I felt a strong bond with that child I don’t wanna loose it”

“are you out of your mind think of that baby’s parents how worried they would be by now”

“if its parents were worried they wouldn’t have left the child like that”she yelled at him

He took a deep breath and held her by shoulder

“listen to me what if the child was separated from its parents you can’t be selfish lets inform to police if the child’s parents are not found you can go with legal adoption” he suggested and he nodded half heartedly


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