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I Am Coming….(Two Shots – Part:2)

I went down and started searching for them. It was dark inside. Badi Ma was okay. She immediately took me to the other side of the room and told me there was no oxygen. I was shocked. I immediately went inside and saw her unconscious. Seeing her in this state, pained me a lot. I immediately took her up and came out with the help of others.

She wasn’t responding to anything. I am rubbing her hands, Gauri and Om were rubbing her feet, but she isn’t responding. I panicked. I should have received the call morning, otherwise she wouldn’t be in this state.

Rudra: Everyone move back. Now…Bhabhi needs some air to breathe.

I never how Rudra knew this.  I was in the verge of crying. I am trying my level best and she isn’t damn responding!! It was Om who then broke my thoughts while we were doing it.

O: Shivaay, I think you have to give artificial respiration.

S: What?

O: Ya, only that may help her now.

I pressed my lips on hers. I started giving out breaths. In between all this, I am getting a bit dizzy. I couldn’t see her like this. I just wish this was a nightmare. I don’t want it to true. I just want her to be fit and fine. She should not be like this. It’s all because of me.

She is breathing. I immediately withdrew myself.

S: She is breathing, my Anika is back!

Om and Gauri left out a sigh. Others were looking at her.

Pinky: Shivaay, I think you have to take her to the doctor. She has already been telling me that she was uncomfortable since yesterday. In fact, we both were about to go the doctor.

I nodded and lifted her up. Om went and took the car. Gauri too came with us. I was trying to make her wake up inside the car as I really can’t see her like this. I am feeling guilty deep inside. It’s all because of me. If I had come early, then it wouldn’t have happened.

After some time:

We reached the hospital and she was admitted there. We sat on the chair nearby, waiting for the doctor. Just then the doctor came out. I went and bombarded him with questions.

S: Doctor, is she fine? She is okay, right? Why are you not saying anything?

Doctor: If you stop asking me questions, then I will answer.

I controlled myself. Om held my shoulders.

D: See, she is fine now, but if she was there inside for one more minute, then she would have lost her life. Also, you gave her artificial respiration, that also improved her for the better. If you would have taken her directly here, then maybe she won’t be. I have my doubts, so we are going to check her blood. There are some medicines that you have to buy as she must be healthy in this condition.

S: Okay, can I see her?

D: Sure!

I went inside. She was unconscious. I went and kept my hand on her forehead. Om and Gauri came inside after some time.

O: Shivaay, doctor said something.

S: What?

O: To buy medicines, I suppose.

S: Oh…yes! I will go and buy them.

O: Wait, I will come with you and when Bhabhi gets up, let it be a surprise for her.

I nodded. She will be happy when she sees me here. I went with him.

After some time:

After buying the medicines, as we were returning back, when we saw the doctor again. He came to us and,

D: You know, I didn’t say this at that moment, as you were literally in a hyper state.

S: What, doctor?

D: You have to go buy sweets, as a new guest is coming.(Unlike in my book “Are we destined for each other???”, the doctor is an old man)

S: What??? Who??

Just then, Om smacks on my head.

O: Shivaay, you are going to be a father.

S: Okay, for that why should I give sweets?

That’s when it hits me, Anika is pregnant!!!

S: We are going to be parents!!!

O: Not us, you and Bhabhi…

S: That was a bad joke.

After buying sweets, we went inside. We told Gauri, what happened and she was literally excited. She immediately pulled Om and,

G: Omkaraji, we will go home and make preparations. Let Bade Bhaiyya tell this to Bhabhi.

Om nods and they both left the room. Now, it was me and her. Only us. I was deep thinking what will I do and how will I say this to her, when I saw her opening her eyes. She looked at me and then closed her eyes. I was like what is going around her.

A: Is this true? Are you really in front of me?

S: Yes, Anika. I am here.

A: Shivaay, how is everyone? That….

S: She is in jail, everyone else is fine.

A: Okay, when did you come?

S: Today, when I hear there was a problem in the house.

She looks around and notices the packets. I took out the packets and stuffed one barfi inside her mouth. She was shocked and,

A: Shivaay, what is special today?

S: Someone is coming home…

That’s it, I know you readers are really intelligent to find out what happened next. So, make this pattern with your imagination….Till then, Au Revoir…!!!

Do comment, if you really like it, especially the ones who vote it first. I am really nervous, thinking as I am scared whether I am able to meet your expectations or not! 

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