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I Am Coming….(Two Shots – Part: 1)

Shivaay has left Oberoi Mansion and Anika isn’t with him. So, he is in Goa.

Shivaay’s POV:

It’s been just 2 months, since we left from our house. I am feeling homesick, now. I have to stay here till the right time has come. My Bade papa has ordered me to get out of the house, I agree to it, as he is not wrong. How will he not? When he understands that sons’ don’t have anything on their own, which he too has earned by his blood. 

Even though our brotherly bond was strong, I never expected Rudra to behave like this! He shouldn’t have threatened to kill himself. He should have understood the reason behind me leaving. He knows that I can’t bear leaving them. Gauri, Dadi, Mom….everyone asked me not to go, but I had too. They don’t know how broken I am, since I left them.

Ani has been constantly pestering me to allow her to come with me, but I didn’t budge. I don’t want her to lose the family like me, she has already lost both parents – Sahil’s and her own! I can’t make her lose them. Anyway, now I had to concentrate on finding out the truth. 

That video has shown where Bade Papa had lightened the match stick and not the remaining, so where is the remaining footage. The media is a bunch of fools in this matter, they just need the half, the remaining even without knowing what it is, they will complete. They are also responsible for my staying here.

I miss Anika, Omru, dadi, Gauri, Ma, Papa….I wish they were here or maybe I could go there. Anyway, I can’t stay here for ever, Svetlana is trying to split our house and I have to stop it. I still remember how my day used to go usually, but now…Everything feels empty. I usually go for business trips, but this is different. I have my proofs against her, but I need to somehow get inside our house. 

Anika is been calling me, but I am not in a mood to lift it up. Whenever I pick up her call, I wanted to cry. I wanted to tell her that I miss them. Not only that, today morning on wards, I am having a weird feeling like she is in danger, but she is calling me. So, I don’t know what I feel right now. Maybe, it’s that I miss them. 

I ignored that call and went to cook something, that’s when my phone started ringing. It was Rudra. Again, I ignored it. I was about to go to office when my phone started ringing again. It was Om. But why are they calling from morning itself? 

I picked up the call. It was Om. 

S: Why were….(cut off by Om)

O: Shivaay, Svetlana has taken this into whole control, do come fast. We are trying our level best. 

S: What? Anyway, I am coming.

I immediately booked my ticket back home. I somehow tried to reach home. 

After 3 hours:

I immediately ran to my house. I was shocked seeing the state of the house. Svetlana was holding Dadi at gun point. I didn’t know how to react.

S: Svetlana, leave her

Sv: So, Ram is back after Vanwaas. How come you are here?(With an evil smirk)

S: That’s not what you have to take care off. Better leave Dadi…

Sv: Okay, I will leave her, but you will have to make your brothers sign this document.

S: What is there in this?

Sv: Property papers of Oberoi mansion and industries.

S: You can’t do that..

I saw Gauri standing back of her. I showed her to take of the gun from Svetlana. 

Sv: Shivaay, what are you looking at? Oh…Anika? She has escaped….(cut off by me)

S: She won’t do that.

By the time, Gauri has already taken that gun from her. 

Sv: Hey! How dare you?

G: What Svetlanaji??(mocking her)

By the time, police has arrived along with Bhavya and media has also arrived. Svetlana showed the video in which Bade Papa was lightning the matchstick, but she was fool, I had the proofs with me. I showed the proofs which I had and I won. That’s when I heard her saying,

Sv: You think you won? You will never win, Shivaay! Either your wife or your Badi Ma would have died by now, or maybe both would have….

S: No………Where are they??

Sv: need the dead bodies, okay…They are in the secret room which Gauri and Om knows

The police took her away. I immediately followed Om and Gauri to that room. They turned the statue there and then the tiles withdrew by itself. I was getting scared, if anything happens to them, then I would have…..

What really happened??

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