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Do you like Krishna Chali London’s upcoming twists?

Krishna Chali London is a prime time hit show airing on Star Plus. The show will be shifting the track to women empowerment. Krishna, the main protagonist doesn’t tolerate any torments and injustice made on the women. She fills up courage and self-esteem in the women of Shukla Family. She wants them to be on their feet and fight for their dignity themselves. She has earlier helped her elder sister-in-law Lali, knowing that Lali is suffering from cervical cancer. She has saved Lali’s life from Shukla’s evil planning. She also helped Lali get treated for her illness. Krishna has always brought hope and courage in the family.

Radhe loves Krishna for being a woman of substance. He finds her very much different, since she is bold, daring and righteous. Radhe’s mother Shuklain sees a hope in Krishna to fight with her brother-in-law Dadda. She hides the big secret that Radhe is Dadda’s son. Shukla and Shuklain have raised Radhe as their own son. Very soon, Dadda will give a shocker to family by revealing Shukla’s death. Krishna will come to know Dadda’s true face. She will be battling with the new evil. The track seems to get more interesting. Do you like Krishna Chali London’s upcoming twists? Let us know your opinion.

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