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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jodha requests Anarkali

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anarkali thinking where did the kamarbandh go. Jodha stops her and asks her to answer, does she love Salim. Anarkali says beyond any limit. Jodha asks does Salim love you. Anarkali says more than himself. Salim does shayari while thinking of Anarkali. He makes a painting of Anarkali. Jodha says you did a lot for Salim and me, I m going to ask you something. Anarkali says I can give my life for you. Jodha says that’s easy, what I m going to ask you will be tough, Akbar has tried hard to unite the two provinces. Anarkali says I know this, why are you saying this to me.

Jodha says I just want to tell you, Salim and Maanbai should get married, Akbar wants to make the relations of both states stronger. Jodha says I m Salim’s mum, I m asking you for my son, India’s

tomorrow, return Salim to me, your heart will break, else this country will break. Anarkali says I m just a maid. Jodha says you are Salim’s love, his heart and heartbeat. Anarkali says I don’t want this country or the throne, I just want…

Jodha says Salim. Maanbai comes to Salim. He asks did you get free now, I was making your portrait. She says I know. He says its not right to hear anyone’s talk. She says this can’t hide from me, you are making portrait of the one you are marrying. He says you know this, are you happy. She says a lot, I want to see it. Jodha says Salim isn’t Salim, he is a prince, future king, you will be writing this country’s fate, I m scared if Salim knows this, he will create a storm, this love will turn into rebel, the two states will turn into enemies and have a battle. Anarkali thinks Salim doesn’t know that his marriage is happening with Maanbai, then how did Maanbai get that kamarbandh. She cries. Salim stops Maanbai and says my would be wife’s portrait will be beautiful too. She asks will you change after marriage. He says no, will you change. She says no. He says we will always be friends. She goes. He says I will talk to Akbar about Anarkali and my marriage.

Jodha says if Salim breaks down, Agra and Amer will also break down, just you can convince Salim to marry Maanbai. She begs Anarkali for Salim. Anarkali says when love becomes selfish, it becomes a crime, my love isn’t a crime. She cries. Jodha says pain is a responsibility, one who can bear its burden gets it. She asks Anarkali to cry and lighten her heart. Anarkali promises to get Salim and Maanbai married. Jodha hugs her. Its morning, Anarkali thinks to meet Salim and talk to him. Maanbai asks Anarkali how long will she take to make the fragrance. She asks what does Salim like. Anarkali tries to leave. She says Salim likes a special fragrance. Maanbai says make it for Salim, I will give it to him as a gift, you may leave. Anarkali goes.

She thinks how will I ask Salim to leave from my life. Salim meets her and says I want to show you something, come with me. He takes her and asks her to see the portrait. He praises her. He says I always fall in love with you. He asks how did you like it. She says its beautiful. He says my every hope and dream is with you, our dreams are getting fulfilled. She cries thinking of the promise made to Jodha. She thinks I have to tell Salim.

Salim gets shocked. Maanbai says Salim has confessed love to me. Rukaiya laughs and shows Anarkali’s portrait to her. Maanbai gets shocked.

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