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Chandragupta Maurya 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dayimaa Confirms Dhananand That Chandragupta Is Mura’s Son

Chandragupta Maurya 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta picks his father Peeplivan king’s sword and thinks why he feels dearness in this place. Mura searches Chandragupta thinking she is his son for sure and she should protect him. She asks a passing maid if she saw Peeplivan’s 1-day prince. Maid yells she does not care about fake prince and she who is still thinking herself as queen. Mura continues searching Chandragupta and seeing her husband’s sword missing thinks who took it. Durdhara attacks Chandragupta. Chandragupta defends with his father’s sword thinking he does not even know to fight. Mura watches hiding. Chandragupta flips Durdhara’s veil on her head and makes her throw her sword away and laughs that he won, now princess should fulfill her promise. Durdhara agrees. Chandragupta says

he will return this sword and keeping it back on its place says sword cuts, but it saved him today. Mura walks behind and calls him Chandrag. He stands surprised and turns, but does not find anyone and thinks nobody knows his name in this palace, then who called him. Chanakya’s aide maid Mytri pulls Mura aside and shutting her mouth says she knows Chandragupta is her son and she is trying to protect him. Mura thinks she is tricking again. Mythri says they both have same motto and if she wants her son to go out of this palace safe, she should do what she says.

Chandragupta walks into Dhananand’s special room with Durdhara and searches his mother among maids. Durdhara thinks he is staring at maids and says her brother chooses best. Mura walks in holding juice and offers it to Chandragupta. Chandragupta says she is weird, she did not give him juice sometime ago and now offering it herself. Durdhara angrily asks if maid dared to disobey him. Mura drops tray. Chandragupta bends to help her. /She says she knows whom he is searching, he should meet her in the evening at laalvan. Dayimaa hears that and informs Dhananand. Dhananand p-layhs hide and seek with her and says Mura was playing hide and seek and hid her son, now let mother and daughter meet and shed some tears, then he will let her son meet with his death.

Durdhara angrily sits on balcony edge reminiscing Chandragupta defeating him. Dayimaa sees her and asks to come down. Durdhara says she is most beautiful, most wealthy, and most competent girl in this dynasty, fought with that youth and after accepting defeat fulfilled her promise, but he left without meeting her once. Dayimaa says she has qualities what a princess should have, left youth go, he has gone to meet 2 people, one who made him and another who will destroy him. Chandragupta reaches laalvan holding hi mother’s bangle. Dhananand also reaches there and hides.

Precap: Durdhara comes to meet Chandragupta at Laalvan. Dhananand watches hiding.

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