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Agnifera 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Gets Injured Trying To Save Kishen

Agnifera 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni leaves for police station after pooja. Sakshi asks Kishen if she should serve him breakfast. He says thanks, but no thanks and leaves. Devi asks Sakshi to prepare breakfast for her. Sakshi walks into kitchen. Vasu says he will act as taking leave from office today and Sanjay will take ladies for shopping in the evening,then they will test Agni and Sakshi. KD says that is right. Vasu asks where is fake knife. KD says it is with her and she will give him before going for shopping. Sanjay holds real knife in his pocket and thinks he will exchange it with fake one and let Agni or Sakhi kill Kishen.

Kishen walks to his room and feeling hungry thinks he acted outside, what will he do now. Maid brings him sandwich. Sakshi enters saying even she is hungry and if Kishen does not want to have

breakfast, she will have it. Kishen warns not to touch his breakfast. Sakshi snatches sandwiches and runs provoking Kishen to try and snatch it back. She continues her loud overacting and says sandwich has lots of vegetables. Kishen snatches it and warns to stop lying and get out of his room. She walks away sadly.

Family gets ready to leave for shopping. Sanjay walks into KD’s room to exchange knife. Yashi walks in and asks what is he doing here, if he did not get ready yet. He says he is having headache and needs medicine. Yashi says she will send him ginger tea and walks away. Sanjay looks at both knives and thinks now Kishen is gone.

Agni returns home. Kishen says good she came early, they can spend quality time together. Agni says she is tired answering commissioner since morning. Kishen says he is talking about them, but she is talking about commissioner. Agni says right now she is worried about 2nd test, what will it be and if she will pass it, if family will give test or just take her for shopping. Kishen fumes.

Family goes on shopping. Kishen tells Agni they spent quality time and his sari gift for her is best, she will look very beautiful in it. Agni says she is just worried about test. Sakshi says Agni is typical. Vasu with his fake goons wearing mask attacks Kishen. Agni and Sakshi fight with goons. Vasu tries to stab Kishen with knife and Sakshi bears attack on her wrist and gets injured. Family gets worried. Vasu says he attacked with fake knife. Sanjay changes knife and says smetimes even fake knife works. Devi gets worried for Sakshi and says she must be in pain. Sakshi says she is fine and does her loud overacting. Devi yells at Agni next that she did not pull her gun, what if real goons attack Kishen, Agni cannot protect Kishen. She continues yelling while Sakshi smirks.

Precap: Yashi asks Kishen and Agni to prepare cake for Devi. Sakshi tells Devi that she is and Kishen will prepare cake for her. Agni stands sadly. Chachi tells they should lock Kishen with Agni first and then Sakshi and see with him he blushes. Devi yells her son is not characterless, Chachi should teach this to her son instead.

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