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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jackie saves Ved; Puneesh sent to jail

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jackie signals behind the window, and says he didn’t hold her hand to leave it. Vaidika notices Puneesh stood behind the door. Jackie whispers to Vaidika of being careful, their enemy keep a close eye. Puneesh curtly leaves the room while Jackie poses to kiss Vaidika.
Puneesh drags Aarya into the room, furious that he can never be defeated. He was determined not to spare Aarya today and will make them both suffer with her condition. Aarya slaps Puneesh but he pushes her towards the bed. Vaidika couldn’t connect to Aarya’s cell phone and finds her earring in the corridor. She and Bari Amma breaks into the room, as Aarya screams being attempted of molestation from Puneesh. She runs to hugs Vaidika. Vaidika grabs Puneesh’s collar, and says she can’t believe that men like him exist

even in this century. She warns him of dire consequences; Bari Amma holds a broomstick, and shoes to beat Puneesh. Puneesh tortures Vaidika emotionally by showing a video of Ved. He had kept him in a godown, tied to the chair and warns Vaidika to stay away from him, keeping in mind what he is capable of doing to Ved. He leaves the room. Aarya and Bari Amma assure Vaidika that they will find Ved and get him freed.
Ved shouted for help in the godown. All of a sudden the door behind him break and Jackie comes to save Ved. Ved hugs him tightly saying I love you Papa. Jackie wonders how he must tell this innocent child that he isn’t his father but only a look alike. All of a sudden, a number of guns were pointing towards Jackie’s head.
Puneesh had tied the ladies at Agarwal house with poles and bullied them for being shouting fruitlessly. He was ready to show to them what villain looks like.
Jackie provokes the goons to kill them. He says they have to work so hard, and there Puneesh does corruption of millions and doesn’t give them any share. If they really have to kill them, they must proceed. The goons look towards themselves and gives up on their arms. Jackie promised to give them one lac, gets a chance meanwhile to attack on the goons and beat them. They turn to leave when they were still confronted by a goon pointing a gun at them.
Puneesh brought a hunter to beat Vaidika. Bari Amma, Aarya and Prachi continue to forbid Puneesh but he holds the lash to hit Vaidika. The lash didn’t hit Vaidika as was stopped by Sahil in the midst in air. He warns Puneesh to try and touch Vaidika, else he can beat his limbs. Why fight a pregnant lady, he must dare and fight him if at all. Puneesh punches Jackie who fell on the floor. Puneesh boasts that his goons are enough for Sahil. He confesses that once before as well, he pushed him into death. Vaidika and everyone turned to him in astonishment of this confession. He demands Vaidika to ask Sahil sign the property papers, else he won’t survive this time. He stops his goons, pulls him up and demands him to sign the papers. Sahil instead punches Puneesh and says he spilt his truth by himself today, and there are some special guests for Puneesh today. The police come inside and says since Puneesh Tiwari confessed his crime. Jackie says he got a gift for Vaidika. A lady inspector comes with Ved. Ved runs to Vaidika while she cries hugging him tightly. Bari Amma kiss Ved, Vaidika severely emotional. Ved tells Vaidika that Papa is a superman, he beat every goon and saved him. Ved asks Vaidika and Jackie if they will live in this house together in this house, forever. Jackie promises Ved. He cheers and demands them to kiss him together, then jumps from in between. Jackie’s kiss fell over Vaidika’s cheek.

PRECAP: Vaidika tells Jackie that he has helped her enough, she doesn’t need him around anymore to remind her of Sahil. Jackie leaves. Ved was asleep with Vaidika when in the midst of night he wakes up calling Papa, Papa and runs out of the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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