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A reporter and a Business tycoon- Episode -16

16- Ignoring


Twinkle Pov-

I stared at my husband, who is still in deep slumber with his lips little apart. He is just looking like a cute, innocent baby. Normally he would look intense and his would always held some mystery, some secrets. But now he looks all different like a cute teddy which you want to hug and never let go of it. I shook my head to get rid of those stupid thoughts out of my head. Now a days, I’m going insane. I smiled at him. I know I did a mistake and I’m going to apologize him today no matter what.

” What if he doesn’t forgive you?” question popped into my head from no where. I know he won’t forgive me right then. I had hurt his feelings, I doubted his loyalty, his trust and most importantly I questioned our relationship. I know at start I don’t want this relationship or marriage but I won’t regret it either. I started to like him. His presence makes me feel some different feeling and his one smile, which ofcourse he gives rarely makes my day. Are my feelings are more than like, as Riyan said? Do I really lo…. No no what even I’m thinking. We barely know each other then how the hell I will fall in love with him. I’m a completely mess with all those things running in my head. I will deal with it later but no matter what I’m gonna apologize and will know his side of story too. He may be wont talk to me or ignore me, but I’ll try my best. I wont give up. I broke his trust and I will fix it. I came out of thoughts when I heard someone’s groan. I looked at source only to see Kunj closing his eyes, maybe trying to adjust with morning light. He got up and held his head in between his hands. Perks of drinking.

“here.” I said giving him a glass of lemonade which I brought long back. He looked at me taking my presence. For a minute he just stared at me like I’m some delusional who will disappear soon. Because of my stunt last night. He took glass without arguing. He made distasteful after one gulp but drank it nevertheless. I bite back my smile. A true baby. He gave it back without looking at me. I tried to bring the topic but before that he marched towards washroom. I sighed. I went down and brought our breakfast up. After about 5 minutes he came out in black shirt and pant. I grabbed coat to make him wear but he pulled it from me thanking me. It hurts.

you deserve it.” came a voice from back of my head and I agreed to it. After failing in every attempt of giving something in a reason to talk to him, he got ready looking handsome as usual. I cleared my throat gaining his attention but he averted his gaze in next second. He was about to leave when I literally ran in front of him. He looked at me like I’m stupid, well I am now a days.

“Kunj we need to talk.”

“not n…”

” please.” I cut him off. He sighed.

“What now Twinkle?” his voice tired.

“Kunj I’m so sorry. I was so stupid to blame you without knowing your side of story. Things didn’t well with me yesterday. I know I have no right to say those words or question your loyalty but I did. I wish I could take that words back, but I can’t. I’m so sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. I took some other’s anger on you.” I choked at last. My heart felt heavy for saying those words to him. He looked for a second or two and averted his gaze.

“it’s ok Twinkle. I wont let others words effect me much.” he said. His eyes void of any emotion and his voice is cold. He said ‘others’. Great! I hurt him beyond limits and now it hurts me too.

“Kunj I…..” I tried to say only to be cut him by

“Twinkle I’m running late. Now will you please leave my way.” he said. He never talked to me like this. Why on the earth I even did that stupid stunt. He crossed me but I stopped him by helding his wrist.

“at least have your breakfast?” I pleaded him.

“My hunger died long back.” with that he pulled away his hand and left. A tear escaped through my left eye. He is hurt and reason is me and my stupid act. Why was I so stupid last night. I was the one who always said not to blame people without knowing their side of story then what did I do? I blamed him. What difference is there between me and them, and why the hell I used to say those words when I’m the one who forgot it. I just hurt the person who is so special to me. He didn’t have breakfast just because of me. I skipped my breakfast too. Even my hunger died. I went to office to deal with it. I need to talk to Aman. How on the earth he got to know about that news? I need to know the truth.

I entered Aman’s cabin after knocking on it. He looked at me and gave me a sympathy smile. I don’t need any, I just need answers. Ignoring it I directly asked him the question which is bothering me.

“How do you know about Kunj and all that?” I said in bits as I don’t want to use those words. They are definitely wrong. He looked confused for a second thinking what it is maybe but recovered soon and answered.

“one of my men, whom I kept to surf information about that night told me.” he answered.

“How are you so sure that he said true?” I asked him further.

“Twinkle he is the most trusted person I have hired till and he is the only one who always brought news to me which were real. Till now, no fake news and I….” before he can continue I said my view.

“Aman I want you to talk to him again and this time with proofs. Something doesn’t makes sense in this.”

“Don’t worry Twinkle. I will and I don’t want some innocent to be blamed.”

“fine. I have work, will talk to you later.” with that I barged out without giving any second glance to Aman. Something is missing. An important piece of puzzle. My whole day went thinking about it. I skipped my lunch too and I’m sure Kunj must also. I tried to call him but he doesn’t answer any. I even tried to concentrate on my work but he or that incident always plays in my head.

I reached home a little early in order to prepare dinner for Kunj. I thought to make his favourite dishes, eventhough I don’t know much but I have learned about he loving home made food specially chocolate cake. Thankgod, I wont bake worst chocolate cake. By the time 9:30, I completed everything. I took it to our room. I made chocolate cake with a ‘sorry. Please forgive me.’ with some cherries and icing and aloo paratha with chicken fry. He likes it and he only admitted about it to me. I went to washroom to get freshen up and to get rid of this sweat. After freshening up I came out of washroom and door opened revealing a very tired and exhausted Kunj. He looked at me for a second but immediately averted his gaze. Still mad. I took his night dress and gave him, he just simply took it with a simple ‘thankyou’. After what felt like eternity, not really but it felt so. Ok where was I? After 20 minutes he came out in his night dress. Water droplets falling from his hair to his forehead. Looking hot. Wait! Did I just said that. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Kunj dinner is ready.” I boosted up my courage and asked him.

“I’m in no mood Twinkle. You have it.” Great! Finally he spoke something rather than ignoring me.

“but all are your favourites.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to have anything.” he said. It ignited my anger. He is simply lying and anyone can say by looking at him. He is drained physically. Why not? From yesterday night he didn’t had anything and I bet he must have skipped his lunch. He is hungry because of me. I’m feeling more guilty.

“Kunj don’t ignore food because of me.” I said keeping my emotions at bay. I feel like crying.

“I’m not.”

“oh! then what should I do with this food?” I asked him a little roughly.

“just throw it away.” he said. He just said that. He is dead now. I marched towards him who is going towards bed. By holding him by his right arm, I turned him rashly. He looked shocked. Well you asked for it.

“How can you just day that?” I spat at him. He looked boggled.

“How can you disrespect food?”

No reply.

“are you even for real Kunj? The food about which you said to throw it away, people are dying to have atleast a little of it and here you are, saying it to just throw away. Atleast respect it. Do you have any idea, how many people die due to hunger. Some people puts their life at stake for food. Most importantly, you, me and everyone on this planet works hard only for food. You know it’s importance, don’t you? Wait! How could you even know about it? Rich kid. But listen Kunj, every being on this earth works for food. It’s most important in anyones’ life. Don’t you dare to disrespect it. You don’t have any idea about after how many struggles farmers’ sells them. So please.” He looked flabbergasted. Well, I removed my anger on Kunj. But I can’t help it. I have seen people dying because of lack of food. I have seen people struggling for it. I’m a reporter and I do get to cover such news and trust me, stories you will get to listen will make you cry that instant. I just hate it when someone disrespects food and Kunj just did it.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that those words will hurt. I didn’t mean in other way. I said it unconsciously.” He looked guilty. Todays events are making me loose my control and top of that I hadn’t had anything from yesterday. Maybe, that’s why I’m getting angry every now and then. I took a deep breathe.

“I know Kunj you didn’t mean it. But I have seen many such cases where people die to have a single morsel of food. They keep their lives at stake and some even died due to hunger. In this time, I got to know the respect we should have for food. And I know you never meant those words. It’s just I hate it when someone disrespects food. After so many struggles we will get it but people just disrespects it due to their own personal problems. It should change.” I said. He nodded.

“come. Let’s have dinner.” I said.

“Twinkle I..” before he can protest I said in cold tone.

“Mr.Kunj Sarna you are going to have food right now. I’m sure you have not had anything from yesterday night so stop with the bullshit of ‘not being hungry or of no mood’. It’s not a request, it’s a order.” All the while I stood there glaring him. His eyes lightened yet he gulped in fear. Without any other word we started eating our dinner. After keeping second morsel in my mouth I said.

“Food became more tasty. Perks of not having anything for too long.”

“too long?” Kunj asked raising his brow. Oh! I forgot about Kunj.

“well even I didn’t had anything from yesterday night.” I said looking here and there. Don’t know why I’m feeling embarrassed.


“because you also didn’t had anything.” words slipped out of mouth before I can stop. I looked at him. First he looked at me with unknown emotion, about which I’m unfamiliar but it held warmth, then it turned into sad and guilty. What’s wrong?

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“you shouldn’t have skip your food for me. I’m not that worth.” he said. I looked at him confused.

“Kunj I didn’t…”

“Let’s finish dinner Twinkle.” After that no one spoke a word. He is still mad but I’m glad that atleast he is having his dinner. It made me little happy. I’ll ask forgiveness at the time of cake. After completing our dinner, I kept cake in front of him. His face held no expression.

“Kunj I’m really sorry. I don’t know why I said all those words to you. Whatever I said to you were just in anger. I didn’t meant a word. I know I have no right to say any such words to you. I’m really sorry Kunj. Yesterday’s events didn’t went well and in anger I just said everything. I’m sorry Kunj. Please forgive me.” I pleaded him. A tear came out of my left eye. He came forward and wiped it away.

“Twinkle I’m done over it.” he said. I smiled.

“I think we should apply for divorce.”

“what?” I whispered. What he just said? Divorce? Who the hell wants divorce? I think I heard it wrong.

“Kunj I’m sorry. You cant divorce me for such…..” my phone started ringing. and it showed ‘Riyan. calling’

I looked at Kunj.

“lift it Twinkle. Maybe it’s important.”

“Hello Riyan.”

“Twinkle I’m so happy.” he squealed.


“my marriage is going to happen in a month.” he practically yelled. Wait! What?

“what?” now it’s my turn to yell.

“how? I mean I…” I stuttered. What’s going on.

“I went to Rashi’s house and finally dared to talk with her dad. He accepted it. I even asked our dad and he is also ok with it. I’m so happy.” Great! Just great! So much have happened in just a day.

“Riyan I want full details and I mean full.” I rather ordered him.

“Well actually they saw us in cafeteria and Rashi don’t want to lie anymore. We decided to open up our secret relationship. I talked to her dad at their home, who looked pretty impressed. He wanted to talk with dad. From their side it was yes except that our marriage should happen in a month according to Rashi’s horoscope. I went home, mustered up my courage and talked with dad. First he was disappointed but accepted when I said about her. Tomorrow we are going to their house to meet Rashi and her parents officially. I’m sure they will like her at any cost. So, yeah finally our marriage.” he said and his every word is dripping out just happiness.

“I’m so so happy for you Riyan.” I said.

“So you coming tomorrow?” he asked.

“ofcourse I will.” I chatted with Riyan for a while. When I turned around I looked at chocolate cake, which is untouched then I looked at Kunj who is already in slumber. Divorce! I need to talk to him. Divorce won’t happen for such a silly reasons. Tomorrow the first thing I’ll be doing is to talk with Kunj no matter what. If he wants or not. With that determination I slept after keeping cake in fridge.

End of Twinkle Pov

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