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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Krish meets Aditya

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Naira to leave Akshu with him and just go to explain Naksh. He wishes her all the best. Krish asks what will I say on call, I can’t call Aditya home. The kids sayfamily won’t let us go out. Dadi and Suwarna talk about their temple visit. The kids get an idea. They ask Krish to make a call. Kairav and Vansh go to Dadi and ask her to take them along to the temple, they will play there. Dadi asks will Krishna come there. Kairav says yes, we have become friends Suwarna says play at home. Dadi says let them come, its good, get ready and come. Krish speaks to Aditya. He signs to Kairav. Krish keeps the phone. The paper also falls there. Naira takes the keys. She misses the paper.

Gayu asks are you going to temple, kids have also gone with Suwarna and Dadi. Naira says Kartik and I have some work, we will come in some time. She leaves. The kids hold hands and get inside the temple. Dadi asks them to be at one place. Suwarna gives them coins. Dadi asks them to see. Krishna says I know if the coin gets stuck, then wish gets fulfilled. Suwarna try to make a wish there, don’t talk to strangers and don’t eat anything. Krish and all kids make the wish. Krish says wow, Lord granted my wish, now mum and dad won’t get divorced. Kairav says we had same wish, will you identify that uncle. Krish says yes, but Suwarna and Dadi are here.

Dadi calls the kids. The kids worry. Kartik says I feel its about your ego. Kirti says there is no self respect left now, its over. Naira asks Naksh how can you say its over. Kirti says you both are hurting me a lot. Naira says you are hurt as you have feelings for each other. Kartik says I was wrong and realized it. Naira says matter slipped out of hands. Kartik says you should save the marriage. Devyaani asks Naira to talk to Kirti. Bhabhimaa says Naksh should take a step. Naksh says this is the problem, I don’t want to take any step. Kartik says there will be something left. Naira says we have seen there was something during Ram leela. Naksh says we were just Krish’s parents. Kartik says then become that. Kirti says its not possible, maybe I don’t have husband in my fate, first Aditya and now….

Aditya comes to temple and thinks Krish gave me a good chance, I will take an advantage of that. Everyone prays. Krishna says Dadi’s eyes are close, just go fast, I will stay here. Kirti says its not about doubt, its about faith, Naksh has no trust on me, we are talking to each other, we may stop seeing each other’s face if we stay together forcibly. Aditya asks divorce. Krish says yes, you are the reason. Aditya says no. Krish asks why did you come between my mum and dad. Kairav says make them friendly. Aditya says you kids are not understanding, did your mum and dad tell you who am I. Krish signs no. Aditya thinks I can tell him anything and use him. Kairav says we want to end the problem. Aditya says we will go to my house and make a plan to end your parents’ problem, fine? Naira says your relation and faith were weak that it broke, why did you hide about divorce. Naksh says because you were pregnant. Naira says you didn’t think about Krish. Naksh says I thought of him. Naira argues. Naksh says Krish is my son, I m his dad. She says then become a dad and show. Kairav says we won’t go with strangers. Aditya says I m not a stranger. Kairav says we won’t come. Vansh says Dadi will come finding us. Suwarna sees Krishna and smiles.

Naksh says I can’t tolerate my son’s name linked with the cheap person, he is my son, I m fighting for his custody. Naira says its easy to claim right, its tough to leave rights, you remember the play in our school in Cape town, two mums fight for the child, the real mum feels bad and leaves her right on the child, you and Kirti are also dividing Krish. Aditya says I will show Kirti and my pics, I m not a stranger. Kairav says we won’t come. Aditya says Krish, we have a special bond, I had come to meet Krish at his school, doesn’t he want to know the reason.

Naksh says ask Kirti about Krish. Naira says when Kartik and I fought for Kairav’s custody, he asked the court to give me Kairav’s custody, he wanted Kairav’s happiness. Naksh says I also want Krish’s happiness. Naira says Kirti has realized her mistake, you got adamant now, you are wrong, I m not with you. Devyaani asks what are you saying, Naksh always supported you. Naira says I didn’t come here as Kirti’s lawyer, I want to save his marriage. Naksh says I will take my son, go to your inlaws and tell them that I m enough. She says you will be alone and even Krish will get loneliness. He says till I m alive, he won’t be alone, I m going to the lawyer now. He leaves. Naira cries and goes.

Vansh says I don’t like this uncle. Kairav says don’t meet Krish again, else we will file a police complaint. Aditya says you really went on your mum. He says Krish, you are sensible, will you come with me. Naira gets Kartik’s call. He says I don’t think it went well. Naira says no, I have said bitter things to hurt Naksh and convince him, but he didn’t listen. Kartik says don’t feel bad about it, don’t lose courage, I m leaving for the temple, I will meet you there. Kairav says Krish won’t come. Aditya says fine, we can sit somewhere and talk, why don’t we sit in the nearby icecream parlour and talk. Kairav recalls Naira’s words. He says no, Krish won’t go, leave his hand.

Kartik asks where are the kids. Dadi says we are also finding them. Kairav, Vansh and Krish fight Aditya and push him down the stairs.

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