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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Vingnaharat ganesh blesses vignasoor.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with raja abhinandan performing yagna while indra plans to produce a powerful asoor along with his colleague gods to disturb the same.
The giant asoor emerges asking who am i & why i have taken birth & one of god telling him that we have given you birth so to go & disturb raja’s yagna but he asks them i am asoor & why should i listen to gods then indra tells him we have brought you in this life so you need to listen to us & he goes to disturb raja’s yagna by which he gets shocked of yagna then too he uses his powers to gulp everything with what raja is performing & his yagna is washed out while mahaganadhipati watches all this & indra with all gods feel happy about it. Raja asks him why have you done this & he tells him to ask gods who told me to do this & raja shouts saying gods have to repent for this.
Narayan tells devi laxmi he was born as an asoor so he became selfish & his evil behaviour began.
The asoor started destroying all yagna’s whoever performed as all rishi’s were getting depressed by this terror of an asoor. Indra & gods while enjoying dance also started feeling pained losing their powers so they also start performing yagna but that asoor disturbs them also & indra shouts him saying we gave you birth & now you are only betraying us so you need to be punished & they use their powers to harm him but they are unable & he tells them how can you forget because of your powers i am born so your powers cannot harm me & he gulps all their items used for yagna & leaves.
Indra decides to ask help from prabhu mahaganadhipati & they all pray for prabhu to emerge & as prabhu emerges they ask for help from vignasoor but prabhu tells them firstly it’s your mistake by disturbing somebody’s yagna which itself is wrong so actually you are liable for punishment but indra thinking & tells prabhu it was my mistake to think wrong about raja’s yagna feeling he’ll take my place so i accept my mistake but please help us & prabhu tells them you need to promise that you will never do this again & they bend down pleading so prabhu tells them i’ll help you in my ganesh form as he reduces his form into ganesh & tells them to keep performing yagna as that asoor may come & they start yagna while vignasoor gets feeling of yagna & goes over there to gulp but ganesh stops him telling you can’t do this & that asoor asks ganesh you are a child & how can you stop me so he tries again to gulp but ganesh uses his powers to clutch him while he asks who are you & feels like you must be godly powered so please emerge for me as nobody would had the powers to clutch me & ganesh shows his form by which asoor prays prabhu asking for forgiveness but he expresses saying i was born by gods for this purpose so i can’t stop destroying yagna’s for which i am born while indra wonders thinking now what kind of blessings prabhu will give him to see & prabhu tells him that i bless you for gulping only those items of yagna in which my name is not taken & also this place will be known with your & my name joining as vigneshwar ganapati temple & he praises prabhu for his blessings on him.
Prabhu tells narayan & devi laxmi to go ahead to mahaganadhipati’s temple for journey ending & narayan dictates devi laxmi about importance of this temple’s name.
Three asoors were there who meditated deeply & took blessings smartly from brahmadev for only to get killed by mahadev & brahmadev blessed them accordingly but they spread terror all over so brahmadev along with mahadev went to punish them & two of them were killed but one katyasoor wasn’t getting killed so mahadev performed pooja for child ganesh by suggestion through prabhu ganadhipati & accordingly ganadhipati helped mahadev & brahamdev to kill katyasoor by which this place became to be known as temple of mahaganadhipati.
Prabhu’s advised narayan & devi laxmi to return to mayureshwar for completing this journey from where they started their journey & they accordingly did praying prabhu in mayureshwar but he doesn’t emerge making both of them confused but narayan calming her while prabhu emerges so devi laxmi asks prabhu when my wish will be completed of child & prabhu calms her telling it will be completed very soon but you need to roam around world for now as all people are waiting for your blessings.
All people in the world are praying devi laxmi’s idol devotionally while prabhu tells devi laxmi see how people are devoted to you performing your pooja.

Precap : Devi laxmi expressing her happiness of getting her wish fulfilled of child ganesh & mata paravati says this achievement will be prayed by all people in this world on occasion of diwali for ganesh & devi laxmi together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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