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Shakti 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat’s first karwachauth

Shakti 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat coming to hall and wishing good morning to everyone. Gurwinder says she will bring tea for him. Virat says no, and tells that even he has kept karwachauth fast. Parmeet tells that only ladies keep this fast. Heer comes downstairs. Virat tells that man or woman whoever loves their partner truly and wants their long life, can keep this fast. He says I regard my wife as God. They are shocked. Gurwinder smiles. Sant Baksh says don’t know what happened to today’s generation and tells that regard wife as God. Daljeet says you shall keep your wife in her limits, if you regard her as God then have to do sazda before her. Virat says Dad and Daljeet bhaiyya shall keep the fast for their wives. He tells that his wife so lovely that he will keep fast for her for 7 births. Parmeet calls Preeto. Preeto gets happy and tells Harak Singh that Parmeet called them for karwachauth function. He says we will see Heer and her childhood dream will be fulfilled to see Virat through the mesh. Harak Singh gets happy.

At Sant Baksh’s house, Virat and Heer come there. The guest lady tell that there is still time for the fast and asks them to celebrate till then. Parmeet asks Gurwinder to play some songs. Gurwinder plays song. Heer, Gurwinder and others dance. Heer and Virat have a dance while music is played. Heer takes Parmeet to dance as well. Parmeet dances. She comes to Heer and says I really believe you, you are really good and I regard you as my daughter and not bahu. Heer hugs her. It turns out to be Heer’s dream. Preeto comes there with Harak Singh and others. Sant Baksh and Parmeet greet them. Harak Singh gives the sweets. Heer is about to meet them, but stops. Parmeet tells the guests that they are her half samdhi and samdhan. The guests asks how? Parmeet tells that Preeto’s thought halted their marriage in the middle and didn’t let the last 3 rounds happen. She says when the marriage couldn’t happen then they are our half samdhi and samdhan. Everyone laughs. Virat asks what is this way, everyone is laughing. The guests clap with their one hand. Preeto thinks Heer, see your saas’ truth. Parmeet asks Virat to get his marriage completed. A guest asks if the girl is incomplete too like the marriage. Other guest says incomplete means kinnar. Everyone is shocked.

Parmeet smiles. A guest guy says kinnar is full woman and some what man etc. Parmeet says kinnars look like a woman, but look like a kinnar. She says there was a kinnar Soumya in Harak Singh’s house. She says she was so beautiful, their son fell in love with her and later they came to know that she was a kinnar. Heer says we can talk this inside and asks why is she saying infront of all. Parmeet says when Preeto had kept conditions infront of everyone, then why can’t I tell this. Preeto thinks Parmeet is doing her work. Heer takes Preeto to side and asks them to go, tells that she can’t see her getting insulted. She asks her to take Harak Singh and leave, and not to come again. Preeto says I am not that weak, I have come, so will do karwachauth puja. She asks her to think if her saas deserves to get respect like a mother. Preeto comes to Parmeet and tells that even they are half samdhis, but they will do the puja with devotion fully. Virat tells his mother that you have insulted them so much, but Preeto aunty is talking so nicely, and that’s the reason I respect her a lot. Preeto smiles. Parmeet gets furious. Preeto says lets do the puja. They all do the karwachaut puja. Virat makes Heer have water. He says even he is fasting for her. Heer makes him have water.

A guest asks Preeto to get them complete their rounds. Virat and Heer go to have food. Parmeet tells Preeto that she has got all the challans, now scores are settled. Preeto says 1 min and takes the sweets boxes which she brought. She asks her to have sweets. Parmeet says she likes to have sweet from loser counterpart’s hand. Preeto makes her have laddoo. Parmeet is about to spit, but Preeto makes her eat it. She says I know that you had mixed stones in Heer’s sargi and asks how it is feeling to chew sand with teeth. She tells that she loves Heer dearly and can take anyone’s life for her. Parmeet spits the laddoo.

Heer feels bad for Preeto’s insult. Virat eats the sweets from her hand and his hand is bitten by her a little. Virat says sorry for this and sorry for his mother’s behavior. Heer says this is happening because you had accepted Preeto’s conditions and says I remember that your parents had agreed for our marriage happily. Parmeet calls them to have food. Heer asks Virat not to say anything to his parents and tells that even they are not wrong. She says since our marriage, we are fighting and eats laddoo from his hand. Virat feels she bit his hand and smiles.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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