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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: What Is Gopi Upto

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ananth via telescope shows stars to Gehna. Gehna gets emotional saying she saw her parents after a long time who have become stars. Next morning, during pooja Praful praises Gehna for pooja arrangements, irking Kanak. Gehna serves prasad. Sagar holds hand, and she frees herself reminiscing his misbehavior last night. Praful says he has decide to keep some share to Gehna from his retirement corpus, irking Kanak and Hema both. Chetan says he will speak to bapuji and will not let him forgo their share. Jamna says let us finish breakfast first. Praful tells Ananth that he will have breakfast later and leaves. Ananth sees temple lamp flickering, rushes and protects it. Gehna also rushes and protects it with her hand, then gets nervous and puts oil in it. Ananth thanks her and leaves. While serving breakfast to Hema, Gehna informs Hema that Sagar tries to come near her repeatedly and touches her, which she doesn’t like at all. Hema asks what did Sagar do. Gehna says he looks at her lustfully. Hema twists her hand and yells that her brother is not so bad that he will eye on her, his sister is a boss and Gehna is a servant; asks if she is dreaming to marry Sagar after Praful’s announcement, continues to yell and threaten Gehna and warns her not to inform about it to family.

Pankaj sees Kanak in thoughts and asks what is she thinking. Kanak says she is thinking of 1 crore cheque. Pankaj says even he is thinking same. Kanak says Gehna and Ananth are problematic to them, she hopes Ananth returns to US without making FD, else they will not get anything, but she will not let it happen. She sees a Rajasthani man/Gopi walking out limping and asks who is he. Pankaj says he is Gopi kaka’s friend, forget about him and think how to grab Praful’s money.

Gopi kaka asks Ahem/Gopi where was he last night, was he playing dandiya whole night in navratri function. He did yoga as it will strengthen his mind. Gopi kaka praises him and leaves. Gopi calls doctor and reminds him about discussing about Ahem’s memory loss. Doctor says he discussed Ahem’s case with experts and Ahem’s memory will be back if his close one come in front of him. Gopi thinks she was very close to Ahem, but he didn’t identify her, so she should call maaji. She calls Kokila and asks when is she returning. Kokila says she is on the way and thinks Gopi looks tensed.

Kanak teaches poem to Hema’s children. They says its boring and they can’t understand. Hema scolds them to go and study aside as she needs to speak to Kanak. He go and sit on sofa. Kanak taunts Hema if she wants her children to be illiterate like her. Gehna hearing children teaches them poem in layman’s terms and they learn it easily. Ananth seeing Gehna teaching praises her and asks about her qualification. Gehna says till 8th standard and thinks she is studying secretly hiding from Kanak and Hema. Ananth leaves. Children insist Gehna to teach them another poem. Hema scolds them to go and study in their room. Kanak yells at Gehna that she is a servant and reminds her place. Ananth returns and hearing their conversation asks where is Gehna’s place, his parents consider her family member. Kanak says she means Gehna’s clothes get dirty with household chores and cooking, so she asked her not to sit on sofa. Gehna says Kanak considers her as sister and is concerned for her. Ananth walks away. Kanak yells at Gehna again. Ananth walks to Praful and Jamna and informs that Kamak treats Gehna like a servant. Praful says Kanak and Hema consider Gehna as their sister and love her a lot, even he has decided to give Gehna equal share with his children in his retirement corpus. Kanak and Hema hearing that hiding and fume.

Precap: Kanak confronts Kokila that she is giving moral gyaan to her brother’s children, what about her own bahu. Kokila warns to shut her mouth. Kanak asks her to come and see what Gopi is doing.

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