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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram goes to Koyal’s place

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Radha says how can you send Ram to Koyal’s place? Duulari says for Mili’s health I have to do this. Radha says how can you do so much for a stranger girl. She says there’s no such thing as strangers or yours. Radha says you’re great. Can I go with Ram for his protection? Dulari says why did I not think of that. Koyal said she wanted Ram there, not that he would be alone there. I can go with Ram.

Hema decorates Koyal’s house. Koyal says Chitkini jiji is saying you’ve decorated it so well. Koyal says well done. I am waiting for the one we did it for.

Dulari says Radha, Mili’s fever is getting higher. Ram says I got the medicines. Dulari says Mili open eyes. Have medicine. Mili says I want to go to mummy. ram says I will take you there but please have meds first. Ram picks her. He says let me take her to Miss Koyal. Ram goes to Koyal’s house. Dulari says thank God Ram is doing this for Mili. Give me strength to find out why Koyal is after my Ram. Dulari goes after Ram.

Scene 2
Ram comes to Koyal’s place. She says welcome. Ram says I came for Mili. She says reason doesn’t matter. You came. Dulari comes as well. Koyal says why you? Dulari says how could I leave you alone. You will take care of Mili, I will take care of you. Koyal says I have a small house. You can have tea. But so many people can not live here. Mili says don’t worry, I will take care of papa. Everything will be the way you want. Dulari leaves. She’s worried.

Koyal says welcome in Ram ji. Dulari stands outside.

Scene 3
Koyal gets dressed. Ram puts Mili in bed. Koyal says get fresh. Ram says no thank you. I don’t need it. Don’t act like this. She says what is this way? Why are you mad at me? Get fresh. You will feel better. I have warmed the water. He says I am fresh already. Bell rings. It’s Dulari.

Koyal says you here? How? What happened? Dulari says Mili left her feeder. I had to give clothes to Ram. Koyal takes things from her shuts the door. Ram says what are you doing? Open the door.. koyal says do you want to give anything else? Dulari says food. Let me bring food. Koyal says I can cook. You can take him from here if you think I won’t be able to take care of him. She shuts the door.

Ram says what are you doing. Koyal says if you didn’t leave me at the engagement I won’t have been doing this. Just wait and watch what is next. Ram looks at Mili and says I only came here for you otherwise I won’t ever come. How long will she punish me for one mistake? I would never leave my Dulari.

Scene 4
Dulari says you have to protect my ram. I don’t trust Koyal at all. Please protect Ram from the witch. Koyal says to Ram you look so fresh. I will wear this lehnga on karwa chauth for you. He says what. She says I have right on you. Does it look good on me? She sings sajna hai mujhy.. Ram says what is wrong with you.

Dulari is worried. Patang says this won’t solve anything. Dulari says how can I let Ram be there. You know she shut the door on my face like she’s Ram’s wife. Patang says for tonight he’s Koyal’s husband and Mili’s daughter. Dulari says I did this for the tip and Mili only. Patang says yeah you can’t break the tip. Koyal calls Dulari. Koyal says did I disturb you? Dulari says no one has disturbed me as much as you. Koyal says I thought I will tell you we can make sargi together. Dulari says I would never. Koyal says can you tell me what to make for sargi? It’s my first karwa chauth. I am fasting for Ram so you can tell better. Dulari says in heart eat poison.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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