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RadhaKrishn 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Stuns Sam

RadhaKrishn 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anirudh asks Sam where is Krishna tajshri. Sam says Krishna must be with Radha playing bansuri for her. Krishna walks in and says he will sleep with his guru brothers. Anirudh, Ulmukh, and Nishath gets happy seeing him. Krishna says he will sleep next to his son. Nishath says he is sleeping with them for the first time, so he has to pay them. Krishna asks if he has to pay his guru brothers and says he will describe Sam’s story; he describes how he got Sam with great difficulty after praying Mahadev, hence he named Sam’s name on Mahadev’s Shanmukh and he is very special. Radha watching them thinks Sam will change seeing his father’s love for him. Sam asks if he will play bansuri for him like he plays for Radha. Radha signals to go ahead. Krishna says why not, he will make him experience power of bansuri, bansuri depicts love and it will calm one’s mind and the war happening within one’s mind. He plays bansuri. Sam, Anirudh, Ulmukh, and Nishath fall asleep. Radha says she felt happy seeing his love for his son. He says bansuri describes love and Radha. Their discussion continues.

Next morning, Krishna informs Rishi Sandipani that he will return to Dwarka now. Rishi asks him to meet Achyuta before going as she considers him his idol. Krishna says meeting Achyuta is not in his fate and he will meet her some other time. Rishi agrees. Sam walks in. Krishna asks if he slept well last night. Sam says bansuri’s music is really powerful and he felt his’s love for him. Krishna says he is more powerful than him and should use his energy for good and not to harm anyone. Sam asks Krishna if he will give him one gift and prove his love for him. Krishna agrees. Sam asks to give his weapon. Krishna says his weapon is very powerful and he cannot give it. Sam insists to see it once. Krishna shows him sudarshan chakra. Sam gets mesmerized with Sudarshan chakra and insists to hold it once. Krishna says he cannot as sudarshan chakra can destroy whole universe. Sam insists and gets adamant. Krishna says he will get his own weapon via his guru. Radha asks Sam to not get adamant. Sam asks her to stay away and walks away fuming that his father proved that he doesn’t love him.

Achyuta returns to ashram with Krishna’s favorite flowers and kheer and calls him. Rishi says Krishna already left. Achyuta gets disappointed. Sam asks her to give kheer to him. Achyuta says she will give it to only Radha who is Krishna’s dear one. Sam says even he is Krishna’s dear one. Achyuta scolds and shoos him away, making him more angry.

Precap: Sam throws his weapon/chakra towards Achyuta. Radha shields Achyuta.
Sam asks her to go away. Mahadev and Devi Gowri get tensed seeing the incident.

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