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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarath Arrives At The Ashram

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guruji shows students meditating to Subhi and says one can calm and concentrate their mind with meditation. Subhi asks if he can do it. Guruji asks him to look at the lamp and concentrate on it till his mild calms down. Subhi obeys him. Ashram’s disciple reaches Janaki’s house and informs Pramila that Subhash is in Mohan Maharaj’s ashram. Sarath hears them and walks in. Pramila informs that Subhi is in ashram and she will ask baba or Satish to visit ashram and bring him back. Sarath says he will go and leaves with disciple. In ashram, Subhash meditates. Guruji asks what is he seeing. Subhash says maa, Bharath maa. Back at home, Prabha continues worried for Subhi. Pramila informs Janaki and others that Subhash is in Mohan Maharaj’s ashram. Janaki asks its address. Pramila says she didn’t take address in a hurry, but Sarath has gone to bring him back. Janaki says after today’s court incident, he doesn’t trust Sarath anymore and is worried for Subhash.

Subhash’s meditation finishes. Sarath walks to him and says he searched him everywhere. Subhi says let us go home as he wants to meet maa. Sarath asks why did he free his hand and go, if he didn’t remember maa then. Subhi says he couldn’t see police trashing that bhaiya. Sarath says he is feeling guilty that couldn’t save Susheel. Subhash says he couldn’t as he was with him and dear ones make one weak. Sarath thinks Subhi doesn’t know what is going in his mind, he is in a dilemma whether to support his mother or motherland. Subhi asks how is that bhaiya. Sarath says he doesn’t know. Subhi says he stopped British officer from beating a boy. Sarath asks if ashram people are not bothered about it. Guruji walks in and says why would he bother as Subhash didn’t do anything wrong. Sarath chats with him and says he is relaxed seeing Subhash and wants to take Subhash home. Guruiji suggests to stay tonight and go in the morning. Sarath agrees. Next morning, Sarath is surprised to see Subhi doing yoga. Guruji says he told him to do yoga and suggests even Sarath to do yoga daily. Sarath asks if he can wake up Subhash from meditation. Guruji asks Subhash to wake up as he needs to return to his mother.

At home, Prabha continues to worry for Subhash. Janaki says he cannot believe Sarath broke his trust. Subhi walks in calling maa. Prabha gets happy seeing him and asks where was he, she was worried for him. Subhi says he was in ashram. Janaki asks where is Sarath. Subhi says he is paying cab rent. Sarath walks in. Satish asks why didn’t he return whole night. Sarath says he couldn’t get taxi, so he came in the morning. Janaki sends Subhi and Prabha in and asks Satish if Sarath is supporting swadesi ideologies. Satish stands tensed. Janaki scolds Sarath, warns him to stop what he is doing right now and he will fix his wedding soon. Once he leaves, Satish scolds Sarath. Sarath says he was in a dilemma whether to support his ideologies and was worried for his mother and family as he didn’t want to hurt them, but now he is clear. Subhi describes Rono Swami Vivekananand’s teachings which Guruji taught him in ashram.

Precap: Subhi tells his parents that in ashram Guruji described Swami Vivekanand’s advice to keep their determination strong and move towards their goal. Janaki asks Prabha to fix Sarath’s wedding next month itself. Sarath hearing that tells Vibha that he wants to dedicate his life for motherland. He attends protest. Subhi seeing him insists to accompany him. Janaki sees Sarath with swadesis.

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