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Mere Sai 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarkar keeps a condition before Raghav

Mere Sai 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai picks a log kept nearby and throws it in Sumati’s way. She jumps over it as she brings the flower for Sai. Sai tells her that she knows how to overcome the obstacles already.

Sarkar and Tejasvi assign work to Raghav and Rama. Keshav asks her why they must do everything when there are so many servants at home. Sakar seconds him. He dismisses his other servants. One old man tells him that they have served him for year. Sarkar denies. You have been fooling me all these years. Why do I need you when two people are enough? I will give you your wages tomorrow. They leave sadly. Keshav tells his father he is wrong. Sarkar asks him if he will tell him what’s right and wrong. Do you pay these servants? Are they indebted to you? Keshav advises him not to commit so many sins that he will never be able to turn around for good. There is a right way to get your money back but I am sure this isn’t only about your debt. Sarkar says you want to see how good I am. I am ready to forgive their debt. I can set them free and return their home to me. I have a condition though – Raghav and his family will never utter Sai’s name ever again! They will disrespect him and send him away even if they come face to face with him. He smiles at Tejasvi. Keshav says I feel pity for you seeing your hatred towards Sai. Sarkar asks him what wrong he said. This is a decent proposition. Can they not do this much for their debt? Everyone knows Sai’s reality. They are his devotee but he hasn’t done anything for them yet! I am giving a solution here yet you are calling me wrong! He asks Raghav if he accepts his condition. You are free to go to your home with your family if you accept it. Think about your kids and their future. Would you like to see them growing up as someone’s servant? This is your last chance. Think it through. Raghav shakes his head at Sarkar which shocks Sarkar and Tejasvi. Sarkar tells Keshav not to call him heartless ever again. He tells Raghav to do his work.

Sai is collecting food.

Chandorkar ji is offering water to Tulsi. His son tells him that he is going to submit his resignation in his office. Radha ji requests her husband to think again. Chandorkar ji says I have thought it through. He tears his resignation letter. His family heaves a sigh of relief. They remind him of his wish to go to Shirdi till yesterday. Chandorkar ji says there is no need to go to Shirdi when my Kanha is here. Narayan comes there just then. Chandorkar ji tells Vasudev to bring a table. Narayan keeps the idol on the table. Chandorkar ji’s daughter is intrigued. Chandorkar ji removes the cloth from Sai’s idol. Everyone folds their hands in reverence. Radha ji asks her husband about the idol. He shares that Sai has given it to him. Our house will become pure like Shirdi by placing him here. I will do follow my responsibilities and devotion by staying right here. Radha ji thanks Sai for listening to her prayers. They all chant Om Sai Ram in unison.

Sai smiles.

Raghav asks his wife to listen to him. She complains to him about their fate. Sumati asks them what happened. Raghav shares that Sarkar has dismissed all other servants. Rama says this wont go away ever. She does not let Sumati say anything. I have to clean the stable. She goes. Ashok asks Sumati why Aayi loses her cool always. You remain calm. Sumati reasons that she is more worried about them than herself. Ashok says you never shout under any circumstances. I want to be like you. She hugs him. I wanted to become a teacher when I grow up but I couldn’t fulfil it. You should become the lawyer you have always dreamt to be. Ashok agrees. I will also make a house for you. You wont have to work there at all. She smiles. Someone calls out to Ashok. They both go outside to check.

Sai says no. That innocent kid’s dreams and his sister’s hopes cannot be shattered. He leaves immediately.

Prahalad asks Ashok it is time for class. You are coming, right? Ashok asks his Tai how he should go. Prahalad says you can come. Ashok is the brightest student of our class. Ashok shares that he does not have a whiteboard. Prahalad offers to share his board with him. I will ask Baba to bring one for you tomorrow. Ashok turns to bring his bag but Tejasvi tells them that he wont go anywhere. Sumati asks her why. Tejasvi reminds her that servants aren’t allowed to ask questions. Sumati requests her to let Ashok go to school. I will do his share of work. Tejasvi stays put. Prahalad speaks against Tejasvi. She scolds him. Ashok will be punished for your misbehaviour. He will be punished every time you will raise your voice for him. She tries to take Ashok inside forcibly but he frees himself somehow and hides behind Sumati. I will go to school. Tejasvi gets miffed. You will go to jail if you wont do as I say. Sarkar asks them what happened. Tejasvi says they are misbehaving with me. Sumati denies. I am willing to do Ashok’s share of work too. Please let him go to school. Sarkar laughs. Let me teach you the first lesson today – beggars don’t have a right to dream! Do your work now. Sumati kneels down on the ground and requests Sarkar to let Ashok go to school. He pushes her and tells her to be quiet. Don’t take my DIL’s words lightly. I can make it happen! Start working immediately if you don’t want to go to jail. Sarkar and Tejasvi head inside. Ashok holds his sister.

Sai asks for milk in alms from Rambha. Rambha gives him a pot of milk. Why do you need milk suddenly? He says I have to fulfil someone’s need. She nods in confusion.

Rama is cleaning the stable. Sumati comes there with Ashok and tells her everything. Rama apologizes to her son. it is time you accept your reality. Forget your dreams. Sumati denies. I have compromised enough. My brother will not forget his dreams. Rama says we have no choice. Sumati says we may not be able to dream or hope but we will keep Ashok’s dreams alive. I will make them come true. Rama says you wanted to be a teacher and study a lot. My dream was same for you. I saw our dream breaking when our fields were sold. I thought I wont let it happen but we dint have enough money. There was a time when we could only send one of you to school. You and your Baba decided to send Ashok to school. Considering the situation, he must drop out of school now. We are helpless. Ashok must give up. Ashok cries. I want to study. I like to study. He hugs his sister and cries. Sumati tells him to calm down. I will make sure that you are able to go to school. Someone may or may not support me but I will do it. Rama reminds her that she too is a servant. Sumati says I have faith in Sai. He provides the solution if his devotees are in trouble. Rama nods.

Tatya watches Sai boiling milk. He asks Sai why he needs milk suddenly. Sai says I am only following Kanha ji’s order. He has done many leela’s (antics) using milk, curd and butter. I guess he is up to something again today through which he wants to help someone.

Precap: Sai tells the kids he has cow’s milk today. You must empty this mug. Tatya says it wont be enough for all the kids. Sai says my Kanha will arrange from somewhere else if this will not be enough.

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