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Love after arrange marriage Ep-20- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-20- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hello Guys !! I am really sorry as I wrote 2 episodes 18 and 19 very small …And this episode will be long ….I am not answering comments here coz there is only 1-2 ….For Ep-19 comments will be answered at the comment box only ….

Episode starts with..,

Riddhima’s still crying . She is sobbing a lot .. Vansh asks again,”Riddhu, what happened??” Riddhima says,” My parents.” Vansh gets sad as he thinks about Riddhima’s parents . Vansh says,”Riddhima stop crying.” Riddhima cries a lot …Vansh says,”Okk…Then cry , I am going.” Vansh goes and brings Pizza (Riddhima’s favourite dish) . He goes to room and says,”mm… this pizza is too tasty …Nobody is here to eat it , I will only eat it.” Riddhima looks at it (pizza). She feels it tasty and says,”I am coming, my pizza.” She goes there and eats it happily. Vansh asks, “Why were you crying, my sweetheart?” Riddhima answers,”Every year I used to celebrate Diwali with my friend, Mohit, I didn’t like my parents so..” Vansh says,”Do you have his photo??” Riddhima nods yes. She takes mobile and shows picture …

Riddhima says,”The boy with me is Mohit.” Vansh asks,”Really??” Riddhima nods yes. Vansh gets surprised .  She asks,”What happened Vansh??” Vansh says,”When you got a message that ‘I will kill you’ , when we researched who did it , we got to know about this person – Rudra , he’s Ishani’s boyfriend so we thought that he wants to take revenge because Ishani went to jail.” Riddhima gets shocked . She says,”Now I will have to find this.”

You must be thinking that IN 18th  episode Riddhima says,”I will find him.” But she doesn’t sees Rudra’s photo….

Lets continue now…

Vansh says,”But when I was showing you Rudra’s photo , then why you didn’t told.” Riddhima says,”I didn’t saw his photo.” Vansh says,”Ok.” Riddhima and Vansh search for Mohit aka Rudra . They don’t get any update . Riddhima says,”I have an idea, I can call Mohit here , and then we can Investigate.” Vansh says,”Right.” Riddhima calls him .

Riddhima – Hii, Mohit

Mohit- Hello, Riddhima ..How are you??

Riddhima- I am fine (Uff, he wanted to kill me and now ..)

Mohit – Okk …Why did you called ?? (Cut the phone , irritating me )

Riddhima – Do you know we celebrate Diwali together , Please come here ..(Don’t come)

Mohit- Okk ..Sure .But where are you ?? (I will kill her)

Riddhima – I live in VR mansion

Mohit- I will come by tomorrow …

Riddhima – Ok thanks !!

She cuts the call … They both sleep ..

Next day ,

Riddhima and Vansh woke up and get ready ….

Everyone goes down … Daadi says,”Lets do pooja first.” They do pooja and wish each other’ Happy Dhanteras’ . Daadi says,” All of you are looking handsome and beautiful , by the way , Vansh , Aryan , Mrunal , Kabir and Angre give the girls jewellery you brought.” They give the jewellery …Everyone gets happy .. Daadi says,”Chalo , the ritual is completed now.”  Riddhima says,”Not yet Daadi , we girls have also brought something.” They give boys gold chains … Boys too get happy …Daadi says,”Indeed. beautiful gifts .”Now you have to leave also for Diwali shopping.. Chanchal receives a call .. She gets shocked . She cuts the call and says,”Daadi , I will have to go my mother’s in hospital.” She leaves  .. Suddenly a man enters  ….

Everybody asks who’s he .. Vansh says,”He’s Riddhima’s friend Mohit.” Ajay whispers to Vansh,”Sir, he’s Rudra.” Vansh says,”He’s Rudra only , acting as Mohit …I will tell you story afterwards.” Mohit says,”Hii Riddhz, how are you.” Riddhima says,”I am fine.” Mohit says,”Ok.” Vansh shows him his room . Vansh and Riddhima plans … Daadi says,”All of you can now go for Diwali day’s shopping.” Everyone nods and leaves. They buy clothes and come back ….They all get tired . They eat food and go to sleep .

Its Diwali day , Riddhima gets up  at 5 and decorates house. Vansh woke up at 5:30 and  doesn’t see Riddhima . He searches for her and finds her decorating . He says,”I wanna help you.” Riddhima says,” Good morning , Happy Diwali , yes sure!!.” Vansh also wishes her …They both complete the decoration …Everyone gets surprised seeing Vansh decorating… Daadi thinks,”Vansh hated decoration and now doing himself ..Waah!!”  Everyone goes to ready … Here’s how they look …






Sejal :



They all do pooja . Then , Daadi says,”Lets en light diyas and candles.” Everybody do the task , then they go to burn crackers…. Meanwhile, Mohit thinks,”When Riddhima would be sleeping then I will kill her.” They all enjoy a lot ..and go to their rooms..

Vansh- Riddhu , We have to plan also ..

Riddhima- Ypp ..But now sleep ..

Then , Mohit enters the room with a knife ,   he is gonna kill Riddhima but , Vansh  holds his hand and Riddhima pushes him …

Flashback – They made a plan in which they pretend to sleep…

Present ..

Mohit aka Rudra fells down …They both catch him and ask the truth . He says,”Ishani’s revenge.” Riddhima says,”You ditched me , now you will go to jail..” They send him to jail .. Riddhima thanks Vansh ..Vansh says,”Are we friends ??” Riddhima nods yes . Vansh says,”Do you love me ??” Riddhima remains quiet but smiles … Vansh says, In  friendship , only love has place no Sorry , no Thank you.” Riddhima smiles ..

Precap : Riansh share a special moment ….

Guys , I wanna ask you that shall I finish the ff in 30-35 episodes or more with twists and turns…Do let me know ,

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