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Indiawaali Maa 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku meets Cheenu

Indiawaali Maa 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rohan crying on his room. Kaku asks him not to hurt himself. She says think of your parents, we have nothing except you, don’t take any wrong step. He sits drinking. She goes to Meenu and asks for Cheenu’s office address. Cheenu is at office. The staff see her and discuss about Cheenu, who got the job just because of Akshay’s favouritism. Cheenu asks Vasu not to show care and concern on Murthy’s saying. She says I got to go and do my work, you do your work. She ends call and goes to ask the progress. Cheenu says I have a 3d presentation ready, technical glitch, just some time. Client says we are getting late, we will keep the meeting later. Cheenu says be seated, I will show it on the laptop itself. Client says okay. Cheenu gives the presentation. The laptop gets off. Cheenu gets scolded for being late. She hears the staff getting rude towards her. Kaku reaches the office. She calls Hasmukh. He disconnects. She messages him to ask for his help. She sees the big office. She asks for Cheenu at the reception.

The girl calls Cheenu and says someone has come to see you, Kaku. Cheenu says I m busy. Kaku says I will wait for her. She sits. The girl says get up from there, you are sitting on the dustbin. Kaku asks what, it looks so good. She checks. The girl says Cheenu can’t meet you, you are wasting time, go. The man shouts and shows his twisted finger. Kaku stops and asks is your finger hurting you. He says sometimes, my finger hurts a lot. She talks to him. She says I had come to meet Cheenu. He says she joined today, I will take you there. She thanks him. He asks her to call him Balli. She says I don’t know you well, I can’t be your friend. He asks Kaku to come in.

He says this is Cheenu’s cabin. Kaku likes it. He says she went for meeting, she will come. She thanks him. He asks who is Hassu. She says Hasmukh is my husband, I m married, I m Mrs. Kaushalya Gadhvi. He goes. She gets seated. Kaku sits down to pick a statue. Cheenu says you aren’t upset with me, client left because of me. He says clients will come back, you will get a good assistant, you are no one else for me, you know that. Cheenu says whatever dad said, it was to save the situation. He asks why didn’t you update me. She says it doesn’t mean yes, I didn’t accept dad’s decision, I m confused, I really need time to understand, react and sort things out. He asks her to relax, take care of herself. He goes.

Cheenu sees Kaku. She asks why did you come, you were told at reception that I m busy, what shall we talk now, there is nothing left. Kaku says nothing is left, I got my answer, I understood, take care of yourself, I got snacks for you, you keep it in office, I will go. Cheenu says wait a min, if you think I will accept Rohan again, then you are wrong, you are wasting time, I may get away from you also. Kaku says your anger is justified, one day, Rohan’s love will get over your anger. Cheenu asks is there love, can he hurt me so much.

She says I have always supported him in his every problem, I never left his hand, I was expected his support, he blamed me that I have harmed my baby, I should have left him the day he discontinued his MBA course, his parents sent him to US, when he had left his parents’ lifetime efforts, what will he value me. Kaku asks what are you saying, he didn’t complete his MBA. She is shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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