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Gupta Brothers 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Veeru objects to Ganga’s karwachauth function

Gupta Brothers 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amba telling her husband that Ganga agreed to let the karwachauth puja happen in her house and says now see what I do with Ganga. Jaya comes there and asks what will you do? She says you are setting Ganga in the Gupta house so that everyone accepts her. She says I know that you will not do anything wrong. She tells that she has kept fast for Alok. Amba promises to make her break her fast and asks her to get ready fast. Mama ji comes to Gupta’s house. Ganga and other ladies are seated for the puja. Amba asks him to get the puja done. Mama ji tells that today he will not take dakshina/money as this is his nephew’s wife first fast. He tells the story of Karwa Mata. Veeru and Alok reach home. Veeru thinks why there is nobody in the lane. Alok says everyone must have gone to Amba kaki’s house for the puja and fast. Veeru says we don’t have any woman so no fast. Amba asks Mama ji why people are giving dakshina. Mama ji says they are giving with their wish. Veeru comes inside and asks what is everyone doing here? Ganga tells that she has called them for the puja. Veeru says she didn’t know, but you all knew that woman is not allowed here. Amba tells that Ganga called them here. Shukla thinks to execute Amba’s plan and tells that Veeru is not thinking about Ganga’s respect. Veeru asks them to go and do the puja somewhere. Alok says this is our home. Shukla says this is Ganga’s house too, you are insulting your bhabhi. Veeru says whose bhabhi. Shukla says Shiv bhaiyya married her.

Veeru pushes Shukla and he falls on the karwe (pots) plates of the puja. Ganga asks Veeru what is this misbehavior? Veeru asks who are you? He asks who asked her to keep this puja. Amba tells that this is karwachauth fast and this festival is important for women. Veeru says this house is not for women. Jaya says one woman is already here, Shiv Bhaiyya married her and she kept fast for him. Veeru says not marriage, but favor. He asks did Bhaiyya ask you to keep the fast? Ganga keeps her head down. Jaya argues with him and asks who are you to interfere. Veeru says I am his brother. Jaya says I will tell Shiv Bhaiyya. Veeru says Shiv Bhaiyya will support us. Shiv comes there and says this will not happen. He comes and stands beside Ganga. Shukla tells that Veeru insulted them and broke the pots.

Shiv says you don’t regard her as bhabhi, its ok. You don’t believe on this festival, this is also ok, but you are hurting their sentiments and devotions, and I will not support you. He says you can’t stop other’s sentiments. Alok tells that Ganga ji kept fast for you. Shiv recalls her saying and tells that it is her right on her thinking and decisions. He asks what did you do Veeru? He scolds Alok and and Veeru and asks them to apologize to everyone. They apologize. Shiv also apologizes to Amba and everyone. He asks them to continue their puja. Amba says we are elders and shall forgive. He says she has forgiven them and asks Veeru to make food arrangements for them. She asks them to go.

Jaya says how puja will happen now as all karwe has broken. He says now my fast..and says how I will get you all break your fast. The lady tells that it was Ganga’s mistake, she should have asked the brothers before inviting them and asks from where we will get the karwe. Shiv tells that he has some pots and asks them to think it as karwe. Amba asks Shiv to bring it and says Puja will happen in this Ganga house. Shiv says pots are in the storeroom and I will bring. Ganga goes to bring it.

Alok and Veeru think that a woman has divided the brothers. Ganga goes to the storeroom insearch of the pots. Shiv and Alok’s marks sheet fall down from above the almira. She reads it and gets shocked to find out that their mothers are different. She thinks Shiv’s mother is Gayatri and Alok’s mother is Lakshmi. Amba thinks to make Ganga do some mistake. Shiv says I will go and check. Amba says she will go. Alok and Veeru think to make Shiv realize his mistake. Ganga says Shiv and Alok are step brothers. Amba overhears her and questions her.

Precap: Alok tells Shiv that either Ganga or they will stay here. Shiv says I will leave this city and is leaving. Amba asks them to stop him and tells that this house is of Shiv and you three are his step brothers. Alok and Veeru are shocked. Ganga asks what did you do? Amba tells Ganga that you shouldn’t have told this truth to me and blames her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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