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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nanhe lal brings Gudiya’s lookalike home

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pappu coming to Radhe and touches his feet. He wishes him happy Dhanteras. Radhe wishes him too and hugs him. They stand outside the bathroom, waiting for Bantu to come out. Nanhe lal comes there. They tell that they are in queue. Sarla comes there and greets Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal greets her back. Sweety says even I wished you happy Dhanteras. Nanhe lal says yes, this is festival day, but we all shall strengthen our hearts. Radhe asks if everything is fine. Sarla asks him to tell. Nanhe lal tells that he will not let situation go out of control, just Gudiya. They ask what happened? Pappu asks where is Gudiya? Sweety says she went to see the competition. Radhe says why did you let her go alone. Sarla says I asked Sweety to go with her, but the latter refused. Radhe asks Nanhe lal to tell what happened? Nanhe lal says I couldn’t tell you and asks him to understand his tension. He says the storm is about to come at the door. Just them a real stormy wind comes and the door opens and shut. Chunni lal comes there. Radhe asks did you talk about him? Then they see a girl brought there by lady constable. Her hair move from her face and they see Gudiya’s lookalike. Bantu says Gudiya mausi. Sweety says she is looking different. Sarla says she will beat her with broom.

Radhe asks Nanhe lal why did he come with her as she changed get up. Pappu asks Constable to leave his sister. Gudiya’s lookalike tells that she is not his sister. Radhe asks if she is playing games. The girl misbehaves with Radhe and Sarla. Sweety says may be Gudiya has lost her memory. Nanhe lal says situation is filmy. Gudiya comes there, calling Amma and sees her lookalike. She gets excited and looks at her. Nanhe lal tells that Gudiya’s face resembles her, and that’s why she is outside. The girl tells that she didn’t steal anyone’s pocket till now. Nanhe lal asks Gudiya to make her understand. He tells Radhe and Sarla that he wants to talk to them. They all go to room with Pappu and Sweety. Chunni lal also comes there. Sarla says let him be here. Gudiya looks at the girl. Girl says she hates this face. Nanhe lal tells that the girl was caught while stealing someone’s pocket and people was looking at her as if she is Gudiya, so he asked Chunni lal to bring her here. He asks Radhe and Sarla, if the girl is Gudiya’s twin sister. Sarla says we wouldn’t have left our daughter if we have. Nanhe lal asks if they adopted Gudiya from someone. Sarla and Radhe tell no. Nanhe lal asks Sarla if she is her daughter from other relation. Sarla hides her face with shame, hearing his question. Radhe shows trust on Sarla. Nanhe lal says sometimes afsana can happen. He is about to send her to Ashram, but Gudiya suggests them to let her stay in their house. Sarla says never, she is so misbehaving girl. Pappu asks what will she do here? Radhe says no. The girl says she will teach them a lesson, will celebrate Diwali here and will burn crackers here. Radhe agrees to let the girl stay in the house. The girl plans to loot them.

Bantu tells Gudiya that this thing happens in films. Gudiya sees Guddu and goes to him. He asks if she is still upset with him for Chanda Mama’s incident. Guddu says no. He sees the girl and rubs his eyes. The girl smiles seeing Guddu. Gudiya tells that if I am Sita then she is Gita. Someone calls Gudiya and she runs making the girl falls down. Guddu laughs. The girl smiles at him. Guddu gets tensed.

Precap: Pappu tells Radhe that he got the money from Shilpa saree centre. Radhe gets happy. Gudiya’s lookalike steals the money, when someone comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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