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Excuse Me Madam 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam hears Sanam romancing with Kranti

Excuse Me Madam 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam and Addu come to the park. Sanam calls a seller and buys a gift for Kranti on Karwa Chauth. Sanam asks Addu what he will give to Addu? Addu says I will give her some chocolates. Madam comes into the park with Mishti. Bhaisa runs to her. Sanam and Addu smile seeing Madam. They act like doing yoga. Sanam says you look very nice madam. Madam asks him to come on time to the office. Addu says he has to get Karwa Chauth gift. Madam says I want to see how Karwa Chauth pooja is done, can I come to your house? Sanam is mesmerized and says yes. Addu says there is an issue, Kranti. Sanam tells Madam that I don’t have a good relation with Kranti so you shouldn’ come. She says I understand. Madam’s fuse goes off and she acts like Sanam was eve-teasing her. Some men come there and beat Sanam. Addu pinches Madam so she stops everyone. She asks why they were beating you? Addu says they were his wife’s goons. She says oh God.

Addu and Sanam come home. Kranti says we will have a big function for Karwa Chauth. Sanam says there is no need. Kranti says why? Don’t you love me anymore? You don’t even tell love to me. Sanam says we should have a surprise Karwa Chauth, I will prepare it for you. Kranti smiles.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to the office. He calls Kranti and asks what she is doing? I was missing, I love you Kranti. Madam comes there and hears him praising his wife. Sanam says I have spent 9 years with you and it doesn’t feel like that, I love you so much. Madam gets angry and leaves.

Madam comes to the cafe and sees Chatterjee lying there. She asks what happened? Chatterjee says I am keeping a fast for someone tomorrow. It’s Kranti (Addu actually). Madam says she is Sanam’s wife. Chatterjee says they don’t get along, they will separate soon. Madam says they are loving each other now so you are misunderstood.

Sanam comes to Madam. She says what if I fire you for lying? Sanam says what? Madam says you said that your wife is not good to you but I heard you talking and romancing with her on the phone. Sanam says no, Kranti was feeling bad for being abusive with me, she wants me to give her another chance. I have a golden heart so I gave her a chance. Madam says then you are celebrating Karwa Chauth with her? Sanam says yes. Madam says then I can come to your house right? He is tensed and says yes.

Sanam comes to Addu and says why Madam is doing all this? Why she has to see what Karwa Chauth is? Addu says if Madam comes here then you will lose your job. Sanam says Kranti will throw me out of the house. Addu says you can make Kranti ill. Sanam says no, her wellness is important to me. I can praise Taj Mehal’s beauty but I can’t uproot my house to go there.

PRECAP – Madam comes to Sanam’s house. She says where is your wife? Sanam says she is not feeling well as she is fasting. He sees Kranti and Amar coming there and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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