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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima shares his vision for law and restrictions

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bhima runs away. Bhimbai goes after him. Someone tries to go after him but Ram ji tells them to let Bhimbai handle him. Ram ji gives money to 2 guys to bring food. Phoolchand comes there limping. His friends rush to hold him. Phoolchand shares that people from the upper community beat me and threatened to beat anyone. Puranjan says it is time to get into action. Others agree with him. Kaka reasons that they are stronger in number and strength. We will get killed for sure. He asks few guys to look after Phoolchand. Let’s clean the wells. We should atleast do what we can. We cannot go outside daily to look for water. Meera asks Ram ji to check on Bhima.

Bhimbai is comforting Bhima. Don’t cry. Bhima is sad thinking about all that has happened since Sarvagya Maharaj has come to Satara. Bhimbai says your Baba calls you a warrior. We know it too. You fight and struggle but you are crying today? Bhima says I was watching that kid drink dirty water helplessly. I dint even do anything when Bala Bhaiya was treated badly. Even Baba was! He stops mid sentence but Bhimbai asks him what he was saying. Ram ji says nothing. Ram ji wipes Bhima’s tears. They dint do anything to me. They only tried to stamp on my body. Who can hurt the integrity of the guys whose family is like ours? I know what that kid did was wrong and you feel responsible but you aren’t alone in this. Bhima says it happened in front of my eyes so I am responsible. You also say that taking accountability is the first step towards betterment. Ram ji says you are young right now. If you will take responsibility of everything from now then you will grow up with the wrong thoughts. It wont be right. It is natural to feel emotional by seeing your loved ones in pain but a warrior fights back. That is the appropriate reaction. A warrior never steps out of his battlefield and cries in a corner. He makes his tears and emotions his shield and weapon. Your attitude can give encouragement to others. Your tears can sway others from their path. Wipe your tears or others will consider you weak. It is time to finish the battle that you have started. Bhima wipes his tears and holds his parents hand.

Kaka and 3 men put medicine in the well. They try to hold their breaths to avoid the stench. We did it once day before yesterday. The water will be fine once we will put the third batch day after tomorrow. Dhansukhlal tells them it will never happen. We will throw another dead animal in the well soon! Kaka and others aren’t bothered.

Sarvagya Maharaj says we must do anything to follow our dharma. Dhansukhlal tells him that the people from the lower community were doing at the well. They are so stubborn! Sarvagya Maharaj says we must create fear in their hearts to make sure they leave Satara. It must make their life hell. Dhansukhlal asks him what they should do. Sarvagya Maharaj smiles.

Everyone is eating food. Bhima asks Baba about Guru ji. He is nowhere to be seen. Ram ji says he will come. He must be fighting this battle his way. Dhansukhlal and other guys come there with an intention of making a fence around them. Bhima says we will get locked right here. Dhansukhlal calls him smart. That’s why we are here. Ram ji calls it wrong but Dhansukhlal reminds them that this is their land. Our ancestors gave you this place in alms. You all should be buried right here. that’s when our debts will be paid off. Kaka says our ancestors also worked hard to help your ancestors. Don’t know what stories were you told. Your ancestors made us cut the jungle and told us to take a part of this land to live and survive. Pundit ji asks him why they dint oppose earlier. Bhima says we are doing it today. How does it make a difference though? We have laws today. Keeping quiet doesn’t mean that what you are doing is just. Pundit ji tells him to be quiet. Our Maharaj is always just. He believes that the better we stay away from you, the better off we are. The wall will be built. Bhima tells them to wait till he meets Maharaj. Everyone follows him.

One lady is cleaning Sarvagya Maharaj’s feet. The men standing guard outside make Bhima wait. Sarvagya Maharaj tells them to let him come. They don’t let anyone else pass through. Bhima asks Maharaj about his new plan. Sarvagya Maharaj says if it is the wish of the owner of the land then you cannot complain. Bhima says I am raising my voice against it as it is unjust. Sarvagya Maharaj says I heard the villagers say that you give many logics in the name of law. We will talk about law now. Who does that piece of land belong to? Bhima says land may belong to anyone but people live there which means that they should get justice. Sarvagya Maharaj repeats that it is the choice of the land owner. No law is there which can bind us. Bhima says such law should be there then. Sarvagya Maharaj laughs at him. Make new law. We will accommodate once new law is made. Accept things as they are for now. Bhima says that’s what I am doing. The laws, the restrictions which you don’t feel today will be there tomorrow. There will be punishment for those who wont follow those laws!


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