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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman is embarrassed

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram and Shravan talking. Shravan says we had no medium to pass time at army camp, I started watching the stars and reading about planets. Sophie says I m very impressed seeing your new side, what other talents did you hide. Shravan says you will know it soon, which planet which you see. Sophie says I will see Venus first. Everyone sees the planets through the telescope.

Sophie cries and says its so beautiful, I didn’t see anything so beautiful before, thanks so much Shravan. She hugs him. Suman looks on. Vikram says its amazing, Suman you tell me which is your fav. planet. Suman says Mars is a fighter planet. Vikram says I also like it. Shravan says interesting, it has many other qualities, passion, anger, and separation. He sets the telescope. Suman and Vikram see the planets.

Vikram asks which is your fav planet. Shravan says Pluto, its very far from everyone, its in solar system, but we can’t see it Vikram. Suman says its not a planet now. Shravan says so its my fav, it used to be a cute small planet, people said it doesn’t deserve to be a planet, they have thrown it out, pluto doesn’t know it, it would still think its a planet, people throw things out of life just like that. He sees Suman and says pluto is my fav planet, I feel bad for pluto, Mars is a warrior, it never loses, but Pluto lost it all without doing anything.

Shravan says we will wrap it now. Sophie says we should keep meeting. Vikram says yes. Sophie says I will see you. She goes. Shravan says Vikram, you would be tired. Vikram signs towards Suman. Shravan says I don’t understand. Vikram says I have to talk to Suman, she said there is a surprise for you, I hope you don’t mind. Shravan says I will go, good night. He leaves.

Vikram says the party was good, thanks Suman, you insisted, so I had come, you were saying there is a surprise gift for me. Suman says thanks for coming, my misunderstanding got cleared, you really care for me, you left work and came on my call. He asks was it my test. She says no, but you passed. He says okay, so I passed. He laughs.

He says I mean Suman your doubts got cleared, can we take the next step in this relationship, I didn’t wish to hurry, I wanted you to get time. She says yes, you always gave me time. He says we should think of this relation’s future now. She says yes, I also want to take it ahead. He holds her to kiss. She gets back. He says I m sorry Suman, trust me, whatever you say, I m happy, it means a lot to me, thanks, this night is the best night of my life. He hugs her and says take care, good night, see you tomorrow. He goes.

Shravan is inside the house. Suman comes and looks at him. Shravan sees her and goes to his room. Its morning, Dumroo and Jhumri meet and have a talk. He asks why are you upset. She says explain Suman, why is she always angry. He says who will explain Shravan. She says I think Shravan loves Suman. They argue. She gets angry and goes. He asks her to listen.

Veer asks why didn’t Shravan come till now. Suman recalls Shravan and thinks did he see Vikram and me yesterday. She says Veer, I will go and see him. She goes to his room. She sees the mess. Shravan says Sophie came to my room, she found the room dull and kept this painting to add brightness. She asks what’s this dirtiness. He says fine, I will return the room as you have given me, you will think no one stayed here. She says Veer is waiting for you. He says I will come. She asks what were you seeing last night. He asks what. She says don’t act, what did you hear when Vikram and I were talking privately. He says I thought you will try to avoid the topic, if you have asked, to be true, boring, it was no fun. She asks what. He says I was seeing, anyways, if we had taken our relation ahead, how would it be, I saw the demo yesterday, I thought its good our relation ended, it was so boring, thank God it was Vikram, not me. He laughs. She asks did you lose your mind, what are you saying. He says I have seen him, he made a failed attempt to kiss you, you moved back. He laughs. She gets shocked. She says you are getting much laugh. She goes. She gets upset and leaves in her car. Shravan gets sad.

Sophie invites Suman in Sangeet. Suman says I won’t come. Sophie says Vikram also refused, you guys are boring. Suman says don’t call me boring again. Suman and Vikram come for Sangeet. Suman holds his hand. Shravan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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