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Bigg Boss 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on


Naina says you want eggs, parathas and everything but you can’t work. You both don’t work. Rahul says I am doing my work. Naina says you both have your issues and think it’s so easy to make food. Rahul says you are wrong, we didn’t say it’s easier to make food. Naina says I made breakfast too but nobody came to help me. It’s not easy to work alone. Jaan says she is not wrong. Shardul says I cleaned the hall. Rahul says you should have helped her. Shardul says you could have helped her too, I was getting ready. Pavitra says you could have waited for Shardul to get ready.
Jasmin tells Aly that Naina got angry. Aly says she must have the stress of the nominations. Jasmin says she can nicely ask for help, everyone helps here.

3:30 PM
Naina tells Pavitra that I don’t tell anything to anyone. Rubina was fasting yesterday so Shardul could have helped me. I even wash the dishes. Shardul says dishes are still there, you are not helping us in washing the dishes. Naina says I am cooking too. Pavitra asks them to work together and help each other. Shardul says she wants help in cooking but she doesn’t help in washing the dishes, she didn’t even wash her dishes. Naina shouts that your dishes are still there, you didn’t wash your teacups. Shardul says I didn’t ask you to make tea for me. Naina asks him to shut up, get lost. Shardul says I will make my own food and eat it. Pavitra tells Shardul that you will have to do it. Shardul says I will clean her dishes and I love you, bye. Pavitra smiles.

5:45 PM
Jasmin reads the instructions about rewarding the inmates. She reads that there will be a task that will decide who will get a luxury budget. There will be two teams and have to follow some rules. There will be angels who always have to do good. Other inmates will be devils and will try to get reactions from angels. Team devil Aly, Nikki, Eijaz. Team Angels will have Abhi, Pavitra, Jaan, Rubina. Team devils will have rules like destroying patience, talk in loud language. Team angels will have rules like not cursing, not getting angry, always keeping patience, eating simple meals. Jasmin reads that both teams will follow the rules and try to make the other teams break their rules. Jasmin will be the referee of the task. She will keep a track of rules breaking. When you are trying to make the other team break the rule, Jasmin has to be there. At the end of the task, Jasmin will decide who broke more rules and who won the task. Aly will be part of the devil team and talk to his team on call. Red-zone inmates will not be part of this task.

6 PM
Eijaz talks Aly on call. Aly tells Nikki that doesn’t do anything without asking us. You keep going to Pavitra and make her angry. He asks her to find Rubina’s doll and destroy it. He asks Eijaz to use chutney and throw it at them. He asks Nikki to take Rubina’s teddy and say I will tear it. We don’t have to break our rules. Don’t talk with respect, curse them.

Abhi tells Jaan and Rubina that the devil team will try for us to break the rules. We have to follow three things, don’t say no. Always smile and be patient. Pavitra nods. Rubina says there has to be no distraction. Abhi asks Rubina to not cut him off. Abhi tells Pavitra that if they ask us to eat spices then we have to do it.

Aly asks Nikki to give tasks to Jaan which he doesn’t like. Nikki says yes. Aly says do everything in front of me so I can call Jasmin. Nikki says I will bring them here only for everything. Eijaz says yes. Aly says I will call referee Jasmin also.

The buzzer plays so Aly asks Nikki to bring Jaan here. Nikki shouts at the angels. She asks them to come inside. Rubina smiles and says yes. Eijaz shouts at Jaan. Nikki asks them to come inside the bedroom. Eijaz asks Abhi to hear his order.

6:30 PM
Eijaz calls Jaan in the bedroom. Pavitra says he can shout now. Eijaz asks Jaan to take off his shirt, he says no. Jasmin says rule broke, Eijaz asks him to take off his pants. He says no. Eijaz asks him to trim his beard. He does it. Eijaz asks him to take off his shirt again, he says no. Jasmin counts the rules broken.
Abhi tells Jasmin that if Jaan can’t take off his shirt then he doesn’t know how to. Jasmin says he said no so that’s a rule broken.
Nikki shouts at Rubina and makes her take some forks. She brings her to the bedroom. Rubina acts like a confused angel and mistakenly drops the forks but picks it and comes to the bedroom. Nikki throws her teddy and asks her to tear her teddy with a fork. Rubina says okay. Nikki says if you can’t tear it then rule will be broken. Rubina says I am trying. Nikki says to hell with your trying, tear it. Nikki says she is not tearing it, she is just acting. Aly tells Jasmin that she can’t act or pretend, he has to try fully. Jasmin says if she has to tear it then give her a scissor. Eijaz says she is breaking a rule. Jasmin says I know what I am doing. Aly says she can’t act. Jasmin says it said to not role-play. Rubina acts like tearing her teddy with a fork. Nikki asks Abhi to leave from the bedroom. Abhi says I am going. He leaves. Eijaz says he took time in leaving. Jasmin says he is leaving. Nikki asks Abhi to leave the bedroom. Abhi says where should I go? Aly says he is breaking a rule. Nikki asks him to go to a gutter. Abhi says where? Jasmin says he is not saying no. Nikki shouts at Rubina that you have to tear it. She gives her chutney and asks her to throw on her head. Rubina says I can’t open it. Nikki says I will open it for you. She opens it and asks her to throw on her head. Rubina says what? Nikki says it should fall on your body. Rubina throws on her hand. Nikki says I asked you to throw it on your head, you are breaking a rule. Aly tells Jasmin that she said no three times, she is breaking a rule. Nikki shouts at Rubina to throw the chutney at her head, she is not listening to me. Rubina says you asked me to throw on my body. I did that. Aly says this is *****, now I know why people go crazy here. Nikki says Rubina is breaking my rules. She throws chutney on her teddy and kicks it. Rubina jerks her hand and the chutney falls on Nikki. Abhi laughs seeing it. Jaan says I am loving Rubina right now. Rubina says what should I do now? Nikki asks Rubina to run from the bedroom. Aly says she is not leaving Jasmin, you are being biased. Jasmin says she didn’t say no to anything you guys said. Aly says you are being biased, I can see that. Rubina leaves from there. Aly tells Nikki that Jasmin is being biased with Rubina, she is my best friend but I know she is favoring Rubina. Now we don’t have to be nice, become cheaper. Jasmin doesn’t answer them.

6:45 PM
Nikki tells Aly that we will ask Jaan to put his hand in the tiolet. He will not do it.
Abhi tells Jaan that they will stoop more low now.

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