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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ramo doesn’t get bailed

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nandani says I don’t want to get married. We use a phone, car everything of our choice. But marriage would be our choice. Rajeshwari oh really? The girl who has no sense of what to wear will decide her marriage? I told you never to wear nightwear outside the bedroom. Have you ever seen me not dressed outside my room? Nandani says I will take care of that. My marriage is my decision. Rajeshwari says you’re my blood, my child. I know what is best for you. Nandani says not this one mom, please. Rajeshwari says I said it. Your rebel attitude should remain limited to your social media. Go get ready. Nandani says this is not done. She leaves. Veer says I will speak to her.

Arun thinks about what Rajeshwari said to Nandani. He cuts his hand. Rani says what did you do. Let me apply turmeric on it. He says can you make tea for Rani sa? She says how.. I don’t know how to cook. Arun says why are you shouting? She says my babu ji never let me cook. Arun says I will lose my job. Please do it, sister. Make pancakes in the over. You out this mixture in the over. Rani tries to open the over.

Scene 2
Veer says it’s just a meeting. You can say no later. Nandani says it’s mom. She doesn’t listen to anyone. I know you love and respect mom. She doesn’t care about you. Veer says that doesn’t matter. She says you don’t exist for him. If you don’t want to get it, it’s okay. He says there are different ways to treat different people. Ma gave me this life. Made me a doctor. I can never go against her. Kiaran comes and says hi baby.. She says I got this brownie for you. Let me warm it for you myself.

Rani waits for oven to shut down. Kiara says move.. She opens the oven and the chocolate blasts on Kiara’s face. Vikram laughs. Nandani says are you okay? Kiara says you third class village girl. You did this. Rani says why would I? You idiot girl. Arun comes. Rani says I told you I am not with the kitchen. Veer comes as well. Veer says it was a short circuit. It wasn’t Rani’s mistake. Clean your face. Veer says you Rani go rest. Rani says can I go out? He says do what you want. rani says thanks. Vikram says you let her go because it’s Ramo’s hearing right?

Scene 3
Rani comes out. She sees Vikram. Rani stops his car. Rain says court is far. I am running out of time. Can you drop us? Shanti says are you crazy? You can leave sir. Vikram says I will drop you don’t worry. Rani sits in the car. Vikram says are you sitting in the car for the first time? She says yes.

A ball hits Kiara. Kiara says whose ball is it? Pinku says sorry aunty. She says how dare you call me aunty. You blo*dy villagers. She takes his ball. Kiara says your sister ruined my dress. Ill-mannered siblings. Clean this floor if you want your ball back. Pinku picks broom. Veer says stop it. He takes the ball and returns it to Pinku and asks him to leave. Kiara says why is it hurting you? He says that kid isn’t our servant. It wasn’t his job. Kiara cries and says Rani sa..

Scene 4
Ajay says I will collect proof of Ram’s innocence. Rani comes and hugs Ramo. Ajay says he’s on 2 weeks remand. she says 2 more weeks? He says this is city court not your village. It takes time.

Veer says relax listen please. She says you don’t love me. Rajeshwari says what happened? Kiara says Veer insulted me. He is fighting with me because of these servants. Rajeshwari says I will handle it. You go rest. Kiara leaves. Rajeshwari says are you out of your mind? Your mind is always lost in these low-class people. Not a single word. I did so many favors on you and you’re doing this.

Rani says let me talk to my dad for two minutes. ramo holds her hands. Rani says if I reached on time this won’t have happened. He says time moves ahead, you also have to move ahead and bring your time. Keep moving ahead. Your time will come.

Precap-Veer says I feel so alone. rain cries. Veer says what happened? Rani says babu ji is in jail. Veer says court things take time. Rani says why do poor people have to wait? He says your dad is your identity no one can take him from you. She says you’re right. I will not give up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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