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Anupama 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Outrageous Outburst

Anupama 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anupama, after instructing Jhilmil her remaining chores, rushes to Samar’s room to start dancing class. Samar walks in and gives her ghungroo he got it from Anu’s mother’s house. Anu thanks him and remembers her father gifting it in childhood seeing her enthusiasm. Samar suggests her to dance for herself first today. Vanraj searches his socks in cupboard and crimples all clothes. Kavya video calls him and asks to hurry up as they are running late for important presentation. Vanraj says don’t know what happened to his wife, don’t know where she has kept his socks. He picks socks ands says he found them and told he doesn’t need Anu. Kavya says he picked 2 different socks. Vanraj angrily walks out. Kavya comments men are always men.

Anu performs bharata natya while Samar encourages her and records her dance. Vanraj walks in angrily, switches off music, and asks Samar to go out. Samar doesn’t obey him, but goes out on Anu’s order. Vanraj yells if he didn’t hear his order. Samar walks away saying he was ignoring him. Vanraj yells at Anu that this is his house and not a dancing school, where did she keep his socks. Anu turns his socks and returns him and confronts that dancing may be bad for him, but for her its dedication. He says in his country dancers and singers.. Anu says they are prayed, when Shivji dances he becomes Natraj and when Krishna ji dances scriptures are written; talent is respected in the whole world, but in their country prayed. He yells she should confine to herself and not start teaching, did she forget what happened last time. She says last time he became a hurdle, his meeting and client was important for him, but for her he was important, else she would have still worked in school even now; now she herself is important to her and reminds his words that when someone works, one shouldn’t disturb them. Vanraj yells that her work is to cook, clean, wash for him and when he exercises to hold his legs and bring protein shake for her; she should remember that her place is in his feet. She says a woman’s place is in the heart and not feet, all his work will be done by Jhilmil and she will not tolerate his nonsense. Vanraj whisking her says she will do his work. She says her decision will be hers and not anyone else. He angrily throws ghunroos on mirror and breaks them, says she will dance only on his tunes and walks away. Anu sadly picks broken ghungroos.

Vanraj heads towards his car when Baa asks why is he going so early. He says he has important work. Bupuji asks him to fix doctor’s appointment for him. Vanraj agrees and leaves. Baa says she is sure Anu must have done something. Mamaji comments she acts like she was a spy in last life. Bapuji says even in this life. Baa says Anu has changed after getting well, she will question Anu as a mother-in-law. Bapuji warns her not to question or trouble Anu.

Anu gets sad seeing her broken ghungroos. Samar encourages saying talent is in her and not ghungroos, she can show her talent even without ghungroos. He starts online class and encourages her to introduce herself to children and start dance. She dances nervously and thanks children for watching her dance. He says his mummy is a rock star and will become superstar soon. Anu says she can dance in front of him and Devika, but she cannot in front of children; she couldn’t even demonstrate. He says she gave 25 years for this house, she should at least give 25 hours for her talent and shouldn’t let it go waste.

Precap: Vanraj fumes seeing Anu dancing again. Anu says these are ghungroos and not trust to be broken repeatedly, he cannot break her confidence. Kavya tells Vanraj that Anu is doing all this as he is allowing her, he should inform about them to his parents before Anu does. Vanraj says she is right, he will speak to his parents.

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