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Young Love!!!!!!(Is This Care or Sympathy???!)

Shivaay immediately runs to her and pats her cheek.

S: Ani, get up(he pats her cheek again)

He takes her up and make her lie on the bed. He immediately called uncle to check her. Thank God! He is a doctor, otherwise, he would have panicked.

Uncle checks her and find out that she fainted because her glucose level went down. He immediately tells Aunty to bring some sugar from the kitchen. Aunty brings the sugar and gives it to him. He immediately feeds it to her.

She opens her eyes slowly. She could see them staring at her.

A: Shiv…..

S: Are you fine?

A: I am ok, Shiv.(She tries to get up)

S: Don’t! Sit there. Why can’t you eat your food properly?

A: I just didn’t feel like having…

S: So, I was tensed like hell. Why don’t you take care of yourself?

Anika could see Aunty and Uncle giggling. She wanted to laugh but she controlled herself. He keeps on taunting her and she want to literally eat him. Instead of giving her food, he is taunting her for not eating. This man is mad.

Aunty and Uncle escaped somehow from there. Now it’s them alone.

He feeds her food and even she feeds him. After eating their food, she looks at him.

A: I don’t know why I didn’t feel like eating. I am not feeling to eat even now, but your face made me eat it.

S: Are you on your dates?

She nods.

S: That’s it. Now I know why you were acting weird yesterday when I made fun of you for playing with your video camera.

A: I wasn’t playing. I was making a video.

She pouts.

S: See, you are already weak nowadays and on the top of it, if you don’t eat properly. You should take care of your health. I won’t be there to take care of you always.

A: You will always be there for me. I know.

S: You can’t say what fate has stored for us.

A: But fate won’t separate us.

S: But…

A: Are you going to leave me alone?

He looks at her.

A: Shiv, I am asking you. Did you start losing the love you had for me?

Shivaay hugs her tightly.

A: Is this a hug of sympathy?

Tears started filling in his eyes. He is highly emotional person unlike usual the ones you see in movies.

He tried to hold back his tears.

A: You can cry, Shivaay. But tell me are you with me out because I ran from my house for you? Am I burden?

S: Don’t talk like that. I can’t bear it. I know it is your insecurities who is speaking now. You are not a burden to me. You will never be. I love you. I hugged you because it hurts me when you ask me like this questions. I can never think about you like that. I can never.

Anika hugs him tightly. They cried. They were each other’s support. They weren’t doubting each other, but it was that their insecurities spoke.

But they never kept their insecurities inside themselves. They always vent it out.

You don’t find this in mature relationships. But will they change?

Anyway, ending this chappy with a short update.

I really want to update a long one. But I think so this chappy can be written like this only.

I hope you can understand!

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