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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik-Naira suspect Samarth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh yelling at Kartik. He says you made a mistake Kartik. Manish picks the papers. He says don’t worry, take the bonds, consulting is waiting downstairs. Akhilesh goes. Manish says my brother is going away, you should try to bring him closer to me. Suwarna says nothing is going fine here, I feel Akhilesh has lost all his senses. They all go. Naira says who can get the papers here. Kartik says how can this happen, maybe Samarth. Naira says he is the only one, who isn’t from family. Naksh talks to doctor. Kirti hears him and asks what are you doing. She asks are you spying on Kartik. He says no, I can’t help it if you think so. She argues with him. Dadi sits praying. Samarth comes to him. He asks are you angry on me, I should be upset with you, you hardly

step out of the room. She recalls someone’s words. She says its not your fault, its all my…. we haven’t met for years, I never invited you home, so maybe this hesitation. He says I was waiting for this day to meet you, thanks to Akhilesh for bringing me home. Kartik and Naira look on. She says there is no time to think, we have to do something. Kartik nods.

Devyaani comes to Naitik. He asks what’s wrong. She says Bhabhimaa’s BP is so high. Naitik asks what happened. She says she is worried for Naira’s inlaws. Naitik says its big tension about partition of house, Kartik and Naira are new age Ram and Sita, they will stay with family, they will not go to Vanvaas. She says they are Akshara and Naitik, they will do everything their way. Kartik comes to Manish and says I didn’t steal the bonds. Manish asks him to end the matter. Kartik asks what are you and Dadi hiding, what’s the matter, you and Dadi aren’t telling anyone, it has got something to do with Samarth, right? Manish gets shocked.

Naksh says I didn’t spy on him, I got to know that Kartik didn’t visit hospital to get Naira’s medicines, Naira will miss the dose. Kirti says yes right, nurse has given the medicines to Kartik, Naira has told me, you can find out by calling her or spying, I don’t understand why are you spying on Kartik, you forgot your responsibility, its my check up today. He says I remember, doctor changed the timing, I cancelled the meeting and came to take you, I don’t forget my responsibilities towards my sister and my wife, you always misunderstand me, I will better send you with Dadi, if you go with me, your mood will be off. Samarth says you keep the money, what I want isn’t money. Naira hears him. She gets inside the car. She gets some file. He hears sound and turns to see. She lies under his car. He drives off. She gets out. Servant says I had the keys of Akhilesh’s new car. Naira asks him to show. Devyaani says Naksh asked me to take you to doctor, did anything happen. Kirti says no, he must be tense about his meeting.

Devyaani says maybe but why are you tensed. Kirti cries and tells her. Naksh looks on and shouts this isn’t fair Kirti, you are doing wrong, you are trying to prove me wrong, I didn’t have any wrong intention. She asks him to think by others’ perception too. Devyaani calls her out and asks what are you thinking, come. Kirti thinks Naksh is getting away from me when I need him the most. Naira asks did you find anything. Kartik says no, dad and Dadi are hiding something. She asks did you find about Samarth. Samarth spends money and plays a game to win the red toy car. He wins the toy car and smiles. Kartik says I just got to know that he went to live with his Nani after his parents’ death, that’s not it, there is some secret. She says Samarth was asking someone to keep 5 crores, he doesn’t want money, its the value of bonds. She says I got this. She shows the keychain.

Kartik recalls Akhilesh. He says we have to find out about Samarth and his agenda, we will have to keep an eye on him. Samarth plays with the toy car. He sits drinking. He says Tai ji didn’t you teach me that its imp to fight for rights, I will fight and I will claim my rights. He cries and says I will settle the score. He screams. Its night, Naira and Kartik are sleeping. She wakes up. He hugs her. She says I was about to go to my Sargi. He asks her to have her medicine. She says I will beat you. She smiles seeing him. She says its Karwachauth today and he is looking so cute during sleep. She eats the food. She asks Lord to keep Kartik busy. Kartik comes. She stops eating. He looks at her. She thinks I m observing fast for him, I m angry on him. He sees the time. He asks what’s going on. Naira asks are you not ready to go for movie, I m ready. He thinks I will call doctor in the morning, he asked me not to worry, this can happen. She thinks sorry Kartik, I m lying while keeping the fast.

Kartik says Akhilesh is trying to hack password. He tells the password. He asks Samarth what is he doing with Akhilesh’s laptop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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