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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi rati scolds indra dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with gunesh saying the way a curse cannot be taken back, the same way mahadev’s fire of anger cannot be taken back nor it can be calmed down, but yes it can be limited to a place and brahma dev gave this solution.
There lord Vishnu says brahma dev give a solution to calm down the fire of mahadev’s anger. Brahma dev says I can target the fire of mahadev’s anger to a place and limit it. brahma dev calls samudra dev. Samudra dev appears and does pranam to everyone. Brahma dev says samudra dev, only you can limit this fire of anger in your waters and save the world from destruction. Samudra dev sees the fire and he says brahma dev as it is your order, I can limit the fire of mahadev’s anger in my waters but my waters wont calm down that anger, this fire will stay

in the waters but it still will be that destructive and dangerous that it is now.
Samudra dev goes and he summons the fire from mahadev’s third eye. The fire falls in water and samudra dev goes inside.
Devi sarla says so now everything was fine, the fire was under control and mahadev and mata parvati had seen each other. Gunesh says no, nothing was fine.
There parvati looks at mahadev and says yogi baba has awoken finally, I want to talk to him. mahadev goes and parvati says prabhu, prabhu! She then says swami. Mahadev goes. Parvati has tears as her eyes become red. Mahadev comes out of the cave as everyone see worried. Mahadev’s various forms are seen, he walks to Kailash ignoring everyone. Vayudev says why did mahadev go? brahma dev says even though his fire of anger has been limited, mahadev’s anger has not calmed down. Devi rati appears and does pranam to brahma dev and says pranam father to lord Vishnu. She says I was worried for swami, where is he? Everyone is quiet. Devi rati says why is everyone quiet? Where is swami? Devi rati sees the charred and ash body of kaam dev, she is shocked. lord Vishnu says wait daughter. Rati goes as she shivers looking at kaam dev. She says swami! As she touches the body, it falls down in ashes and rati screams swami! She cries. Everyone is shocked.
Devi rati is broken and she sits down crying. Saraswati and laxmi see this. Laxmi says daughter no. rati says swami I told you I feel something bad will happen but you didn’t listen to me, now what do I do swami? Everyone feel sad.
Rati sits down and cries. She says we were happy and in love, then came devraj indra. Rati gets up in anger and looks at indra dev and says you are the reason for my husband’s death, you forced him to come here and attack the arrow on mahadev. Indra dev, my swami said so many times that it is no use and it is not right to use his arrow on mahadev but you forced and blackmailed him by telling him about friendship and this world’s safety. You forced him to come here, but you even promised me that nothing would happen to kaam dev, then what about your promise? What about that? how could he die like this? Why didn’t you save him devraj? Laxmi and saraswati appear. Rati says what about your promise devraj? Laxmi says tell her devraj, tell the answer to my daughter’s question. Rati says devraj and you all gods, you are all safe but my husband he died. Rati says father, please give life to my husband. Lord Vishnu says no rati, I cannot do anything and go against the wishes of mahadev as his anger fire has killed kaam dev. Lord Vishnu says what have you done devraj indra? Didn’t you understand once? Couldn’t you ask me or brahma dev? Brahma dev says from the look of all gods, everyone knew about this plan, this is shameful. Indra dev says devi rati, everything happened so quickly and I did not know mahadev’s anger fire would be awakened. Rati says don’t tell me that devraj, you are king of gods and I told you that nothing can affect mahadev as he is mahayogi but you did not listen, then it is no use of you being the king of gods.
Rati sits and cries. Laxmi thinks swami, our daughter is in pain do something. Lord Vishnu thinks devi I cannot do anything in this, believe me.
Gunesh says brahma dev and lord Vishnu knew that if someone could do anything, then it was mata parvati. Mahadev had gone but mata was inside the cave thinking about her previous life.
There lord Vishnu thinks, it is time devi parvati remember yourself because you have to do everything ahead. In the cave, parvati closes her eyes and sees everything of previous life and she sees how her form devi sati died and mahadev did tandav.
Parvati thinks, I am from which the world is and tridevi are, I am parvati and I give birth to everyone as I am the one! Parvati gets up.
There atyasura is fine once again as the doctors make him good. Atyasura goes to tarkasura all powerful and says now I will take revenge. Tarkasura says no, you will not go alone atyasura because you failed last time and that devi is powerful for you alone. Tarkasura opens a box and calls the dark demoness karika. Karika appears.

Precap: atyasura and karika go to kill devi parvati. Rati pleads to parvati to give life back to kaam dev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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