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Muskaan 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets kidnapped

Muskaan 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Muskaan about the jewelry. Ronak worries. Muskaan says Ronak has taken all the jewelry like he is protecting it. Gayatri scolds Ronak and says bahus should wear ancestral bangles. Ronak says what will she manage the bangles if she can’t manage herself. Gayatri says Muskaan is sensible, she can handle it, you have to give her the bangles. Sir ji looks on. Bua comes and says Muskaan has become everyone’s fav. Sir ji says I m not able to do anything, knowing she is a dancer, I mean she is making everyone dance, I can be left alone. Bua says no, this can’t happen, I m with you. He asks her to do his work.

Ronak gets angry on Muskaan. He gets the jewelry box. He jokes and asks her to wear jewelry. She says I m Bahurani, I m not interested, I will give everything

away when this deal gets over, you can trust me. She falls back. They argue. She teases him and blackmails him about Gayatri. Ronak makes Muskaan wear the locket. They have a moment. Mana ke hum…plays….

Its morning, Sir ji says I m always with you, but you go other ways. Gayatri asks him to take her for shopping. He agrees. She says I thought to buy some sarees for Muskaan. He says I don’t like her, I just wanted a good family girl, I can’t get anything for her, Ronak may take her. He shouts to Ronak. Ronak asks the matter. Gayatri says I wanted to do some shopping for Muskaan. Ronak says command me, I will take you, Sir ji has no time, he goes to many places. She gets happy. Ronak asks Sir ji to get habitual of this now. Sir ji signs Bua and goes. Muskaan asks Gayatri to get anything she likes. Ronak asks Gayatri to come fast. Dolly teases him.

Ronak and Gayatri leave. Bua asks Dolly to take her to temple. Dolly says I have exams, I can’t come. Bua asks Muskaan to come. She says I didn’t accept Muskaan till now, lets see if her elders teach her respecting elders. Dolly asks Muskaan to go. Muskaan asks Dolly to put her phone on charge. Bua and Muskaan come to temple. They pray. Bua lies and sends Muskaan outside the temple. Goons kidnap her. Bua smiles. She comes home and asks for water. Dolly gets water. She asks where is Muskaan. Bua says she has left before me, didn’t she come, where is she. Ronak and Gayatri come home from shopping. Gayatri asks Muskaan to come fast and see the sarees. Ronak asks where is Muskaan. Dolly says Muskaan isn’t at home, she went to temple with Bua, but she haven’t come back. Gayatri asks where is she. Bua lies to them. Ronak says I will call her. Dolly says her phone is here. Ronak sees Sir ji. Bua signs Sir ji. Ronak looks on. He says I will find Muskaan. He gets angry when Sir ji smiles.

Hanumanth stops the goons. He asks Muskaan not to worry. He gets his friends for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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