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Karn Sangini 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Is Arjun’s Charioteer

Karn Sangini 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Duryodhan orders Karn to inform everyone that respecting his wife Bhanumati’s wish, he is freeing Uruvi from her crime. Karn leaves. After relaying Duryodhan’s message, Karn returns to horse stable and sits with his foster father Adhirath. Adhirath angrily gets up saying king Angraj cannot cannot sit with a charioteer. Karn says he is his son and nobody can deny it. Adhirtah says he has seen king’s arrogance in him. Karn says he is not and is just a charioteer’s son, how to prove that. Adhirath says he has to become devi Kunti’s charioteer in his place for 1 week. Karn agrees, consoles his father and feeds him food. Uruvi watching everything from balcony walks closer and watches them. Karn notices her, and she leaves. Karn thinks why she came here. Uruvi returns

to her room and looks at moon from balcony reminisces Karn promising her to get her pink diamond before full moon night and thinks if he forgot his promise. Karn also looks at moon and thinks if Uruvi came to remind him.

Duryodhan from his room’s balcony sees Karn tensed and thinks of solving his problem. He plays gambling with Bhanumati to win her pink diamond. Karn enters and asks Duryodhan if he called him. Duryodhan says he is losing game and may not gift him Bhanumati’s pink diamond. Karn throws dice and wins. Duryodhan asks diamond from Bhanumati. Bhanumati says respecting husband’s promise is wife’s duty and gives him diamond who in turn gifts it to Karn. Karn takes it and leaves.

Next morning, Uruvi meets Kunti before leaving for Pukeya. Arjun says he will drop Uruv to Pukeya. Uruvi walks to Kunti’s chariot and sees Karn as charioteer. Karn extends pink diamond, but stops seeing Arjun. Arjun enters calling Karn as charioteer and says today he is using his mother’s chariot. He climbs chariot. Uruvi slips while climbing chariot. Karn holds her. Arjun shouts how dare he is to touch Uruvi. Uruvi says if Karn had not held her, she would have fallen down. Karn drives chariot reminiscing Arjun’s insulting wrods. Uruvi reminisces Karn promising his foster father to become charioteer. Arjun says he wants to test this charioteer, if he is competent or got job in charity. Karn asks how he wants to test him. Arjun asks how fast he can ride chariot. Karn says as fast as his arrows. Arjun asks to show his skills then. Karn says he wants to warn to be careful, else he will fall down with speed.

Precap: Arjun insults Karn as charioteer and orders to stay in horse stable. Karn tries to meet Uruvi at night, but maid does not let him in. Uruvi waits for Karn, maid informs Karn came and left.

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