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Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 36

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


‘’I have already said you about how Riddhima made all the share amounts on her name and how I made her get out from the Oberoi Industries….we were again coming back to what we were once , when one day I saw Bade papa leaving hurriedly from the house quite tensed

I decided to follow him because I felt something was wrong..while I was about to step out…I saw few papers that fell on the floor, I picked up and was about to call him when my eyes fell on the papers…the content in the papers shocked me…. ‘’

Anika looked at him and she could see how he was controlling himself

‘’The papers were the divorce papers of my bade papa and badi maa …’’

Anika looked at him shocked , while he just walked towards the window

”I couldn’t understand or believe what I was holding in my hands and my anger reached the peaks. I followed my bade papa’s car and overtook his car and stopped right in front of his car…being night the London roads were empty and my bade papa got down from his car frustrated, but the moment he saw me , he became tensed…’’

Shivaay stopped and remembered the conversation that took place between Tej and Shivaay that night…it was one conversation which he could never forget even in his dreams….


‘’Shivaay…you here?’’

‘’Bade papa…can I ask you where are you going right now?’’

‘’None of your business Shivaay. Don’t you dare to question me’’

‘’I will bade papa, because I need to know the answers. Where are you going now?’’

‘’I don’t have to answer you Shivaay’’

‘’Yes, you can never answer me. Atleast can you answer your enstrangled wife and disowned children anytime in your life?’’

Tej was shell shocked

‘’What…what are you trying to say? Have you gone mad?’’

‘’I haven’t yet bit sorry to say that whatever you are doing is insane…you have done every deed to hurt our family…Badi maa is so because of you, Om Ru Prinku could never get your love and if they get to know that You and Badi maa are not together then I donno what will happen’’

‘’What rubbish are you saying..i am still with Jhanvi ‘’

‘’really bade papa…really…then what are these papers ?’’ he took out the papers from his coat pocket and threw it in the air

Tej could easily see the papers in the street lamps light. He picked up the papers and set them

‘’How did you ?’’

‘’these fell on the floor while you were rushing to I donno where and fortunately I saw these papers..but that’s not what I want to know..why? why bade papa , why did you do this. What was the fault of Badi maa, om, Ru and Prinku. Couldn’t you see how much Prinku has suffered till now. I know how much difficult was it for me to bring back Prinku to normal because her father …’’ he looked at Tej and continued ‘’her father was least bothered about the family that he made willingly. Never in the Oberoi history did a divorce take place and you are going to set a new history. Did you imagine what will happen to Dadi and our family .Can you ever think of anyone else than yourself. I always looked upto you while doing business , but now you have fallen in my eyes. I always said to Om that Bade Papa loves you all but now you proved me wrong and I have no guts to repeat my words to my siblings. You have become a weed to the Oberoi Family’’

‘’Enough…enough…not a word more’’ Tej screamed at top of his voice

‘’Why? Because am I showing you your reality? When you can have the guts to do such things then you should have the guts to listen to the truth too Bade papa’’

‘’You have not become so big Shivaay to say me all these’’

‘’you have fallen so low and gave me this opportunity which I dearly never wanted’’

‘’What do you want to say? Am I doing all this for myself? Am I doing all this being selfish? When you can see everyone’s tensions could you never sense my tension?’’

Shivaay looked on shocked


‘’yes…I had not brought Mrs.Kapoor willingly..i was made to do so..i never wanted to get Prinku onto trouble but I had to do so…I never wanted to taunt Om for his failures, but I was made to do so…I never wanted to divorce Jhanvi whom I loved and married, but I was made to do so…’’

‘’you were made to do so…but by whom? And why didn’t you say this to anyone of us till now?’’

‘’Because they had proofs…proofs of a crime… A crime where I am the criminal but I didn’t do any crime’’

‘’what…you are the criminal and you didn’t do any crime? How is this possible?’’

‘’I have no time to explain anything else Shivaay. I need to go and handle them these papers and get the proofs back. ‘’

‘’Bade papa..’’

‘’Shivaay…just let me go and I don’t care what you or others think of me, my only request is  don’t utter a word regarding this divorce to anyone in my family because they will fall apart’’

‘’bade papa we will sit and discuss, don’t be in a hurry tell me everything and I will settle the rest’’

‘’ you think I haven’t thought of any other course yes, but there is no other right now let me go’’

‘’But bade papa do you think after doing so much will they give those proofs which you are wanting for’’

‘’I know they wouldn’t give , but I also know they have nothing else to get from me and will leave me once for all and this I have to do now’’


He drove and I didn’t know what to do…so I decided to follow him and I did so…they met at the same place where they kept Prinku kidnapped…Bade papa handed over the papers and Riddhima and Mrs.Kapoor were laughing villainously, celebrating the broken family of my Bade papa ..Bade papa asked them to give the proofs, to which they shot him and left from there and their shooting I recorded. I rushed the very next moment to him and took him to hospital. I didn’t have guts to inform the family , they were already tensed. I waited for the doctor to tell me about his condition and to my luck he was out of danger. I went to meet him , he opened his eyes after few hours and saw me

‘’Shivaay..’’ he spoke weekly

‘’Bade papa…I ..i am sorry..i couldn’t do anything to save you..i was there then..i followed you…I should have acted upon’’ I spoke crying

‘’No Shivaay…thank you…thank you for saving me ..’’

Meanwhile the police came for the statements and that was when bade papa looked at me

‘’I have the proofs against them bade papa…I recorded them shooting you…I will ensure they go to the jail’’

‘’no Shivaay…they have my proofs and if they submit, I will forever be in jail…let this matter go…I will manage the police’’


‘’Shivaay…this is for the Oberoi reputation…’’

I left from there and called up Riddhima…She agreed to meet…we met at the same spot …

‘’So Why did you call me Shivaay bhayya?’’ bhayya she stressed and laughed

‘’don’t call me bhayya, because you never know the meaning of it..and had I had such a sister , I would have killed her by now’’

‘’Enough…why did you call me?’’

‘’I need the proofs against bade papa and divorce papers that he gave you…now?’’

‘’Funny…you are cracking jokes right?’’

‘’I am serious and serious to such extent that I can put you behind bars’’

‘’Ohh really..’’

I showed the recording of her shooting bade papa..she smiled

‘’if you show this I will be put behind bars for about 5 years or may be 10 years…but with the proofs I have against him , he will be hanged to death…so I would recommend that you better stay put …by the way what did you think I couldn’t shoot him at point blank, I definitely could…but I deliberately shoot him just above his chest, because I wanted him to live and that too in fear for the rest of his life…’’

‘’Okay fine…put him behind the bars Riddhima…I really don’t care…but I promise atleast a minute before he is hanged to death I would save him…’’

‘’you can’t …’’

‘’I will’’

‘’All the best then…I am not the one who will budge to your threatenings…I will destroy all of you…’’

That’s when Mrs.Kapoor stepped in

‘’look Shivaay…I have no rivalry with you, so I would not want to harm you…I can understand your anger and feelings , so I assure you, we will not submit the divorce papers in court…regarding the proofs of crime, you don’t want your bade papa to go to jail and I don’t want my daughter to go to jail…so it’s better we come to a deal…we will make a move out from here and will not come back and you guys live your own lives…’’

‘’but Mom’’ Riddhima tried to say something , but was cut off by Mrs.Kapoor

At that point I didn’t have anyother go..i couldn’t get the divorce papers or the proofs against bade papa, I didn’t know about what crime they were speaking of…I had no idea of anything and all I wanted was to buy some time…so I let them go , but I lost…I lost the game and couldn’t get anything done….i had to keep my family as prority….

‘’I will come back again Shivaay…again and I will destroy Oberois completely this time…My mom saved you today, but when I come back none can save you…till I come back live your life your way’’ Riddhima spoke leaving from the place.

Till date except me and bade papa none knows that the divorce papers were signed and they had them, till date I don’t know what crime happened and what proofs were there…i have kept everything hidden and with Riddhima’s entry the old wounds that were slowly getting forgotten might once again come forth….whenever I see Riddhima all that happened comes in front of me as a reality and I get anger , I get anger for not able to do anything, I get anger for losing to them, I get anger for being helpless about my family…

And today you have got to know everything Anika. That truth which my bade papa also doesn’t know to some extent. This is what has happened in the past.


Shivaay concluded the narration and Anika couldn’t believe what she heard…

‘’I ..i am sorry Shivaay. I never knew that you had gone through so much…and now I understand why you were so angry. Everytime I took her name what you might have felt I can imagine…I was so stupid that I kept on rubbing your wounds…I am really sorry’’ Anika spoke

‘’it’s Okay Anika…’’ he spoke composed

Anika looked at him and said ‘’thank you Shivaay’’


‘’For trusting me and sharing such a secret of your life’’

‘’How can I not trust you. You are the only one whom I know I can confide everything because you are my’’ he stopped at once and looked at her

‘’because I am your?’’

‘’you are chosen girl with whom I decided to move on’’ he covered up.

‘’Ohh..i thought something else’’


She nodded smiling and moved aside, while he pulled her towards him making her hit his chest, she closed her eyes while he wrapped his hands around her…

‘’You were are and will always be special ’’ he whispered in her ears huskily making a chill run down her spine and her cheeks turned strawberries

They stayed in that position when his thoughts travelled back to his childhood


‘’Khadoos…I have to tell something to you..’’ Anika his stupid barged into his room

‘’Uff…where are your manners stupid? Can’t you knock the door and get in?’’

‘’Khadoos, I can come in, stay or go from here anytime I wish to and make a note , I am not gonna take your permission for this’’

‘’What should I do of you?’’

‘’nothing..bear me as I am !!! got it?’’


‘’ok listen na..i have something to tell you and even show you’’ she spoke excited

‘’what’s the matter? You are looking so happy’’

‘’You know my friend ..aree that one…’’

‘’he or she might have some name right?’’

‘’hey I don’t make friends with girls …what will be my reputation.. so it is he…aree Hemanth…’’

‘’ohh he..that’s crooked nose guy’’

‘’ohh please…he is not any crooked nose guy…don’t give names to everyone as if you are the only handsome person alive on earth’’

‘’off course I am handsome…by the way why are you supporting him so much?’’

‘’Today he gave me this card and said he likes me…awe…how nice of him right?’’

‘’what the wuck…’’ he spoke snatching the card and reading it and he burst into laughter

‘’why are you laughing?’’

‘’is this a card and look what he wrote’’ he again burst into laughter

‘’He did write well, what’s wrong ..come on our age group can think like this only’’

‘’what ? like this like really ?…let me read loud this time :

Anika…you are my like vada pav

When you smile imagine I Icecream

When talk you I can see chips falling from packet straight my mouth into

I like to with you

Will you my be Chocolate bar ‘’

Ha ha ha ha ha…come on stupid he made you a food stall and above that so many grammatical mistakes..and you are saying he wrote well..’’

‘’Stop it Khadoos….atleast he said he likes me…unlike you who hate me and always fight with me’’

He pulled her and said ‘’Do I need to tell you whether I hate you or like you’’

‘’of course yes…how will I know otherwise?’’

‘’You were are and will always be special …got it and yes , I will always fight with you no matter what, there’s nothing that is going to change between us even when we grow up ’’

‘’Ohhooo….who knows how we will be when we grow up…but hey Khadoos, dare you make any other girls as friends…I will kill you the next moment…you promised I will be the only friend of you’’

They both burst into laughter and hugged each other…


A smile adorned the lips of Shivaay when he remembered the childhood and he got back from reverie when Anika made his hand away from her and sat straight adjusting her hair…….

‘’you look nice when you blush’’ Shivaay said randomly to which Anika’s blush got more thicker….

‘’Before you give me any more compliments I think we must attend the scheduled meeting regarding Video game deal’’ she said to which he agreed


‘’Hi Rudra’’ Sumo knocked the door

‘’Sumooooooooooo’’ Rudra went ahead and hugged her

‘’Ohho Duffer…it’s just two days past and you are reacting as if you haven’t seen me since ages…’’

‘’I was excited and by the way I missed you and whenever I miss someone I do the same way’’

‘’very funny’’

‘’Okay come you are here and how is aunty ji…you were supposed to come few days later , what happened?’’

‘’Duffer stop..relax…let me answer’’


‘’Mom has come along with me, she is at home…the doctors said her treatment can be done better in either Mumbai or Hyderabad…I planned to take her to Hyderabad but then changed because I don’t know anyone over there…so brought her here…she asked me to give these to you…’’ saying she gave him a box

‘’What’s in this?’’

‘’See it yourself’’

He opened the box to see his favourite snacks…off course low fat…

‘’you know what I love aunty ji…she made these specially for me ..awee how sweet she is’’

‘’Fine…go and propose her…’’ sumo made faces

‘’someone is jealous haan…waise I will love auntyji no matter what…afterall I can’t let go off such tasty snacks for any girl’’

‘’you…Duffer’’ she hit him with pillow….

They both laughed

‘’Duffer….why did you come back so suddenly…I was tensed…I came here to give these snacks and also know what happened? You sounded tensed too’’

‘’Sumo…we are going to take a major step and in this I need your support..will you?’’ he forwarded his hand

‘’off course Rudra…but what’s the matter’’ she put her hand over his and spoke

Rudra explained what happened and the suggestion Anika gave

‘’Anika didi is a genious isn’t it…duffer?’’

‘’yes..and I hope this works’’

‘’it will don’t worry…I am with you in this’’

He hugged her….


Precap: The first attack by Riddhima , will Oberois and their respective ladies be able to counterattack ?

This is the Thirty Sixth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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