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Bigg Boss 12 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 50
Deepak says to Sree that you are fake and liar. Sree says stop it, he keeps saying that we will remain safe so he will remain safe too.
Dipika says to KV that if you have understood its all a game for him then you do it too. KV says I am not like that, Dipika says I understand you.
Somi says Shiv and Sree have done all this. Surbhi says Shiv have no mind, he is an idiot. Somi says dont take his side, he was part of all this. Deepak hears light sparking and says it will all fall here.

Deepak says to Sree that dont come to talk to me. Sree says dont cry kid. Romil says Deepak supported you to become captain and you did this? Surbhi says all truth is out. Romil says I didnt expect you to take his name, you cant play cricket on someone’s emotions. Sree makes

noise like calling a dog. Romil says its good that I gave his bracelet back. Sree asks him to look at himself. Somi blames Jasleen. Jasleen says I didnt know Shiv will break yours. Surbhi says to Sree that you spit on his name but said sorry behind everyone back. Deepak gives bracelet back to Sree and says we dont deserve it. All are shouting at each other. Deepak says Sree has lost my respect.

Sree says to Shiv that we are alone, Deepak and Romil were so close but Dipika didnt stop them.

Deepak says he gave reason that my hand is broken but he knows that I will perform in tasks. Surbhi says he didnt perform in any task, he is a liar, fake person. Deepak goes in bed ad cries. Dipika tries to console him. Deepak asks her to leave.

Buzzer plays, Dipika says I wanted happy club to be nominated, you people keep joking about celebrities and commoners but when we take even a word out, you create a hovac over us. Surbhi says you are here to nominate me or what? I am not here to listen to my mistakes. Dipika says it shows your values, she breaks Surbhi’s scarecrow. Surbhi says wow, get away with your swag. She breaks remaining scarecrows. Jasleen says this is craziness.

Bigg Boss says Romil, Deepak, Somi and Surbhi are nominated.

Romil says to Deepak that we four are going so we will make this week very difficult. Romil says to KV that you can be safe and one with you, KV asks Deepak to create hovac and I will be with you. Romil says we have one more member. Romil says Dipika took all credit and said that she wanted to nominate happy club.

Shiv asks if KV is fine? Dipika says no, he would not be on your side now, you people keep going behind his back.
Romil says to Sree that Deepak stood in task for you, you have pain in feet so you should leave too, you are nothing. Jasleen says why did you support him? now you are gone, cry. She says to Deepak that you are doubled faced person, Deepak says dont call me that, get lost. Sree asks him to not say like that. Romil says you are talking cheaply, we didnt say anything.

KV asks Shiv what is Megha to Sree? he doesnt want to fulfill friendship then fine, we have understanding but he keeps hurting me, he is unpredictable, he uses his relations, you are in his books right now but be cautious.

Sree says to Shiv that Surbhi was wrong to break all scarecrows. Megha says they will go to jail too. Sree says Romil became personal with me.
Romil says to Somi and Deepak that all are against us. Somi says you people supported Sree and see what happened.

Deepak hides jail keys and says its captain’s responsibility and I have hidden it.

Sree is silently crying in bed. He leaves from there and says in camera that they keep taking bullshit on me, I cant bear this, they are taunting my family, I am done here. He lies on sofa and weeps.

Day 51
Inmates wake up to song idhar chala main udhar chala.. Sristy dances in raing water. Jasleen smiles. Deepak hugs KV. Sree says Surbhi and Romil are still sleeping and breaking rules.

Romil says to Surbhi that we have four days, we will make them very difficult for them. Somi says they will cry to nominate me. Surbhi says some people have no identity. Jasleen is there. Surbhi taunts her that she doesnt have to answer people, she will go out and go on dates. Jasleen laughs and says sour losers.
Surbhi sings mujhe budha mil gaya. Megha says this is cheapness. Somi says we will say what we want.

KV asks Deepak to tell it was a joke. Deepak says we wont. Jasleen says this is a cheap joke. KV says to Romil that Anup is respected so dont do it. Romil says she called Anup budha. Jasleen says I will pull their tongues if they talk about Anup like this. Surbhi says I am just singing. Jasleen says dont act like a kid. She asks Romil to control his tongue. Romil says you are cheap. Jaslen asks him to get lost. Deepak says you are weak.

Somi taunts Shiv that I cant hear you. Shiv says I am not stammering. Somi says who stammers? She leaves. Deepak asks her to have food.
Somi comes to washroom and says Shiv is taunting me.

Somi stands infront of Shiv and doesnt let him exercise. Sristy says to KV that Romil have set his targets. Shiv says I will take off my tank top. Somi says waht you mean? Deepak says you people cant talk truth, Jasleen says you people have no guts. Surbhi says I didnt take Anup’s name. KV asks Deepak to not go personal. Somi says to Shiv that you deserved to be kicked. She keeps distracting him from gymming.

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