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Haasil Review: An intense and engaging romantic thriller

Sony TV’s new show Haasil revolves around three individuals, Anchal, Ranvir and Kabir. Anchal is a lawyer by profession. She has her own scores to settle with the super rich Raichand brothers, Ranvir and Kabir. The hatred story then gets formed into an love triangle. Haasil brings politics of love, while both the brothers fall for the same girl. The show is a finite series. It marks the TV debut of actor Zayed Khan. Nikita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth play the other two leads. Anchal vows to ruin Ranvir’s business empire. The romantic thriller has lots of craze, passion, suspense, drama, action and romance.

Main Characters:

Ranvir Raichand:
Ranvir is the elder son of the ambitious Raichand family. He is an insensitive, calculative and shrewd man. Ranvir chases money, love and power. He is clear about his future. He loves Kabir a lot. He has all his belief in Kabir. Ranvir promises a good successful run of his business. He is very strong rooted and confident. He acts matured, sensible and much generous to surprise people. He doesn’t get into things without knowing its result. He gets unpredictable. He doesn’t let anybody guess what’s on his mind.

Kabir Raichand:
Kabir is flamboyant, naughty, funny, and a spoilt brat. He is very impulsive and edgy. He regrets for his doings after a self realization. He is a simple and clean hearted guy. He turns mean at times. He gets mad when it comes to his family. He can do anything for his brother Ranvir. He gets much female attention. He finds Anchal very much different. Kabir falls for Anchal. Kabir doesn’t know what he wants in life. Kabir finds strength by his family support.

Anchal Srivastav:
She is a simple and sweet family person at home. She is well backed emotionally by her family. She is a bold, fearless and modern minded girl. She has strength to stand up against the influential Raichands. She is not the one to sit back and cry on mishaps. She doesn’t tolerate any injustice. She can go to any extent to get justice. Anchal is a lawyer by profession. She loves to fight for those who are not able to fight for themselves. She fights for truth. She stands by for what she believes. She can fight against any powerful person. Anchal has a strong conviction. She is very focused to chase the truth.


Zayed Khan as Ranvir Raichand
Vatsal Sheth as Kabir Raichand
Nikita Dutta as Anchal Srivastav
Chirag Mahbubani as Aman Srivastav
Sheeba Akashdeep as Sarika Raichand
Mohit Chauhan as Mr. Raichand

Story So Far:

The initial scene shows a girl Meenu getting raped and killed. Anchal is asked to choose the winning dish between the two dishes cooked by her mother and brother. She gets stuck. She doesn’t let anyone lose. She declares both of them as winners. They get to see news about Ranvir. Anchal reaches Ranvir’s birthday celebrations. She accuses him of rape and seeks justice for Meenu, who was Ranvir’s secretary.

Ranvir’s mother Sarika and brother Kabir take a stand for him. Anchal doesn’t get scared of any threatening. The people idolize Ranvir. Ranvir claims to be innocent. Anchal doesn’t get influenced by his words. Kabir gets worried when Ranvir undergoes medical tests for the case. Anchal prepares Ranvir’s file. She receives cash at her NGO. Kabir tries to bribe her. He wonders who is trying to frame Ranvir in the false allegations. He asks Anchal to withdraw the case. He doesn’t trust her intentions. He feels she can do anything to get free publicity. Anchal refuses to Kabir.

Kabir puts Ranvir in new trouble by his stupidity. Anchal learns Ranvir’s medical reports are clear. She gets a call by some mysterious caller, who asks her to meet somewhere if she wants proof. Anchal is then caught up by Kabir. He isolates her. He dumps her phone in the sea. He wants to bring the truth out before she reaches Mumbai. Kabir frames Anchal in the bribe case. He humiliates her family in the press conference. Kabir gets Anchal arrested. Ranvir gets Anchal bailed out. Ranvir doesn’t let his business get affected. He plans to double his profits.

Anchal comes to meet Ranvir. Ranvir asks her to think of the underlying truth by changing perception. Anchal tries to get to the roots of the case again. She wants to find the real evidence. Anchal tries to find truth by using the CCTV footage. Ranvir stays calm. He is sure that Anchal will soon see the truth of his innocence. Ranvir looks guilty after the footage gets revealed. Anchal tells the media that Ranvir has planned the crime very cleverly. Anchal begins the case proceedings, while Kabir and Sarika disapprove of her logic. Kabir defends his brother in court, proving Anchal wrong.

Our Take:

The characters are written with much detailing. The characters speak certain truth about real society. They look relatable. It brings practicality to some extent. Insight of mind battles and human choices is seen. Some scenes go too dramatic to accept. Ranvir’s generosity gets overboard. The scenes defining the richness of Raichands don’t surprise at all. Grand sets and costumes have become common. Story execution is on a good tempo. Few Dialogues are meaningful and more look trying to hit harder. Visuals and locales are fresh.

Coming to performances, Nikita Dutta outshines both the male leads. She delivers just the needed portrayals. Vatsal Seth is quite impressive. Vatsal and Nikita’s chemistry is one of the highlights. Kabir’s role doesn’t look experimental for him. Zayed Khan puts efforts to settle in Ranvir’s character. He has more to show up in coming weeks. He looks more restrained. The show still makes for a good watch. It fulfills all the content and drama conditions for a romantic thriller. Intensity in the plot should be maintained. Putting aside few exceptions like over dramatic dialogues, exaggerating scenes and pushing performances, the show deserves a watch for its intriguing factor.


Haasil is classy and visually appealing. It looks grand with the stellar cast. Real drama will begin when a romantic triangle forms. The show looks much promising.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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