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Ye Dil to pyaar maange hai #riansh #immj2 #forever #5

Hello guys…

How all are doing? Well I need a help from my readers to replace this tittle of this FF into a new one. Do suggest me one.

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So let’s get started:-

Riddhima gains consciousness and looked around suddenly her gaze fall upon those hazel Bron paid of orbs who were admiring her..

Riddhima: you!!!!!

S Doctor: you remembered me?

Riddhima: shut up idiot! How can’t I remember you Vansh!!!!

(20 crores rupees as reward for those people who guessed that it was Vansh )

Vansh: what happened to you sweetheart.

Riddhima: everything got destroyed Vansh he cheated me!

Vansh was shell shocked to hear this.

Vansh trying to be calm: forget that sweetheart he was a ba****d forget him.

She nodded but both knew it was nearly impossible.

Vansh trying to lighten her mood : sweet heart u remember how much you were suffering from night cravings that I have to become a delivery boy for u at mid night

She chuckled for his try to lighten her mood.

Riddhima: you remember my favorite movie Vansh?

Vansh : of course sweetheart KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI watched n number of times .. hey wanna watch it again…

Riddhima:: no. I was just pondering that how my life also became a movie and was smiling sarcastically.

Vansh: means

Riddhima: see replace Rahul by me and Anjali by you and Tina by that pigeon. ( what do we call pigeon in Hindi and how it is related to them now I hope all have understood). I loved that pigeon sorry it was just an infatuation and u left me alone all this while and we were the best buddies but the fact is that u don’t love me and was laughing and suddenly she choked .

Vansh made her drink water and made her lie down soon she drifted into a deep slumber.


You are right sweetheart life is after all a movie. I know that You don’t know how much I love you and was loving you and will always be loving.


Vansh called Riddhima in a nearby park there common hangout place.

After 1 hour

Riddhima: Vansh I want a help from u .

Vansh: hmm

Riddhima: I want to propose someone very dear to me..

Vansh: whom Sweetheart

Riddhima: as if you don’t know

Vansh : don’t beat around bush dear

Riddhima: of course Kabir!!!

Vansh was shattered today he wanted to propose her. .

Riddhima: what happened won’t you help me

Vansh : hmm nothing why are u thinking so I can do anything for my sweetheart


he was smiling sarcastically.

Why God why can’t u see me happy.

At first you snatched my love then I thought to get satisfied that my love has got her love of life. Can’t you see her happy. Can’t you see me happy.

Wish that the climax of movie become real…..


After some time Riddhima gained consciousness.

Vansh : From now onwards you will live with me in my mansion.

Riddhima: but…

Vansh : no ifs and buts it’s an order not request ok

Riddhima: but no one knows me there I haven’t met any one of your family members till now .

Vansh : I am what for dear.

Riddhima: you are good for nothing and started laughing.

Vansh : again you started now stop I am getting your discharge papers ready then we will leave ok..

Riddhima: hmm

After some time the paper got ready and they headed towards VR mansion .

After reaching Vansh received a call.

Vansh : you go inside I’ll be there after attending.

Riddhima nodded and slowly went inside the mansion and suddenly………..


That’s all for today guys …. Bye take care and do suggest some name or tittle for my FF……

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