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Udaariyaan 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo confronts Fateh and Jasmin

Udaariyaan 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tejo going to get the gun. She shuts the cupboard. She recalls Fateh and Jasmin. She takes the gun and leaves. She drives off. Jasmin says why did Tejo call me here. She sees Tejo driving the car. Tejo stops the car. Jasmin greets. Tejo says sit Jasmin. Jasmin sits in the car. Tejo drives. Jasmin asks where are we going. Tejo says you will know. Jasmin asks why are you creating suspense. Tejo says its a surprise. Jasmin asks what surprise. She calls Fateh and says come out please. Jasmin thinks where is she taking me. Fateh waits for Tejo. Tejo comes to pick him. He asks why did you call me outside. He sees Jasmin in the car. Tejo says sit. He asks what’s Jasmin doing here. She says she is my sister, can’t she be with me.

He says of course. She taunts Jasmin. Jasmin says come Fateh, sit, Tejo wants to give us a surprise. They leave in the car. Fateh asks where are we going. Tejo says long drive, I have to show a surprise. He asks what. She says patience, you will know everything. She asks them to get down the car. Fateh asks here. She says yes, the surprise is here. They get down the car. Tejo plays the audio recording…. Fateh and Jasmin hear their love confession. Tejo comes holding her phone and gun in her hands. Fateh and Jasmin get shocked. Tejo asks how did you like my surprise, sorry, shock, I was shocked seeing you in the party as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Virk. Jasmin looks at Fateh.

Tejo says my husband and my sister…. Jasmin says we will talk calmly. Tejo shouts I love you Jasmin, I love you Fateh…. you both were saying this right. She comes to them. She asks since when is this going on, did you think, your romance won’t come in front of anyone. She scolds Fateh. She says if you told me once that you love my sister, if you asked me to leave, I would have gone. Fateh says Tejo… She says shut up, stay away, don’t move, I trusted you, you cheated me, its not your mistake, its my mistake to give you a chance.

Fateh says I tried hard to forget her, I couldn’t, I love Jasmin. Tejo says I did a lot for you, and Jasmin, I got married to Fateh on your saying. Jasmin recalls her words. Tejo says I sat in the marriage mandap for our families sake, I knew you love Jasmin, I made you mine, Jasmin had rejected you in front of everyone like some dust, but I had put your name in the sindoor, thinking we will have love and faith, you made me trust that you will make our marriage successful and I trusted you like fools. She cries. She says you remember the night when we stayed at the farmhouse, I thought we really came close, not just physically but also from heart, I didn’t know its just my illusion, you broke it today.

She says you were never with me, you just played with me and my emotions, and sometimes with my heart. She says and you Jasmin… I kept you with much love since childhood, you always got what you wanted, you took my things and thought you have a right on it. Jasmin says but Fateh was never mine. Tejo says shut up, Fateh wasn’t yours when he filled sindoor in my maang, he wasn’t yours when I married him, when he gave me the right of being his wife. Fateh says I m sorry, we are sorry. Tejo says its too late to apologize and to forgive. Jasmin hides behind Fateh and says you are very angry, we will talk calmly, keep the gun down. Tejo starts laughing. Tejo says you cheated me for this girl, she saw a gun and got hidden behind you, she isn’t loyal to me, she won’t be loyal to you, you are making a big mistake, you will realize this, till then it will be too late. A procession passes by. The people throw sindoor in the air.

Tejo runs away. Fateh runs after her. Jasmin stops him and says let her fight with the situation, she is very angry, she isn’t able to control herself. Fateh shout Tejo. Jasmin says I m feeling scared, don’t go, she has a gun in her hand. Tejo goes to join the procession. Sindoor falls over her. A man comes and asks Tejo where does she want to go. Fateh says where did Tejo go, I was scared for this. Jasmin says this had to happen, its good. He asks was it our plan. He says you said we will leave a letter and go away, didn’t you see how she reacted. Tejo is in the truck. He says this should have not happened with her. Jasmin says she came in between us, we didn’t do anything, trust me, she doesn’t love you as much as I love you, she will come out of this shock and get fine, its good she got to know this, we will tell everyone and go now. He says now both the families will know it, it won’t be easy. She says we will face it together. He thinks where will Tejo go in this state, what will she do. Tejo rests her shoulder and sleeps.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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