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Twist Of Fate KKB – Episode 7

Previous Episode:

In the conference room:

Sid was surprised to see Pragya sitting at the CEO’s chair.

Sid – Ma’am you are the CEO of this company?

Pragya – Yes Sid, You are right.

Sushma (interrupts) – Pragya beta, You know him? But, you only met him now. I don’t think you met him before.

Pragya then describes the whole incident to Sushma.

At Kohli Mansion:

It is around lunchtime and Sid is busy with meeting. He usually calls and informs us where to send his lunch. But still, he didn’t call. Prachi and Rhea are in the kitchen, preparing for lunch. Didaa and Pallavi are sitting in the living room, reading something.

Didaa – It is lunchtime and still Sid did not call for a lunch location.

Prachi (inflow – forgetting in front of whom she is speaking) – Yes, he has an important meeting today, very important for the company. So, he might have forgotten to call.

Rhea jerks Prachi from her elbow, from which she realizes what she spoke just now.

Didaa and Pallavi stared at her when she talked about office work. (They don’t know that she still is in the business and helps Sid)

Prachi(looking tensed) – Actually, Rhea was telling this morning, on the breakfast table.

Rhea – Yes, I only told you, right Didaa?

Didaa – Just call him Rhea, and ask him to tell where to send his lunch?

Rhea – Me didaa??

Didaa – Puttar, is there anyone else in this house named Rhea?

Rhea nods in NO.

Didaa – So, go and call Sid. He is your husband only.

Rhea – My phone is in the bedroom. I will go and call him.

In conference room:

After the presentation is over, again they continue their meeting agenda. After all the tasks are completed:

Sushma – Pragya, this style of presentation is exactly the same as you do. If you were not here, I would have thought that it is made by you and someone steal it.

Pragya – Actually, I liked this presentation and the style of making is in the same way I prefer to put my points.

Sid (smiles) – I am glad that you liked it. Actually, this is not made by me alone, My brother’s wife helped me with this. She is so hardworking and genius too.

Pragya – She is the one you were talking about in the car?

Sid – Yes, her name is PR…

Suddenly, his phone rings and a smile comes to his face as soon as he sees Rhea’s name on the call. But, he has to cut the call in the middle of the meeting.

Rhea POV:

I think Sid is in the meeting. No problem I will call in 5 minutes. I need to get in contact with Sid as Pallavi aunty gets very angry nowadays. I don’t know if she gets angry with this then…

No, no, no… Sid, pick up the call yaarr.

In conference room:

Sid (cuts the call) – Sorry for the interruption. What was I saying?

Pragya – You were telling the name of your brother’s wife.

Sid – Ohh Yes. Her name is…

There is a knock on the door of the room and Abhi enters the room to get the signature of Pragya on some files. He did not notice Sid, but Sid recognized him.

Sid – Abhi Sir, you here?

Abhi – Areyy, Siddharth aka Sid! You here.

Sid – Yes I came here for a meeting with Sushma and Pragya ma’am.

Abhi – Pragya ma’am?

Pragya – So what, I am the CEO of the company, He will come for a meeting with me only no.

Abhi – Yes I know that you are the CEO. But …

Pragya – But what? Firstly, You came to my meeting without any invitation or permission. I can sign those papers afterward too. and Secondly, how did you know him?

Abhi (teasing Pragya) – I am also not free whole day to roam back and forth you. Morning only, I wanted your signature on these papers for which I was waiting for you in your cabin. But, you came and started fighting with me. Because of that, I have to come here now.

Pragya – I was not fighting with you. It was you who provoke me a lot.

Abhi – See, now also you are fighting.

Pragya calms down seeing the staff looking and enjoying their cute banter, She glares at them and gets serious.

Pragya – I will see you later. And you did not answer my second question. How did you know him?

Abhi – In my personal life, I can meet anyone and know anyone. Who are you to ask me?

Pragya(angrily) – Your Wi…

She stops speaking and Abhi also understood what she was going to say.

Abhi – Okay Fine. You are my Boss and you have right to know how I know your meeting partner. So, yesterday I met him. He dropped me at my residence when I left the office yesterday after our conversation.

Pragya – ok

Again Rhea calls Sid and seeing his expressions, Abhi understands whose call it might be and asks him to pick up the call(on behalf of Pragya). Sid looks towards Pragya with hope and she agrees.

Almost the meeting was over so Sushma announces that everyone can leave to have their lunch.

Pragya – How dare you to ask him to pick up the call on behalf of me in front of the whole staff.

Abhi – Better half can do things on behalf.

Listening to this after years, Pragya gets emotional and remembers their moments together.

Pragya( coming out of trance) – Did you know whose call was it? We cannot allow people to pick calls in the middle of meetings.

Abhi – Firstly, the meeting is over, and secondly, I know whose call it was.

Pragya – Whose?

Abhi – Buddhu, His wife called him. Yesterday, when he was dropping me, he told me that he got married 2 or 3 days ago only. You know newly-married wali feelings!!

Pragya was about to say something when Sid returns. Sushma asks him to join them for lunch, which puts him in thought.

Sid POV:

(when sid picks up the call by Rhea.)

Sid – Hello Rhea, you called at this time? Anything urgent?

Rhea – Actually, didaa was asking where to send your lunch.

Sid – Ohh… I thought that you called to talk to me.

Rhea – Why would I call you and disturb you when I know that you are in a meeting or doing your work?

Sid – Ohh Yes… Thanks (in mind- for calling, I wanted to listen to your voice)

Rhea – Thanks for what?

Sid – Nothing. I am sending you the address. Give it to the driver.

Rhea – ok. BYE.

They both cut the calls. Though Sid wanted to talk to her.

Abhi taps on the sid’s shoulder and he comes out of his thoughts.

Abhi – She is asking you to join them for lunch. Say something.

Sid – Actually, I don’t want to be rude, but, My didaa is sending my lunch. Actually, my wife called me to inform this only.

Pragya – No Issiues Sid. We understand.

Sid( smiles) – Thanks for understanding.

Pragya, Sushma, and Abhi leave from there and Sid starts packing the stuff he brought for the meeting.

At Kohli Mansion :

Rhea comes and tells didaa that Sid has sent an address to her and they have to send lunch there. Rhea starts packing lunch for him. Prachi comes out of the kitchen towards didaa. She starts to speak in a low voice

Prachi – Don’t you think, we should send Rhea to take Lunch for Sid. From their wedding, so many things have happened and they did not get time to talk and understand each other. Sid is also busy with business, they don’t get time to spend with each other.

Didaa – You are right. I think we can do this.

Didaa (now in normal tone) – Rhea puttar, I think you should take lunch for Sid.

Rhea – me?

Didaa – Yes you. He is your husband. So what’s wrong in doing so. Just go and give him tiffin and make sure he completes that. He is so busy working that he never completes his food. This is not good for his health.

Rhea agrees reluctantly.

Rhea – Ok didaa, I will go and get ready.

After rhea leaves from there, Prachi and Didaa give a high five to each other. Pallavi also likes the idea and smiles a little. Ranbir was standing behind them and watching all this. He was happy too.

Ranbir (to himself) :

So now, Sid will enjoy his time with Rhea and Finally, I will get some time to spend with Prachi. I can plan a romantic candlelight dinner and dance for us. Come on Ranbir, you have very little time to plan today’s evening. Hurry up.

Ranbir leaves his room in excitement to plan their date. Rhea also leaves with lunch for Sid at Pragya’s office…

Precap : Abhigya, Pranbir and SidRhea alone time…

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