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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 27

thank you to all my reader and who are complementing my ff….sorry for not replying in comment section if you have any query then you can ask I will reply you in next episode….keep supporting as you are doing and I know may be your are losing interest in my ff as I update late and I understand that but can’t do anything for that….”sorry”

Episode starts…

Ridhima’s result was announced. Vansh and Ridhima were sitting in the room silently ” Ridhima!!” he called her but she was lost in some other world.

Ridhima just hmmed and continued thinking.” Ridhima don’t worry….you lost your first position because….” Before he could continue Ridhima sealed his lips by her and due to shock vansh didn’t open his mouth because he was thinking that Ridhima is sad as she got 3 position and lost her first place….his eyes were wide open. When she found he is not participating so she broke the kiss.

Ridhima: vansh! I am not sad because I know I lost my first place because of my foolishness and careless. I was trying to fly when my wings were not fully developed…..falling down is necessary to show that I was not yet fully prepared to manage various things at a time and I realised that I have wings but I don’t know how to use them….first I need to learn how to manage things at a time……then I should take the responsibility of them….. but I was late to realise this thing and messed with my study……I think not late.. stilll I have time to get my position back in final for which I have to pass this exam…..I promise you jaan I will get my position in final and I will not disappoint you like this time.
She bowed her head.

Vansh: Ridhima look at me (she did)….for many people result matters but for me your work and dedication matters….I know how much you worked hard for this….so I am not disappointed even I am happy because you know what you have to do….as there are many people who think that once they fail then they can’t do anything and external motivation and push they need to do things…but you don’t need this you are itself a motivation….that should be spirit…..

Ridhima smiled to him and he asked ” what were you thinking…”

Ridhima: nothing!!! Just about the kiss…

Vansh: what??

Ridhima: a kiss that we had a while ago…..You know Kissing causes a chemical reaction in your brain, including a burst of the hormone oxytocin. It’s often referred to as the “love hormone,” because it stirs up feelings of affection and attachment. There is one more Harmon dopamine both promote bonding and attachment in human beings. So I was just doing practical…..increasing our attachment to each other.

Vansh was blank at her thought but soon he comes up with a new practice session and smiled evilly.” Ridhima you were doing practical on me”

Ridhima nodded her head with a smile.” Sweetheart I also want to do one practical…you know when I was in class 10 than in our science we have one chapter named Reproduction now I want to do that theory in practical form…..”

Ridhima looked at him horrified. Ridhima palm started to getting wet due to sweat and neck too…..” Vansh I was just…” Now she is beneath him and he is looking at her with a smirk, she with wide eyes. Soon vansh capture lips and started nibbling her lower lip and his was caressing her waist. Ridhima closed her eyes and started chewing his upper, she took her hands to his hairs. Vansh moved from lips to her neck and gave her a love bit. she moaned his name and her eyes were still closed. After marking her as his on her neck, he moved to her belly started giving wet kisses. When he marked on her belly Ridhima clutched the bedsheet tightly and closed her eyes even more tightly. Vansh sucked that part to soothe her pain.

Vansh slid his hand upward to touch her br***t, Ridhima gasped and opened her eyes, leaving the grip on the bedsheet, she intertwined her finger with his and softly said “Vansh”

Vansh leaving her sat near her without saying anything. Ridhima too get up and sat near him. Ridhima with low voice “vansh!!”

Vansh without looking at her “hmm!!”. Ridhima felt a lump in her throat and said with a heavy voice “are you angry with me”. She cupped his face in her hand and made him look into her eyes.

Vansh: No!! I understand Ridhima. ( taking her in his arm laid on the bed and covered with a blanket). I will not move further till you are not ready or comfortable with me and my touch.

Ridhima looked at him with teary eyes ” ready or comfortable is not issue jaan…..I am comfortable and ready for anything when you are with me but I am afraid….”

Vansh: Afraid??

Ridhima: I am afraid of pain that a girl suffer during first coitus….even I read that during first intercourse hymen breaks and blood comes out…

Vansh don’t have words to say as it is bitter truth. But he frowned at her last sentence “hymen?”

Now Ridhima bowed her head down and started playing with his shirt buttons to avoid the topic. Vansh looked at her and smiled ” earlier you were freely giving me bio lessons and s*x education….now I have doubt then you are not clearing my doubt” Ridhima hit his chest “stop teasing me”

Vansh: achha bta to do ” hymen” kya hai? ( okay tell me what is hymen?)

Ridhima: It’s…its…. it’s covering on the vagina and it breaks on the entry.

Vansh thought to tease her more so with confused look ” entry….whose entry”

Ridhima looked at him with wide eyes and started hitting him on his chest ” I know how innocent you…that you don’t know who’s entry….” Vansh grabbed her both hand and pulled her to his chest and said with broad teasing smile “Ridhima you are bio student not me…then how come I know about ” entry“….tell me.”

Ridhima: vansh, stop your bakwas….I know how innocent boys are…..they never have any doubt in other chapters, they simple sit on last bench and eat food…and when it comes on Reproduction then they come on first bench with hundreds of questions ” how it happen ma’am…what is this and when??? Bla bla…”

Vansh: how bad a teacher you are….you are not clearing your student’s doubt.

Ridhima: my student is smart so he don’t need my explanation he knew everything….just irritating his teacher with a useless question.

Vansh: what will his teacher gift for his smartness.

Ridhima smile to him and goes to his face but coming on his necked she gave him love it and vansh tightened his grip on her hand and groaned. Ridhima sucked that place and gave two three more wet kisses to him. “Sweetheart don’t arouse me”

Ridhima looked at him and said ” Everyone should know that this student is taken and belongs to his teacher.” Vansh left her hands and encircled one hand around her waist and other was caressing her cheeks. Both were looking into each other’s eyes with lots of loves and many more emotions.

Vansh: he is yours only ma’am and you are belongs to him only.
Both hugged each other and talked about things, laughed and enjoyed and slept…..
Vansh and Ridhima were living happily and the days are smooth for them. Ridhima giving her time to study so that she can take back her position in the final and vansh was also helping her in each possible way in which he can. It’s not like that they not facing any problem but thing is this they are tackling them in the best way.

One day Ridhima and vansh decided to go shopping so they are in a mall. ” Ridhima  it’s about to three hours and you are just roaming from one store to other without buying anything.look now it’s night” While saying this he made a cute pout.

Ridhima: jaan don’t make this cute pout I will bit your lips….

Vansh pulling her to himself ” who is stopping you sweetheart”

Ridhima: vansh behave we not in our bedroom…

Vansh(smile): who started??

Ridhima: achha!! Let’s go to food code….I heard that here a portion is allotted for couples only.

Vansh: hmm!!

Ridhima: let’s go there..
They both entered in, the place was cosy and slow romantic music was playing. There was dim light and with lovey-dovey props. Many couples were enjoying their time. Vansh and Ridhima also took a place to enjoy. Atmosphere was very romantic of that place.

Vansh: why you didn’t told me that you like these places…

Ridhima: you are my husband you should understand that….

Vansh: oooh!! By the way this place can make anybody’s mood.

Ridhima: okay!! Let’s order something

Vansh: so this is dinner date for me.

Ridhima thought for a while and said ” yes jaan “

They ordered food. Ridhima was looking at a couple. Vansh said ” sweetheart this place is so romantic and you are glaring on other couple instead of romancing with me….”

Ridhima looked at him ” vansh!!”

Vansh: what vansh…we can also do the same so stop starting them….they will feel awkward.

Vansh pulled her to his lap and caressed her lips. ” vansh, I think he is Aryan( Aryan is her brother if you are not forget 😝)….look at him and that girl who is she”

Vansh looked at them and said ” of course she will be his girlfriend as you know this is place is only for couple…”

Ridhima: but he never told me about that and my brother can’t hid this big thing from me…. maybe she is his friend only…

Vansh: if she is his friend then why will he be brought here only….in this mall has many other places for only friends.

Ridhima: how can he hid this thing from me….

Vansh: Ridhima don’t spoil your mood and maybe they get committed only today and he thought to inform you after getting everything set.

Ridhima: maybe!!! Let’s go to them…

Vansh: Ridhima!! You are not romancing with me it doesn’t mean that you will spoil their romance too.

Ridhima: he is my brother and I have the right to ask anything at any time….you sit here I am going.

She gets up from his lap and marched to them. Vansh cupped his head and looked down in disbelief. He also went behind her as he knew she can misunderstand things.

Aryan: what is this?? You told me that today is your birth and whole batch is coming….you brought me here in this couple’s place…

Girl: sorry I lied to you…but what I can do if I told you truth then you would have not ready to come with me….

Aryan: ishani stop you nonsense and stay aways from me…

Ishani: I love you Aryan and I can’t stay away from you….

Aryan gets up from their seat and tried to move but Ishani held his hand. He looked at her but soon Aryan received a slap from a girl. Both Ishani and Aryan looked at her with horrified faces.

Girl: how dare you touch my sister…

Ishani: Ragini di listen!!

Ragini: you shut up Ishu……

Soon Ragini received a slap from another girl and when he looked at her…Ragini’s temperature rose…

Ridhima: how dare you slapped my brother when your sister is at fault….ask her why she tricked my brother.

Ragini smiled evilly: my sister trapped you brother or your brother is behind my sister and misbehaving with her.

Ridhima fold her hands on her chest and said ” miss Ragini I think you need a doctor that is why you are not able to see who is holding whose hand….your dear sister is holding my brother’s hand, not he”

Ragini looked at the hands and Ishani left his hand. ” Ishani you go home”

Ishani: di this matter between me and my friend and you don’t have to interfere between us…..

Ragini: ishani I don’t think so that you will like if I take you banglore with me….

Ishani: Di I brought Aryan here and he is not trapping me…

Ragini: ishu you don’t know these sister and brother. They are behind our money one is on vansh and other is yours…..they are blo*dy gold di….

Again Ragini received a slap and this time Aryan slapped her…she looked at him and feared while looking at his eyes as they were red in anger….if eyes can burn people then Ragini must became ash…

Aryaan: I was silent because you were accusing me and but I can’t be silent when things come on my sister… sister is not like you who is munching on her parents money….she is earning handsome money and taking care of me and herself with that money….
Tell me what is your identity if you have to leave your surname and your parent money…nothing nah….My Ridhu di is a famous actor and doing MBBS not like you ” Ameer baap ki bigadi aulad ”
She has not taken these responsibility only this year…she is doing this for years I don’t think so you even know the meaning of responsibility sincee when she started taking responsibility of me….. I respect girls and the elsers too but I can’t tolerate if anyone raise finger on my sister…..yes you are wealthy and we are poor but we have self-respect…..Ishani I told you to stay away from me if you did that then today’s situation may be different.

Ridhima looked at her brother lovingly and thought from when her brother grown this much and started to understand these deeps things when he is only 18+ and just passed out from school. Ishani was in tears and Ridhima was feeling bad for her. ” ishu you will not talk to him” Ragini ordered her.

Argan: yes!! Ishani you should listen to your sister and stay away from me….

Ishani even cried more listen to these words from her love and asked ” Ary…Aryan…yo…..
you..don’t..L..O..V..E….me” She was sobbing badly.

Aryan also felt bad for her condition and looked at her with helpless eyes… Ishani again asked ” please tell me aryan….. I will not come to you if you say no….please(sobbing) tell me aryan do you love me”

Aryan: no….I only think that we were friend only now that also get broken…

Ishani without saying anything ran from the place…..Aryan felt a pain in his heart but he don’t know why.

Ridhima” you should also go….aur ha today you are coming VR mansion. “Aryan just nodded and moved from their. Now only vansh, Ridhima and Ragini was their.

Vansh: Ragini you can’t see ishu truly in love with Aryan.

Ragini smiled sadly ” I also love you truly but see you are with her.”

Ridhima: but he loves me that is why he is with me….
Ridhima gripped her with his hand and Ragini looked at them horrified….

Ragini: have you ever thought why he chose only….when he is handsome hunk and rich. He can get any girl whom he want… are not so beautiful and charming…even you don’t match with his status and you are kid in front of him but still he with you. You know why because of physical pleasure as you are only not allergic to him…..

Ridhima looked at him and tears formed in his eyes and he tried to say something but Ridhima stopped him…….

precap: room was decorated with roses and handles.
Ridhima was tube golden gown (that she wore in new year party in show)

Ridhima: vansh unzip my gown…

Vansh eyes became tearing listening to her and said Ridhima I really don’t need your body only……

Ridhima: vansh do as I am saying.

He unzipped her gown with the shivering hand and a lone tear came out from his eye.

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