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The Fault in Our Stars #RiAnsh (Sneak peek)

OK so this one is from RiAnsh’s second marriage.

What if to stop Riddhima from going out of VR MANSION Vansh paralyzes her?  What if because of double dose of the medication she lost her ability of walking? What if she was pregnant that time.


Scene One

Riddhima was about take a step out of VR MANSION but stopped when Vansh called out her name in a scary voice.

Vansh: Where are you going?

Riddhima: Vansh why are you so shakki type of husband, today is our sangeet and I’m just going to parlour for make up and all.

Vansh: You are VRS’s wife so you don’t need to go out for getting ready. The artist will come here only.

He said and took her in his arms going towards their room.

Scene Two

Riddhima was sitting in her room thinking about her parents and how to catch their culprits.

Vansh came there and gave her a plate full of food.

First she resisted but later started eating it, after sometime she felt her legs going numb and she looked at Vansh with horrified reaction.

Scene Three:

Riddhima was sleeping on her bed while Vansh came there and stroked her hair softly and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Riddhima tried to get up but failed badly.

Riddhima: Vansh, I’m not able to walk. I’m not feeling any thing in my legs it’s numb.

Vansh: What but Abb tak to medicine kaa asar khatam ho jana chahiye tha…


I hope you’ll liked the sneak peek do leave your reviews in the comment section.

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