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saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Bhavani witnesses Chanda’s murder part1

Bhavani and Gaura were friends for a long time now. They were also partners in crime and were constantly finding new ways to torture the Modis.

But recently, Bhavani had began to have feelings for Dharam. She was in love with him and wanted to marry him, replacing Meera. Dharam, on the other side, was still unaware of his mother’s friend’s feelings for him. But even  if he knew about how Bhavani felt, he would never leave Meera. That was for sure.

Days were passing and one day, Bhavani realized that she can’t keep this secret only to herself. She decided to tell at least Gaura. Gaura would probably try to help her marry Dharam, she thought.

Bhavani chose a moment when the two women were alone in the house.

She entered Gaura’s room and saw that her friend wasn’t in a good mood. The reason was Chanda. She was trying to tell Vidya about her wrongdoings and Gaura was wondering what to do with her.

“Namaste, Gaura Behen, how are you? You don’t seem to be fine, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, Bhavani. Tell me, do you need anything?”

“Gaura Behen, I want to talk to you.” Bhavani said.

“What is it, Bhavani?”

“Well, we have been friends for a long time now and I think I can tell you anything, is that right?”

“Of course, bhavani. Tell me, is there something wrong?”

“Actually, I don’t know is it right or wrong but… I love your son Dharam. I want to marry him.”

Gaura stared at Bhavani. She never expected Bhavani to say such a thing. After all, they both were planning how to destroy his relationship with Meera and now, her partner in crime wanted to become her enemy by supporting her son.

“What? What are you saying?”

“Yes, Gaura behen, I am in love with Dharam. I want to get rid of Meera and marry him.”

“Fine, we will get rid of meera. But I will never let you marry Dharam, never!”

“But why?”

“Oh, Bhavani, come on. Did you forget that he is my enemy now and we both were planning how to ruin  his life and now, you are telling me such kind of thing! Why do you want to become my enemy, Bhavani? You know that everyone supporting my son instantly becomes my enemy!”

“Listen, Gaura Behen. I told you what I wanted too. I am just informing you that I love Dharam, which means that I will do anything to get him. You know that if I want something, sooner or later I have it. And you also know that I am ready to use every available method to achieve what I want. If you want to end our friendship because of my feelings for your son, fine then. Nothing will stop me to get Dharam, even you.”

“You are such an ungrateful woman!” Gaura then said. “I friended you and became your best  partner in crime, we had plans to destroy the Modis and now you are turning against me! Shame on you, Bhavani Rathod!”

“Listen, be careful how do you talk to me! I did not forget about our plans for the Modis, they have nothing to do with my feelings for Dharam, understand?”

“Of course they do! I came back to destroy the Suryavanshis, now you have decided to love Dharam, which means that if I try to harm him you will stop me, is that right?”

“Yes, it is! What a person are you, what a  mother are you? Why do you want to destroy your own son’s happiness and the happiness of your own family?”

“You don’t know my reasons for this revenge. And how dare you talk about my family when you alone have  decided to marry Sita to  a man 20 years older than her! You have even arranged her marriage as a child and yet, you blame me  for my wrongdoings!”

“Gaura behen, just stop it! I came to tell you what I feel for Dharam and that’s it. I will get him if I want him, please remember that. And nothing will stop me. And I do mean nothing. If I have to get through you to have Dharam, it means I will. I will  forget everything, even the plans for destroying the Modi family. Don’t try to cross my way or you will regret it. You have my word!”

And then, Bhavani left the room.

Gaura was still standing there and thinking on the situation.

“How dare she talks to me like that?” She thought. “I now have to deal with her as well! First Chanda, and now Bhavani! But they both will get what they deserve. I promise!”

But Gaura didn’t know that things would become even worse. Chanda had heard the whole conversation between her and Bhavani.

“Namaste, Gaura maasi.” She said. “You are having a bad day  today, I see.”

“Chanda, get out of here!” Gaura said. “I don’t want to listen to you now!”

“But you must!”


“I heard everything that Bhavani told you. When Vidya comes home I will tell her everything, including how you misuse me against the family. I will tell her how you asked me to marry Dharam  and to not allow Meera to take care of her children, how I gave birth to the children earlier because I fell down the stairs when you tried to catch me. I will also reveal how you tried to kill me in the hospital and how you asked me to force Meera and Vidya to slap each other. How me and you planned my kidnapping and you forced me to ask the family for money. I will reveal everything, maasi!”

“You will reveal all that if you stay alive.” She said. “But that’s going to change, now!”

And then, Gaura started dragging Chanda towards the stairs.

“What are you doing?” Chanda screamed. “Stop this nonsense!”

“I will now put an end to your life for sure!” Gaura said angrily. “If you had stayed with me through everything till   the end, things could’ve turned  out differently. But you decided to turn against me, and now your decision will have consequences! I had never forgiven an enemy of mine until now, so don’t think you will be an exception~”

And then, Gaura pushed Chanda and she fell through the stairs. Her injury was so serious that she died instantly.

“Gaura got shocked for a moment but quickly went back to her senses.

“Finally, I got rid of her.” She thought. “I hope Bhavani didn’t see me.”

And then, Gaura quickly searched through the house but Bhavani wasn;t there.

“Nice. No one saw what I did. Now I will berry Chanda in the backyard and no one will find out about my misdeed. Later I will decide what to do with Bhavani.”

Gaura was in a hurry, but she knew she had to hide Chanda’s body perfectly. She quickly digged a grave, then she continued with all the necessary stuff and it was over.

“Thankfully no one witnessed this.” She gave a last look at the grave and then wentback  inside.

One hour later. Vidya came home.

“Now the fun will begin.” Gaura thought.


Gaura quickly went to her daughter in law.

“Vidya, dear, you are finally here!”

“Baaji, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“Something horrible happened today! Something unbelievable, something very, very bad!”

“Baaji, please tell me what is going on, you scare me!”

“Well, it’s about Chanda.”

“Chanda? What did she do again?”

“She tried to escape today and… We had a fight and… She fell down the stairs and died.”

Vidya stared shockingly at Gaura.

“What? What are you saying, baaji?”

“I am telling you Vidya, it happened so fast that I didn’t have the chance to react! If I could, I would safe her but… I couldn’t. She was so young, poor Chanda. No matter what she did to us, she was a human being after all.”

“And now what, baaji?”

“I took care for her, don’t worry. But you shall not tell anyone about that. If  someone asks about Chanda, we will tell them  that she has escaped  and that’s it.”

“But baaji…”

“Vidya, listen to what I tell you! I repeat, you shall not tell anyone about Chanda! We will have unneeded problems if the truth comes out, so you better be silent!”

And then, Gaura went back to her room. Vidya was alone, trying to process the just received news.

Sometime later, night arrived. Gaura was trying to fall asleep but something was making her feel uneasy. When she finally began falling asleep,the door to her room opened  and Bhavani entered inside.

“Gaura behen.” She said, getting closer to Gaura. “Are you sleeping?”

Gaura heard her and slowly opened her eyes.

“What do you want, Bhavani. It’s so late at night, go to sleep, we will talk tomorrow, I am tired now.”

“Oh, I understand. Of course you will be tired. Digging a grave alone isn’t an easy task, is it?”

Gaura  was now wide awake.

“What are you saying?”

“Oh, Gaura behen.” Bhavani laughed. “I saw everything! I saw how did you pushed Chanda through the stairs! As soon as I heard both of you shouting, I understood a  fight is coming up. Then I left the house and hid near by. I could see everything though. I perfectly saw how you pushed Chanda and then, when you found out she has died, decided to berry her in the backyard.”

Gaura was listening in silence. She still could not believe what she was hearing.

“Oh, I see how shocked you are.” Bhavani continued. “But there’s more to the story. Chanda’s body isn’t in the backyard anymore. I moved it to a different place. If you don’t help me marry Dharam, if you don’t let me become your daughter in law, I will tell everyone what you did, you will go back to jail and the Suryavanshi mansion will be under my control!”

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