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Pandya Store 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara meets Raavi

Pandya Store 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev thinking Suman is getting so angry. Suman goes. Rishita says I told sorry many times, at least you forgive me, I scolded you yesterday, I want to fix everything. Dhara says Suman is shaken within, her annoyance is justified, don’t clarify much, things get spoiled. Rishita gets upset. Raavi makes a plan to win dahi handi competition. Prafulla says you want to compete with boys. Raavi says relax, let me do this please. Prafulla says you know Pandya family keeps bhandara every year, they can do any drama.

Raavi says let them do the drama, I will see them, I m fine now. Dhara says you won’t leave your job, okay. She asks Dev not to force Rishita to leave the job. Dev says I was just explaining her priorities, we will help you in the work. They hug Dhara. Dhara gives the dress and asks Rishita to wear it on Janmashtami. Rishita thanks her. Dhara says thank Gautam, I m going to gift this to Raavi. Rishita says don’t go, she will scold you. Dhara says I will also talk to her, she will hug me knowing the good news. Raavi climbs the pyramid. She falls down.

Prafulla worries for her. Raavi asks her to relax. The girls gang leave. Dhara comes. She says Gautam gets gifts for family on every Janmashtami, Gautam sent this lahenga for you. Prafulla says you… Dhara says I m talking to Raavi. Raavi says tell Gautam to send back this lahenga. Dhara says you and Shiva didn’t get divorced yet. Raavi says I won’t come. Dhara says I have to give you a good news. Raavi says you have already given the good news by sending divorce papers. Dhara says you will regret a lot when you see the truth. Raavi asks her to leave. Dhara asks Prafulla to give matchbox to Raavi to burn the dress. She leaves. Everyone works for Janmashtami function. Rishita goes to make tea. Krish says Shiva will be winning. The guy says Raavi said she will win. Shiva asks will I lose to her, just I will win the bike. Krish says wow, this time it will be fun. Shiva runs to beat him. Gautam is at the shop. Dhara comes tired. He asks what happened. She says Raavi refused to take the dress, I asked her to wear it or burn it. He laughs. He says we know Raavi since morning, you think she will burn the dress, she will wear the dress and come in puja. She asks him to end the work and come home. She goes. He prays.

Rishita asks didn’t Raavi listen, I told you not to go there. Dhara says I left the dress there. Rishita says she won’t wear it. Dhara says you will convince her, if she comes back, then everyone will be happy with you. Rishita laughs. Dhara says you leave it on me, I will make her realize that she is still part of the family. Rishita asks what’s the guarantee that she will listen to you. Dhara says just bring her home, Suman scolds you always, if you don’t do this, then I will not leave you. Rishita says what’s this, you are threatening me. Dhara goes. Prafulla says the lahenga is suiting me so much. Raavi says this lahenga won’t fit you, you won’t wear it, I won’t wear it, everyone will know that I m not related to Pandya family. Dhara prays that Shiva and Raavi unite. Anita likes the dress. She says maybe Gautam has sent this for Raavi, Raavi doesn’t value it, I will wear this for Gautam. Rishita comes and takes the dress. Anita says I was just seeing it. Rishita says leave it, take this gift, its for you. Anita likes the dress. Rishita says its my dress, its pretty, I mean I chose it, I got it for you, you care for me a lot. Anita thanks her. Krish comes inside and goes to meet Raavi. Rishita thinks I have to get Raavi home.

Dhara says I asked you to get Raavi. Rishita says Raavi will come. Raavi comes. Everyone looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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