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Pacifying angry Riddhima ~ Riansh OS

Hi guys I am back with os
This os is requested Palak
Thanks for previous os comments
This is from ott episode when Vansh said to Riddhima to leave him & Riddhima was trapped

Let’s start
After Vansh saves Riddhima
Vansh take Riddhima his room. Riddhima was unconscious lying on bed. Vansh is with Angre discuss something
Here Riddhima get conscious. Riddhima was about to go from room just then Vansh arrived

Vansh: where are you going Riddhima ?
Riddhima: why are you caring where I am going or not
Vansh: Riddhima I am your husband
Riddhima: last night you are saying to leave me
Vansh: Riddhima at that time I am in anger you know na I speak anything anger
Riddhima: ( shouting) then live with your anger
Riddhima goes

Next day

Vansh goes to Riddhima’s room
Vansh didn’t find Riddhima in her room. Vansh thought that she change her room
So he goes to receptionist
Vansh: what is room of Mrs Raisinghania
Receptionist: sir there is no customer as Mrs Raisinghania
Vansh: check again
Receptionist: sorry sir but there is no customer as Mrs Raisinghania
Vansh was shocked

Just then Riddhima come

Vansh: Riddhima where were you gone receptionist says there is no customer as Mrs Raisinghania
Riddhima: so why are questioning from me i am not Mrs Raisinghania
Vansh was shocked
Vansh: sorry riddhima pls forgive me
Riddhima: forgive my foot
Vansh shock Riddhima rock

Vansh: Riddhima I do whatever you say but please forgive me
Riddhima: ok

At night
Riddhima: Vansh bring food for by cooking yourself
Vansh: it’s night I will ask hotel staff to bring food for you
Riddhima:(shouting) you said that you do what I say otherwise I will not forgive you
Vansh jerked
Vansh: ok
Vansh bring food for her after eating they sleep

Next day
Riddhima: Vansh I want Oranges
Vansh: Riddhima orangers are come in winter
Riddhima: I know you are Vansh Raisinghania na you do anything so bring oranges for me
Riddhima goes
Vansh:why I said I do anything for her
Hugh ( ab kaha hai to bhukto)
Some how Vansh bring oranges for Riddhima
Vansh: Riddhima take oranges
Riddhima: I am not in mood
Vansh: Riddhima I brought oranges with very difficulties
Riddhima: so I am not in mood
Vansh: Riddhima now plz forgive me
(Puppy eyes) plz
Riddhima: ok

The end
Tell me in comments how it is

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